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Greetings, dear ones, we are The Council of the many Councils within that which is your recognition of the Galactic, the Brotherhood of Light and many, many others. We greet you this night to bring with you this confirmation, this conjecture, this perception of time, of the folding of time, of the creativity and the annihilation of all that you perceive to be a reality.

Understand that you have had multiple messages, multiple inclinations and teachings to bring you to this place of understanding that there is nothing and yet everything to behold. Nothing because everything has had its time, its use by date to bring you to this point of reference, this point of Being. You are in a place where you know that you are about to walk into the energy, the fluctuations, the creativity, the emptiness and yet the utmost fullness of Being of a new way of structure, a new way of Being, a new way of understanding, of conceptualisation. Everything that you think you have learned will be undone, and you will step into the newness that is the now.

Everything that you have right up until this breath, dear humans, will be re-evaluated. Your attachments, your creations, your knowledge. Is it ready? Is it viable? Is it correct to take into the new space, the new continuum, the new era of Being? And if it is then you are instinctively and intuitively going to know how to transition it from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. But if it is not you will also know to release yourself as a jetpack off your back. Do not dally with the decision-making of releasing yourself from those things that will prevent you from your future moment of Being.

Now, these things are in various forms, various identifications, different labels. And only, only you are able to give a name to these things, these objects, these works that you have brought into this moment and once you are able to label them, you will be able to define the relevance of them going forward or remaining. Because understand dear ones, you are on the edge; you are on that which is the precipice of greater expansion, of more excellent knowledge. Yes, you will say to me ‘but we know this, but we have been informed about this’. So we The Council would then tell you, ‘why are you still on the precipice, why have you not proceeded into the abyss or what seems to be the abyss before you?’ Understand the abyss is not the fear factor of that which is the human mind, this abyss is that which will take you into the new place of Being. So why, if you have the knowledge, why if you have that which is before you the understanding of where you are at are you still in this place of contemplation? What is preventing you from stepping through? Is it yourself, is it something you are attached to you are fearful of giving up because it is your identification.

Identification of Self

Is your identification so valuable that it is too valuable to allow you to recreate who you are? Because understand this concept. What you leave here on this side of the doorway will be magnified to you back on that side of the door because the Universe will not leave you floundering, the Universe will not leave you naked or undone. A spider when it sheds its skin is not vulnerable. It is not desolate for very long because like its other family members in a similar gene pool, once it gives way to that which is encroaching it and keeping it small. Once it splits itself from that and enters into a new place of Being, it is given, or it creates for itself that hard outer shell again of its protection, its shell which is bigger, brighter, more defined, easier to use. Why? Because as it outgrows its old shell, its old skin, it steps into a new strength, a new way of being.

You may not see it with your naked eye but when you perceive the knowledge of what the nature of what is going on is happening you will begin to understand the dynamics of what you are seeing. If you remain in the smallness of where you are on this side of the parameter, you will never experience the fullness of what you are to be here, on the other end of the mirror, on the other side of the parameter.

Humans, why are you so small minded? Why do you allow yourselves to be kept in the fields? Corralled by perceptions, when there is the power and authority within yourselves to send out a physical wave of energy to flatten all the boundaries, fences and walls that would hold you in. To allow you to step out of your own shadows and into the bigger picture of who you are. Let us tell you why you do not do this. You are fearful of who you can be, and still, you are unsure of what your potential is. You have lied to yourself for so long that you cannot be who you know you can be, without such and such, and such and such coming with you. These are the lies that keep you where you are.

Release yourself

Know it is time to release yourself. To begin to shrug off the old skin, the old outer casing and step into the moment of nakedness, the time of vulnerability. Allow yourself to see the perfection of who you are so that as you reconnect to Universe as the naked being that you are and by this we mean you are open of heart, open of pineal, open of creativity. You are vulnerable because yes, you are exposed for the Universe to see you. But in that exposure, you are stronger than you have ever been before because there is nothing to hide behind. Therefore you are facing head-on, that which is your potential. You are facing head on that which is your creativity, your plan, your destiny, that you have set up for yourself, there is no denying who you are, at that moment.

But you rob yourself of these moments. You allow your human mind to tell you; you are unable to take the step because you are frightened. That nobody will accept you because you do not have what it takes, because if you do this who will want you, you are too powerful, too forceful, you are too unwomanly, unmanly, ungainly, etc., etc. Whatever excuse and label you put yourself through or on, this is your excuse for staying where you are.

Now we the Council would say to you, ‘will you waken out of your slumber, will you rise out of your stupor and will you put away from you the distractions and the addictions that have kept you in this small human form. Will you step up to that which is your precipice and will you jump once and for all?’

Jump into the New



Yes, we are a little overzealous in our message to you because if you could see the timeline of the Universe as we see it, you would understand – for the first time, we would say this to you – there is a running out of your time. If you do not jump now, if you do not commit to what your plans are now then the wheel will go past you and your abyss, your precipice will go with it, and you will be remaining on the edge until it recycles around to see if you are ready. Who knows how long it will take you to recreate the moment because if you doubt yourself now and you cause the effect of that doubt to close yourself up, the next time it comes around you will not only have to fight again your doubt. BUT you will have to pierce through the doubt that you created in the first place, which is a double whammy as you would say in your language. The more times you put it off, the harder it is until you succumb and you settle for nothing.

Dear humans, this is not an easy message for us to give you because we enjoy to encourage you, we enjoy to calm and well with you and uplift you and to make you feel invincible. But there is an urgency within the Universe, there is an urgency among humanity and when these urgencies co-join there is a reason for it. Each one of you that is hearing this message whether it is this night that we speak audibly, as you would say ‘real time’. Or you are hearing it at a later moment of your ‘real time’, but for you, it is the perfect time because that is when your precipice is ready to be left.

Go on Jump

Do not misunderstand us! We are the wind that is pushing you. We are the ants beneath your feet eating away and removing the gravel to cause the forward motion. We are also this, the safety net, we are also the steps beneath your feet as you tumble, that you fall and your feet have a place to land.
We are in co-creation with you. Yes, we are able to see from a vantage point of non-linear time. We are able to see your past, your present, your future simultaneously. We are able to perceive when you will step off or when you will not. We know when you nearly did, if only you had believed in yourself enough. So to prevent you from not stepping off, we say to you ‘jump’ because if you don’t you know you will regret it.

Not because we say you will regret it, but you instinctively know you would have missed – how do you say this? – You would have missed the train, missed the boat. And yes there will another opportunity arise, but it will not be as potent as this one is now. Now you may say ‘but why, why will it not be as potent? Surely there is no time and no difference and no judgement in the Universe? Absolutely correct, but the reason it is not as potent and as ripe is because you will have brought it around a second time with the Universe at a lesser potency, so it does not scare you as much. But lesser potency, less power, less power, less vibrancy, less vibrancy, less of everything.

The time you asked for is now. This timing is in your agreement, or if you wish to use the word your ‘contract’, that you said ‘push me’. You said come and tell me this is my time to jump whether I believe that I am ready or not, whether I have six balls and chains around my ankles or not. Remind me this is my time to make my move.

So we are here, we are here. Many of us have gathered and sat at the tables with you. We have shown you the plans, we have discussed ad infinitum, the possibilities, the outcomes, the potentials and there has been a unilateral agreement that this is your best time. So what happens when you jump? Why is it the best time? Because this is the moment of portal openings, this is when there are going to be the sweetest, strongest downloads from Universal connections through the different portal openings around your global situation.

In this particular time that you on your planet know as the Lions Gate, there are going to be more than you have ever experienced in portal openings. The downloads of energy coming into your planetary system but what they need is they need a jumper. They need somebody to leap off energised to act as a grounding point to draw the current through. You are those definitive moments.

Portal Connection

Now the unique thing about these portal entry points is normally you are told ‘oh it is here for this moment and then it closes, then the next moment it opens, and then it closes, and the next moment it opens then it closes.’ But these energy points will remain active. Now there is a difference between being ‘open’ and being ‘active’. Because if the connecting point has not yet jumped it has not open but the minute the jump happens and the ionic rays know that there is a counter-point of attraction it opens and it jumps, it connects, and at that moment that download enters into the global connection. It bypasses your grid lines, bypasses all of the old energy situations around your planet.

You are the grounder of that download and what better way to prevent that download from happening, for the enemy of your soul, the enemy of your Being, the enemy of your growth to convince you that you are not ready. That you cannot jump this, you cannot jump off the precipice. You cannot grow any further because you still need to complete this, you still need to sort this problem out, you still need to look at this situation, you still need to progress here, you still need to sort, sort, sort.


We say to you, ‘is it not time to look at where you are at and say I am done, why am I continually distracted by, why am I constantly brought back in a circular motion to this point, why am I constantly back at this place?’ Yes, it may look different, it may even smell different it may even have a different texture but damn it, it feels the same because, inside the outfit, the outer imagery the centre of that is the sense of what keeps you back.
And yes for some of you it may be three feet forward, two feet back. Why is it two feet back, why is it not three feet forward, three feet forward, three feet forward? Why do you allow yourself to be drawn back to this place, to this moment, because it is time to take the sheath and withdraw from it the sword and to sever that which is holding you in this place of abeyance.

Now, you may say to me, ‘are you asking us to leave behind our families, are you asking us to leave behind our works, our this, or that?’ We say nothing of the kind. We say as The Council, look at your energy and ask yourself ‘what is no longer required for me to progress forward’, and release yourself from it. How you free yourself from this is your choice and your decision but know this, as you step into faith of self. As you step into your decision-making; as you become the light and you start to work on the separation of the energy that is holding you, if it is related to a being, another person or a creation of yours, you will note a change in that particular department, that energy. Because there are times, let us be very blunt. There are times when, if a human is attached to you, and you look at the feeling of what is going on or what is holding you back, and you detract from the human and you say ‘well what else is to be’ and it is still the feeling. It is not the human; it is the energy within the human, it’s the energy within the creation, it’s the energy within because energy will at times hide itself from view. As you begin to penetrate into that energy and you address the energy, and you look at the energy. You turn that energy around, and you withdraw it, and you send it out to the Universe and you disconnect from it you may see this happen – a reboot in that which you thought was dragging you down.  Now do not use this description and this example as the last choke hold.

Jump! It Takes Courage

Only understand what we are saying. To jump takes courage, it takes a willingness to say ‘I release myself from everything that I feel and thought was important to me and I jump’. You are not jumping to your doom. You are not jumping to your death. You are jumping into life. You are jumping into a creational place where everything is brand new, where concepts will be redefined. It is a symbolic-ness that we are speaking of, symbolic because you are jumping into new therefore you do not want old things to go with you to pollute that which is going forward. When you jump into this space, you are connecting the downloads into the new quantum area. Yes, some of it will filter back into this old area, but the majority of it will be in new areas.
That which is where you work and which you function in a functionality point of reference in this old lifestyle that you have jumped from will still be here. You are still able to connect to it, but when you connect to it, it will be in the new vibration that you are, not the struggles of the old. Do you comprehend now?

We are not asking you to forgo everything you have built within your life. We are asking you to let it go to step into a new skin, to step into a new arena of the conceptualisation of ideas and perceptions and bring that back into your connectivity of your creations here that will enhance it. But the vibration that you bring will not allow reconnection of old damaged connections that want to hold you in time and space and prevent you from moving in your own outer and inner expansion.

Council Connection

My dear humans, those of you that are here this night that have been upon The Council tables. You understand the idea of translocation, where you are in one place but you are translocating energetically to another physical place. Where you commune, and you fellowship with other beings, then you relocate back to your physical being, and in that moment of transferring back, you feel small, uncomfortable, too big. You feel as if you are in the wrong body, the wrong place, the wrong time and you yearn to return back to the tables because that’s where you are the most powerful, that’s where you are at you most of your energy strength, your fullest capacity.

In that small example, this is what you will feel like. You will go to a place of greater expansion of more excellent knowledge. Tapping into things that you formally felt were unable to be done, and when you return to connect to the creation that you have here, it will feel strange, different. It will not be the same coat that you comfortably wore a few days ago so you will have to adjust your creation, you will have to improve your building, your life to fit you. Now as you know when you change things some things fall off, let them fall. If they are meant to be with you, they will adjust, and they will grow to fit back upon your template, your pattern. You were not put in this place to fit somebody else’s ideals. You are here for the purpose of being the ideal template maker, so others may see what it is to have a higher ideal to aim for, to know how to plan and purpose with direction.

Teachers/Mentors/negotiatorsThe group that is here have varied talents. Teachers, leaders, negotiators, recorders of information, image takers. You all have various parts to play but when you allow yourself to tap into what is on the other side of the abyss of this jump, of this gorge in front of you. When you take – we rather like this saying – when you take the bull by the horns or the tiger by the tail, and you commit to what you are going to do, and you do not doubt yourself, you will begin to see how the outer attributes become the inner attributes. How the things that you thought might yet, yet be useful become useful, the strengths and weaknesses are not seen as individuals but as a oneness within yourself because from that area that you perceive as weak your strengths are now founded. You are powerful. You are compassionate. You empathise, you are able to see beyond what’s here in front of you, you can see beyond it, you know the outcome. And yes, you might say to us ‘, but I already do this’, then why are you still on this side of the precipice?

The precipice is a synonym, it is an example it is a thought pattern, it is that which is to get you to look at where you are at and ask yourself ‘why am I still in the same place?’ The abyss, the gorge, the gap, whatever label fits for you is that which is in your energy is the perception, the fear that is holding you back. The other side is that which you believe is out of touch for you, out of reach, and yet we say it is not because it is within arm’s reach, it is here. That’s all it is. Your jump is as big, as broad, as deep or as narrow and small and shallow as you choose.
If in your human mind you have perceived this great enormous abyss of energy that you need to cross over to achieve what it is that you need to do, then so be it, but if you see within your energy that yes, it is an enormous thing for you to do. That it is going to take courage, it is going to take commitment, it is going to take everything within you to do it and maintain it but it is achievable, yes, you are able to do it. Then all of a sudden that leap becomes a step and a small step at that because you have already crossed it in your energy, you have begun to achieve it by your decision-making already. And you will not be alone in your decision making, you have support.

As you are already aware, The Council is always within reach, you have your Ascended Master friends that are always within reach, they will not fail you, they will not let you fall. And if you feel as if you are falling and you have missed the edge of where you wish to be, ask yourself ‘where is my safety net’, and you will see that it is there. Use it as a trampoline and bounce yourself back up, grab a hold of the opposite side of the cliff and pull yourself over knowing that as you do this you will achieve. We have faith in you. We, The Council know that this is your time to connect the downloads into your space, your quantum area of creation.

So we ask this night – jump. Will you jump or will you wait for the opportunity to pass you by and recycle around to you in a different time and a different moment and a weaker energy link? Your decision, your choice. But we say, we will be there as well to support you but we say now in your linearity is the best time.

And so we are The Council, and we leave you with this, and we say ‘be at peace, be at peace’.


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