[NB: This message does not just affect Wellington area it affects the whole of our Nation]

And it has been perhaps mentioned that there are a few questions, a few knowings that are required in regards to the shaking of Wellington that has occurred in the last few weeks. During this particular exchange I’m going to ask this one to remain seated, remain eyes closed, (speaking of our channeler Lou James) only that I am then able to hold the resonance of this particular period of time at a deeper frequency to keep the resonance for this particular time.  So..

Let us hear your questions, what is it that you would like to know at this time about this moment of your history?  Do not be afraid to ask a question, dear ones, I am asking.

Question – Will there be another big quake?


See, how easy was that?

Question – Will there be lives lost?

  There will be some life lost, yes, but not to the equation that you experienced in the South Island earthquakes of the Christchurch region.  And the reason is because your particular area that you are, shall we say concerned about, which is the region of the Wellington coastline moving up to the Kapiti, moving upwards, is all built in a manner that is to withstand a certain level of shaking and we do not perceive a great, for want of a better word, ‘body count’, yes.  But we do see that there will be those who will have chosen to be in a place and a time where this quake will be that they will cross over.  Now this is something that will occur.  It is a natural occurrence in the Gaia’s awareness and she has been spending she tells me, the last 18 months conferring with those who hold her energy, not to hold her energy any longer, to let her shake.  For she would far rather have a multitude of smallish quakes, perhaps one or two big ones, rather than the 8 pointer that she could possibly produce.  And I am sure that you, in your wisdom, would rather she has 3, 4 or 5 seismic shakes yes, in the region of that Richter scale readings of anywhere between a 3 point and a 5 point resonance.  Am I agreed?  You would rather that than a large catastrophe.

Now she has indeed told me that the shakes that she has had have just been a pre warm up, a pre introduction and she will shake again.  And she will shake  ‘minorly’ and she will shake big, but she will give a reprieve of a certain period of time of anywhere between 3 or 4 months.  In that period of time there will still be perhaps one or two of her minor shakes, yes?  But after that period of grace and her communicating with others that she communicates to, to bring through information, and again she asks you to look at that which is her messengers, the whales, the dolphins, the birds, animals that resonate with her frequency.  What are they doing, where are they going, where are they flying, what are they trying to do, are they leaving town or are they staying in the central part of their home? Yes.  What are they doing, watch, observe them, for they will tell you things.

There is peace at the moment.  Oh the winds are blowing hard and sometimes it will give the impression that buildings are shaking, it is just an impression, it is just wind.   But I want you to know that Gaia’s intention is to just shift, to bring in a new energy shift within this Wellington area.  For has long been said that the Wellington area is a transitory place.  People come and people go, energy comes and energy goes.   Now it is time for a new energy to enter into the Wellington region and some of that is to do with the releasing of her own, and as she puts it, her own ‘stagnecity’, for she has been too still for too long.  But in this movement, in the movements that she is actually done already, it has begun and also what is to come, will bring funnily enough, instead of bringing people or taking people out of the city, out of this part of New Zealand to other places, it will bring people to them.  First and foremost for entry.  What has kept her standing when other cities when they were similarly shaken, fell?   What is it about the people of this region that ride this, yes, have a natural tendency to ‘what’s going on?’, but they stay.  They are buoyant.  Oh they are not fools, they are not denying that there is perhaps tremors in their own bodies and dealings      that they need to go through with, but they stay, why?   So you will attract like-minded beings into this place and that will then create an energy frequency and flux of beings that are grounded, strong people.  People that will bring in energy into this place of longevity, bringing into   N.Z. an energy that will change your Wellington transitory energy.  Yes, you will still get people coming in and going out and that is due to the way the heart beats, but if you notice, the heart which is ironically if you wish to put it this way, is exactly where the swarms   have been created and that particular region of the Strait.  As the heart begins to find it’s new heart beat so it is that your coasts will notice a little difference in the ‘tidals’.  So it is that you will notice a little difference in all the nuances of energy within both the top of the South Island and the bottom of the North Island, you will find similarities beginning to happen, you will find bird life changes a little, you will find that more of the animals will be coming inland, sharing your space.  Not because there is danger but because the energy of this is no longer us and them, hunter, hunted, it will be melded, it will be blended, yes?   So there is great changes happening within the Wellington region.  It is quite exciting for us because this is potentially a place where new governing areas will be brought in.  Where new energy ideas are going to be birthed.  It has already been birthed in other parts of your nation but it now needs to be addressed in the city, the city that is Wellington.  And so what is happened, Gaia has said ‘well I’ve held off for 24 to 26 months, it’s now time for me to shift in the Wellington region.

Now understand what she calls Wellington is not just your little city, yes?  It is the entire coastline that goes all the way almost up to Egmont, Taranaki as you call it.  It goes up as far as there and it goes all the way up the other side.  So you are going to find that there are many places that are going to suffer minor or medium sized quakes.  But there is not going to be an overly large amount of damage to buildings or to people.  The only time that will come into play is if she is suffocated by too many people trying to hold the energy to prevent these things from happening. Do you understand?  Because then she will just shake you off.    She is asking and she is not only asking through myself, but she is sending this resonant message to others that connect to her as well.  There are a multitude that live within New Zealand that are connecting to her.

Now, there has been the prophecies that have been spoken about in the energy of the Maori tradition where the tsunami waves are going to come in and take back the foreshore of the Wellington region where now you have buildings and you have your wharves and your  border areas and it will take back that which is you call the Beehive, yes?   And there is going to be this people lost and that people lost and what we are saying to you now is – ‘old energy, old energy’.  Yes, the prophecy still stands.  There will be an earthquake but what the potential damage of that time it was an old energy because at that time and even up until the end of the 2012/2013, and even a few months into 2013, there had not been the definite click over or shift over in your own consciousness that you had moved into a new frequency of energy for 2013.  Even though we had been telling it to you for about 18 months.  Suddenly now you are feeling we are in a new way of being, a new way of energy, there is something different happening, what is going on and on?  You are feeling this energy. It is now solidity.  So it has happened that now that prophecy that was made by many of the Maori leaders and seers and shamans, yes they are tapping into a future event, but it need not happen the way they have seen it.  Does this make sense to you?   So yes, there will be an earthquake, yes, there will be shaking, yes, there will be, shall we say structural damage to some buildings, but we do not see the intense wave action that has been foretold.  We do see some wave action so when you are told ‘leave the shoreline’, leave it! Get to high ground.  Because if you remain behind then our responsibility is now done. You understand?   We are not speaking fear unto you we are just speaking factually.

When is this going to happen?  Dear ones, Gaia is a woman. No offence, no offence, but she is making her mind up.  She says she wants change and she is going to bring change and she has already started.  What we can clarify and we can say with definite, is that you have a period of time between 3 to 4 months of relative quiet.  And depending on how the energy is flowing through her at that time she may yet shake again in a 3 pt. and then a 4 pt. then a 3pt  then a 5 pt. and then there may be silence.  And if after the 5 pt. she has released enough energy and enough movement within that which is her creative forces you will not have another earthquake for another 50 to 60 years.

Question – How do we work best with her energy?

Give her permission to do what she needs.  Ask her this, do not ask her, she will do it anyway, but says Gaia, I choose to join my intent with you that you are in the most perfect place for your stretching.  I ask you to allow me the knowledge of where you wish me to be at the time of the shake.  So if you get an intuition it is time for me to go visit somebody in Auckland, go visit them.  If you get a intuition to go and visit somebody outside or go be in a different place, to go from where you are, go, follow your intuition, learn to lead with that intuition.  You may find nothing happens and you may think ‘that was a waste of time and space’.  No it wasn’t, she was connecting with you and saying ‘do you truly wish to be connected?’  Are you going to listen to her?

Question – Can we help her alleviate the tension?

By letting her breathe and just being connected to her in the heart space of breathing with her, you will relieve it, but do not stop the shaking that she needs to do.  Does this make sense to you?  For I will explain.  There have been many that have connected with her and tried to relieve the tension, to ground the energy, but all that has done is compounded the shaking that she has needed to do.  She has bypassed it off into other places and she has created for herself relief in other areas but it is time for Wellington to undergo a definite shake up.

Now, there is not going to be much if you go with her flow, if you go with the ocean motion that she is creating here which is the gentle sway of energy.  You tap into her now, you will sense it.  It is almost like a breathing in and a breathing out and a breathing in and a breathing out.  If you can connect into that and breathe with her and allow her to use your lungs and your energy then you will probably feel more when she is about to shake, and you will be able to allow her to shake through you so that it is not so resonant and not so dense on the physicality.  Does that make sense to you?    Do you understand what I am saying?  If you do not, say. (no comments from audience) Good.

Understand that she has a special place in Wellington.  Wellington has always been a energy she has connected with, Gaia, because the heart crystal, the heart of New Zealand sits between the two islands and what she is doing is trying to birth new energy into both islands.  What she is trying to do is bring together her people.  Not different cultures living in one group but one culture living in one.  What she is doing is saying, ‘you are my birthings’.  She does not identify you as being of this group or that group, this group or that.  You are her people.  And this is what she is trying to do is bring you into a oneness of being.    And she is using the only way that she knows how to bring humans together and that is to cause at times a little disconcertment in your comfortability.  She loves you like a mother loves her children, deep, deep, deep.

Question – Where about are these Earthquakes likely to be centred?

There is a potential that it will be in the land mass that looking at the map of N.Z. if Wellington is here and I am looking at the map, there is a mountainous range just here and you will find one of the quakes to be centred in potentially, (pointing to South to South East Waiarapa area) You have the strait which is here, you have your ferry crossing here, the swarm has been happening over here (pointing to the area in the Cook Strait near the heart centre) and there is potentially two smaller quakes that will happen here.  If these two happen here, this one, (Waiarapa area) will not happen but these two will affect both the of the peninsulas of the islands, it will have the sweeping effect that if this one happens here it will have a sweeping effect up here.

Question  – Are these the two plates?


Now there is a potential that the land mass that has already been affected by what they call the main fault line of Wellington, this may slip, this may slip taking you all the way up into Petone from the part of the centre of the Wellington city all the way through and there may be a drop.  Anywhere from 25cms down to a metre.  This is a potential.  Now I could say to you, it is now up to you to say “Now Gaia, come Gaia a meter is way too big, 5cms is about all we can handle.  But at the same time, if she needs to do that I ask that you give her the grace and ease to do this.  Follow your intuition.  She has told me that she will speak to as many people at least two weeks before she shakes the big one, if she has to shake the big one.  She will speak to people 2 weeks prior.  In their intuition, in their dreams, the animals, the bees, to warn them to be careful, to be intuitive of where they are.  This is the most that she can do as a non-verbal human being but a very verbal energy being.  You understand?  She has much love for you, much respect for the energy beings that have held her close to her heart and theirs.   She understands your dilemmas.  She understands your frequency more than you think you understand your own.  She knows that when she hiccups it thrusts you into a panic, it upsets your magnetic base centre.  She understands that her hiccups are majorly   traumatic to your understandings and awareness’s.  Does she do it deliberately? No, it just is which is.  It needs to occur.

Question – So what about people that send healing to her every day. Should that be stopped?

You may send healing because there is always something that is needing to be balanced in her energy.  Whether it is the pollution side, whether it is the forestries  that are being devoured, whether it is the mining that is being gorged out of her and gouged and ripped, and leaving seams.  So healing is always welcome to her, you understand?  Just like if you were to send healing to one who is in writhing pain all the time, it would be welcome.   It is always good to do, but in the sealing of that healing, if by sending it into her, do not seal it as in ‘do not have earthquakes’.  Do you understand?  Now let her do what she needs to do.  It is again no offence but I’m sure the females amongst us will know what it is.  ‘ I’ll do what I want to do in my own time, thank you very much and do not try and stop me’.

‘Unless you have a very, very, very, very good reason for stopping me, and it better be a good reason, which is unselfish, which is selfless and for the highest expansional good of the whole of the arena’.  Do you understand?  So when you look at it from that perspective coming from “Oh Gaia, don’t do the earthquake because I don’t want to lose my house.  Don’t do the earthquake because I don’t want this or that’, is not going to stop it.  But if there is a reason that you can find and you can present it as a group, a multitude of people coming with a single cause, for her to hear, then perhaps she may.  But at this moment she says there is nothing that she can see.  But again understand what I have said, she would rather give a few short sharp jolts than a huge big one.  Yes.  Which is why I am not majoring on a big earthquake. Why I’m not saying ‘ there is going to be this….and oh devastation here.  Oh no no.  Hear me. Gaia has said, peace for the moment then there will be if necessary some more roll on effects of earthquakes, about 3 not reaching more than 5.6.  After that if she is satisfied and able to clear everything with those she will cease.  No more.  It is not like Christchurch.  Do not compare Wellington to Christchurch.  You will not occur what she had to go through there, to clear there, here.  This is a different resonance of energy.  This energy in this place has always been a good, transient, clearing energy.  There are just a few areas that need movement and she is wanting to bring something else in for you at this time.

Question – Can you talk to us a little more about 5th dimensional energies, how far we are into…. where she is on her ascension….

What is your question? In as much as her energy is…………..The 5th dimensional way of looking at it is she is the same journey structure as you in as much as she is expanding herself up.  Her 5th dimensional beingness of body is far extended beyond your human capabilities of understanding. Yet in way of understanding she has allowed herself to be retained back into a 3rd dimensional existence so that you have a functionality.  Similarly your energy bodies in the 5th dimensional understanding if you can understand this, are in different frequencies, different ways of being.  You are in different structures, different knowledges.  So as you begin to learn and release yourself more from the density of the 3rd realm of where you are earthbound and stepping into the vibrational understanding of being more connected to the 5th dimensions.  And understand that dimensions is just a way of us giving you the understanding that you are able to transcend yourself through energy frequencies, lifting yourself up, vibrating higher.  There are many of you that will think oh I’m vibrationally at ‘this’ level, but actually you are more ‘here’.  Not quite 3rd but your not quite 5th either.  You’re sort of in between.  Allow your energies to continually free themselves.  Allow your energies to continually be in a place of resonance, connecting, understanding that you are in a place that truly even though with that understanding it does not really change where she is going to shake or not shake because she will do what needs to happen to pop her energy into the next evolutionary step for herself.  Just like you will go through earthquakes within your own lives, and shakes within your own lives to pop you into different frequencies and different awareness’s.  So your 5th dimensional understanding and your 5th dimensional ways of being when you look at Gaia, are slightly different.  Because you need to understand first and foremost that you need to understand your vibrational frequency of alignment you need to have that purity of coming in and being married up within your own selves as a being of vibrational alignment.  To understand her alignment vibrations that she is resonating with, that she is coming into order.  Because she does not just exist within her own vibrational frequency of bringing her own alignment, she is actually dealing with the vibrational alignments of the aquatic life, of the airborne life, of the grounded life.  She is looking at the elemental energies; she is looking at all the different realms that function within her as she brings her vibration and her frequency into line.  So when she is going through what she goes through she is working not only on her own behalf but also on the behalf of many vibrational energies that she is working with.   So understand that there are many things at play here and she is just playing her part so to speak.  She is doing what she needs to do the best. She is not out to destroy, or hurt or harm, she is trying to evolve in the best way that she can to help you evolve in your best way.  It is a symbiotic relationship, it is a symbiotic relationship.

Does this bring a little peace to your future?  Or does it bring a little bit more I think ‘I’m going to pack my bags and leave’.

Comment from a participant –  “I really appreciate that Gaia needs to have these small shakes and I full understand that she needs to do that and I have really connected to Gaia………When she shakes I really feel her energy the vibration really rises. I really enjoy it”.

And that is good, just allowing that ebb and flow, that ebb and flow, that ebb and flow.  And sometimes when she has a hiccup which is a sharp movement this way…., see how high you can jump, (laughter from audience) Are you with her, are you with her?  Feel her dimensional shifts, feel her energy.

I understand that there are many different things happening.  You are on one level of understanding, she is on another level of understanding but if you look at it in truth you are both growing together. You are both assisting each other’s evolvement.  So go well and enjoy what you have with her. Travel into that dream space with her.

Look at the aboriginal people, the aboriginal people of nations around you.  How are they observing, how are they dealing with the shakes that are occurring?  Allow yourself to see beyond the now, beyond the so-called physical. And see into the energy.  How are they dancing, how are they singing, how are they creating with Gaia in these moves?  What are they doing when they sense there is going to be change?  They read energy far clearer at times than we do in the Western society.  Let them be your teachers and your mentors at such times as this.  Yes?  Observe and then take what you learn into a new understanding. How can I use it for me, what is the best possible way.  Breathe; it’s very easy to do.  Not so easy when your house that you are in shakes around you.  I understand, but breathe, and allow yourself to flow with her.  Allow yourself to be seen and connected.

I see a lot more peaceful energy.  A few more questions, but a lot more peaceful energy.  Just rest in it.  Remember sometimes it is necessary to go over the bumpy roads to get to the destination you need to get to.

Well my friends it is of the hour to draw this to a close, it has been an interesting day; it has been interesting to observe, to see, and hear that which has been discussed.  One asks that you take what has been given to you and bury it deep into your heart, deep into the very energy of who you are and allow it to gel, allow it to resonate, allow it to grow, and when you need it allow it to fall into your hands that you may use it.  Let the tree produce the fruit that you desire.

I Am That I Am, I Am Cifehtr and you are that which you are.  Go well and go in peace.

Brought through by Louise James

© Ascension Explorers 2009 – 2013


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