What is an aspect?

Recently I have been promoting the integration of aspect(s) as a tool that I use in my life’s journey.

When I used that term recently it raised a few eyebrows and the question, ‘what did I mean by aspect and integrating it?’ It took me a little by surprise as was under the impression that people knew about this. We’ve taught it for years and I know other groups do too. Well, the question got me thinking, how many out in the world of today are dealing with aspects and don’t realise it.

Let us break this down to a basic understanding.

Aspect - Frustration IMG_2989

Aspects: Habits, belief systems that you have but never really know how they fit in your life, triggers, those buttons that get pushed by the slightest things, emotions that flare without cause. All these fall under the term Aspect. They are parts of you that have been with you, your entire life. Most of the time, they’ve not been that helpful, in fact, they seem to hold you back. Trap you in a place of treading water or fear of going forward. Sometimes they spur you on in a manner that hurts you and others around you. Virtually all the time they leave you with a sense or feeling of disconnection, despair and that ‘not 100% right’ feeling. Anger plays a big part in this or it’s counterpart, ‘the victim mentality’ – passive aggression, it’s not fair and the looking to blame others.

Aspect - ' small, no one listens, victim'IMG_3021

If any of these sound familiar then you are what I would say a prime candidate to work with Aspect Integration. This doesn’t cure you in a way of waving a magic wand and blam you’re all better and can go be a better person.


Yet, because we live in a world of duality, we have the coin effect. If one side of the coin has, let’s just say ‘negative aspects’, then the other side will almost certainly have some positives.

Aspects can be things such as integrity, peace, understanding or being the observer. Non-reactive behaviour to pressure, a neutrality that is based on self-awareness and other such traits are what we would call ‘good’ or ‘positive’ Aspects.

So you can see that not everything is a ‘bad’ thing to have in your life and there are things you instinctively have to assist you to go forward.

Well, what about those parts of you that hold you back? What about those parts of your mind and thoughts that create a sense of terror in attempting anything new? Or tell you that it’s ok not to try, your OK as you are, don’t attract attention to yourself. What do we do with these bits and pieces of our psyche that prevent us from being the fullest and strongest that we can be?

Aspect Integration

This is where Aspect Integration falls into line. It’s where we stop resisting and pushing away what is in front of us looking to change. It’s when we take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else from God to our parents for what’s ‘wrong’ with us and begin to create a change from within.

energy body

The integration is where we sit and really be honest with ourselves, where we look at these parts that are there, in reality, trying to talk to us. Almost, dare I say, trying to get our attention onto something, but we’re so scared to address it we ignore it, push it away and pretend there’s nothing wrong. When in fact, our world is crumbling around us quicker than we can put sticky tape on it to hide the cracks.

Integration is being honest with who we are. Being honest with the parts of us that make us, well us! It’s not being afraid to address those yucky parts, the parts that we’ve locked away and pretended don’t exist, yet see them in every part of our lives.

Integration is about being intimate with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences and belief systems to really look at how you can change and finally, release yourself from the parts that really don’t suit you.

It’s taking charge and being responsible for the outcomes, not putting the result on a Psychologist, or counsellor or even a pill. It about being you, in every part of your skin and dealing with your s**t and being present observing yourself in the process.

Aspect Integration is about letting go of belief systems that have been installed into your brain. Whether by religion, parents, teachers or beliefs that you have bought into and made your own by listening to how others see or perceive you. It’s taking back the part of you that was stolen and locked away, perhaps while you were still a child.

If you’re tired of playing games with yourself and others then contact us NOW to book a space in the next Aspect Integration workshop.

Are you ready to say YES to change?

  • Are you ready to look at those parts that niggle at you in the dark keeping you awake at night.
  • Do you honestly want someone to walk with you down the path of re-establishing your identity, as a strong and empowered person that you are?


Take the step into change and say YES to you.