What is occurring in this Solstice Magical time?

This June 21st is a time of Magic and Energy Enrichment.  A time where we the Ascended Masters and Galactic Families are creating and joining with you in a moment of Universal change.   There are more shifts that you’ve ever experienced coming your way and this Solstice is also a time where we align yet again with the energies of Pleiades which is the representation of the Matariki or Maori New Year.  This is the time where nature herself takes the blanket of the coldest months and wraps herself into a bundle.  In this time of self-nurture she allows the seemingly death process to begin.  Instead of sending out the life giving forces and nutrients to forests, fauna and flora she withdraws it deep within herself to replenish and to heal. To allow for recreation and rebirth, to bring to the very fore the ideals and birthing’s of NEW.

We have reminded you many times that this year you call 2013 is actually year 0 or Zero.  This is because the energy within this moment of your linear time is completely different than ever before.  This is the energy that wants to create new things with you, it is easy to create, just get your mind out of the way.  The magic is here for you to step into, not just tap but step into.

The time of June Solstice is a time of new energy frontiers coming into your spacial and cognitive knowing.  It is a time where the universe presents you with the opportunity to yet again step into the fullness of who you are as the being of energy.  To step into the humanness of your existence and realise that you are a complete and complex being of unified strengths.

The energy is for you to see what you want to begin afresh with, to realign completely to.  This is not for maybe’s or wannabe’s it is a time for gritty human angels and cosmic beings to step into the full awareness of who they are and step into the inner circle of awareness.  It is time to become aware and consciously connected to all things that are around.  If you are wishing to step into the Inner Circle of Awareness and allow the energy to flood through and around you to create for you. ‘Upgrade’ then step into the Energy of June 21st with an awareness of change and upliftment.  This is your time if you choose.  This Solstice is unique as it will bring up for you all the past area’s you are still sifting through wanting to ‘release’.

It’s time to integrate dear ones; it is time to finish the ‘releases’ that for many of you are just one more way of attracting drama into your life.  STOP playing with the old systems and begin to see that you are a human having an experience that involves your spirit body (energy body) on a very intimate level but you cannot function without each other, so it is time to align the connections of both and get on with life to the fullest you are able to.

Your choice of where you connect in energy to yourself is the connecting point of power.  You need to understand that all the protections you place upon yourself will only amount to a hill of dust if you do not believe that you are capable of creating a steady energy field around you that can link with others of like mind and energy to enforce and assist you to keep that link there.

Upgrade my dear humans to the next vibration.  Allow yourselves to feel the shift within your move.


Drop the pretence and the masks. Stop trying to out do each other by clever words and thoughts.  One is not more important than the other but you all need the lessons from each other to move forward.Too much focus on your NOW prevents you from going forward.  To much focus on the future keeps you from connecting with the present, and too much looking back cripples you and you cannot connect with anything.


Balance is important, you need to look into your own self and see how you resonate with the energy that is available to you at this moment, what is here is for all, not just a select few.

You do not need avatars or other types of energy body’s to complete you, you are already complete. You need to remember who you are and stop doubting yourself.

If you do like a part of yourself deal with it in the new energy of integration and stop resisting yourself.  Stop looking out for the answers when all are within.

This Solstice marks the half way of the year zero, what have you created in your own energy with this beautiful free energy that is surrounding you?  How have you activated your own self in this moment of being?

I use the word being a lot in discourses with you and many others use it too to try and explain a way or give reason to a belief that they hold to.

A simple way of understanding ‘being’ is to be actively doing something that brings you the bliss moment consistently and when ever you desire it.  ‘Being’ is able to know your very own signature of humanness and energy at the same time.  It is not being afraid that you are Energy and Human at the same time and thus are able to activate and work at different levels simultaneously.  It is the ability to work in the energy of life and higher consciousness both separately and together.  It is not denying one for the sake of the other part of you.  Do not allow the mind to overrule the intuitive voice of who you are which is based in the collective energy of Heart, Core Centeredness, Mind awareness, and the overall blanket of Higher Knowledge or Energy Body.

You are a uniquely designed being, and you are able to work on many levels; don’t miss out on the other levels of who you are.

All of this is shared to bring to your awareness the potentials of power that is here in the breaking of the energy shell in June Solstice. 2013.  A new way of life for many will begin. You can choose difficulty and pain or ease and grace within the outworking of your daily life creations.  Life will always create questions for you to answer and look at, if it didn’t you’d die of staleness.

Come and join us for a time of celebration of Human connection, Energy Awareness and Opening of New Magic for your own use.

You have the keys that you require to open the door to this magical moment in time.  What is it that you are asking for, for yourself?  Forget the rest of the humans around you, the people, family, friends, co-workers etc., what DO YOU WANT for you?

When you can honestly answer that without shame, without doubt, without holding back of any sort, then put it out and begin to create with your words, actions, and faith within yourself.

DO not listen to the naysayers around you.  Stick with those that encourage you to climb higher and higher and seek more.

 Via Louise James

June 2013

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