Vision of our Future

This is a vision I received while sitting in the sauna in Taupo.  Taking some ‘me’ time of breath and connection to the Universe and Gaia, I was taken out of my ‘body’ and shown this beautiful vision.


I am standing at the edge of an open  scrub bush, in front of me are mountains. Blue, green, orange colours swirl around them like a mirage. Running alongside me was a river deep and powerful. It flowed with luminous energy water; it flowed into me through the ground I stood on.

I feel a breath entering into my lung’s. Different from other breaths., it is as if I am breathing the mountains closer to me. Dragging them energetically towards me, with ease. I feel my legs beginning to stretch and swell, then my feet explode into an intricate root system, and my legs merge into one and are pulled firmly into Gaia.

I never take my eyes off of the mountains as they come closer. I feel this exchange in my energy, like vaults of electricity running through me. I hear the rush of voices in my head, talking connecting, but these are not voices I know. These are the voices of the mountains of Gaia, and they are calling me.

High above me, I see/sense birds of prey soaring on the thermals of hot air, they are calling to me as well.

My body has disappeared, and I am a tree. Not like any tree I’ve seen or known of before. This tree seems to be playing with the energy of both Gaia and the Universe and is almost directing the swirls and movement.

I glance downwards and see the shell of a human wrinkled and flapping in the wind.

I know this is me.

I look upwards into the Universe and hear a name resounding through the open space. I do not recognise the name, but it resonates deep within me, it energises me, and I know this is me.

I begin to move.

I feel as if I am walking through a mist and realise this is how it should be, the necessary moisture in the atmosphere, replenishing me as I move. All around me there are explosions of light, colour and sound. I feel as if there are multiple streams of downloads bombarding my heart-mind, conscious mind and all other areas of my being. The ground vibrates and rolls as if there is an earthquake beneath me with each moment that brings me closer as I continue to walk towards the place where name seems to be emanating.

Do we stand in our own consciousness or follow the crowd

I feel almost lighter-than-air yet know that I have deep roots holding me in place. The closer I draw to the point of origin of this calling, the more profound the sense of love, compassion, the higher the awareness of self-responsibility and an inner knowing that humankind is on the brink of an extensive alteration in our energetic signature.

The world is swirling at my feet; it seems to float in and out of reality and with each moment of solidification the vibration of consciousness changes. Ringing in my mind is the question “what is your mass conscious choice.” I cannot speak; my voice seems stuck in a throat that no longer operates. I feel the cries of humanity in my limbs and realise we are on a precipice of time and choice. The edge of time has arrived, and we are teetering on the brink of a grand opening in our universal life. Though there is a hesitation in the human consciousness as if asking “Are we ready? Do we want this?” and sadly there is a large part of the consciousness that is fearful of change, they no longer desire to step into the grand plans of life and universal intrigue. It is if we have stalled at this great moment in our combined conscious state, and there are those who have moved forward and grown within the consciousness of light and universal teachings, which are pulling the ‘rest of the world’ behind them.

I hear the declaration and watch as a lighting blast sears through the strands and separates the two groups. Unfolding before me is the new world of energy, where true like-minded beings come together in a precise and decisive manner. No longer wishing to be completed, fixed, or have others direct their paths. They still seek teachers and ones with knowledge but these moments are for great learning’s of deep magick and tapping into the hidden qualities of the new quarter that we have lifted into.


I wonder at my transfigured form, a tree of unknown name and visage, yet it seems as if it is perfect for this moment. The luminous water that seeped into my being now begins to reverse and seeps back out into the surrounding area. Those around become sensitive to the vibration of this water and imbibe it deeply. No matter how much is drunk or used it always reverts to the highest level of quantity.


The mountains call me again, showing me their power, colour and vibration. They shudder at the intense magnetic power flowing through them, as this joins up like a network of spider webs, sparks begin to explode into the atmosphere, and there is a smell of granite dust damped with water. The mountains seem to be energising themselves and gorging on a power deep within Gaia, and their voices sing louder and louder as each of them begins to erupt with the power within them. There are showers of energy shooting from their tops, sides and oozing from cracks at their bases. Suddenly I am standing above this display of power, and I see an orb-like structure deep within the earth. It pulls me down to the lava-like energy until it has consumed me.

I awake to a knowledge of impending change and creative energy that is waiting to enter into this domain of ours. An energy that is both destructive and constructive in its power, waiting not for permission but for the moment that we climb into our awakened knowing of time.


Truly we are at the tipping point.





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