Kuthumi brings us a beautiful message encouraging us to listen to Gaia’s vibrations. What is it she is communicating to us? 7/10/13

Oh, it is a time of great rejoicing, dear ones.  Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.  It is I Kuthumi and I am here and I am back from many travels, many journeys across this place that you call the great void of space.  Indeed it is no more a void than a small step across the road, a street, a puddle.  It is full of great excitement, great learning’s and at times great peace.  This Universe that you live and abide within is indeed a great place for you to learn from.  It is an exciting place, it is a place where you are able to come and literally pick the fruit that is waiting for you and consume it knowing that you have the right to learn, the right to communicate the right to imbibe that which is truly in your creative space for you.  And yet many are denied this by themselves.  They wait for permission from another to receive knowledge and I would say to you as I have said to many hundreds, many thousands of peoples, you must indeed be in a place of observation, a place where you are able to see and know the truth before just accepting.  Do not just accept something that comes to you and is presented with gilt edges and fanfare and trumpets and loud cymbals clashing and clanging to draw your attention to what is here….(claps loudly)… look here, this is where the important news is (laughs).  Perhaps it is not where the noise is that you should be looking but should be perhaps it is in the opposite direction or to the sides.  Because if one is needing great noise and great cacophony’s to bring your attention to what is being said, then what is being said?

That is not a trick question, by the way.  When you think about it you will understand what I am saying.  Now – I have been a teacher of mankind, I have been a world teacher, a universal teacher along with Sananda in the Christ energy and many of my Ascended Master friends for many hundreds of years, and never once have I noticed Sananda come in with a great fanfare and aplomb and shall we call it thunder and lightening, as he is able to do. No, but he does come in with humbleness and he comes in with an attitude where he has come to hear what you have to say before he brings forward his learning.  Likewise I often will say to you, let us speak, let us discourse, let us have communication and then I will bring an overview.  Then there are times when it is teaching and you will listen to what is being shared, what is being communicated to you for your highest growth and expansion, but even in that there is room for discourse, room for questions.

Gaia is stirring

Rotorua geothermal NZ

You are coming into a great space of time within this planetary system dear ones, of great enlightenment, great challenges to yourselves, to that which you are bringing into your learning, your understanding.  Your Gaia is in many ways coming into a level of expansion, level of understanding for herself of the next experience, the next evolutionary cycle, if we can call it this.  And she is excited.  Have you noticed the birds and the animals how they are at times very lethargic and other times very active, in the times where you would not expect them to be so, you would expect lethargic-ness to be at a certain dusk or this time or that time, not in the times where they are.  Have you asked yourself why, oh why are there more and more things happening on the ocean surfaces and under the ocean within the animal kingdom there affecting humans.   Gaia is stirring, Gaia is bringing things up to the fore for you to look at.

So this is a little discourse on what to expect, what to expect in your own arenas your own discoveries, your own workplaces.  And remember dear ones, a workplace is not somewhere where you go to work, it is where you work within yourself to create what it is that you create, yes?   It’s a place where you can laugh and have joy and have fun or you can allow yourself to be so overwhelmed that it is ‘let me find the nearest stone and crawl beneath it’, yes?  This is your creation.  Understand you are in a place where you are in a co-creativeness with Gaia but more importantly you’re co-creating with each other.  Each one of you that have enlisted with each other in this room and those that will be hearing this at a later time, you all are co-creating a circle of energy a network of communication, of energy, of vibrational imprint that you are connecting with Gaia to assist not only her but yourself into the next frequency, into the next layer of consciousness and you are, to coin my dear friend Cifehtr’s saying, you are stepping out of consciousness, you are removing yourself from the mass consciousness of the enlightened groups.  You understand, you have mass consciousness then you have those that separate themselves from that and they then create a mass consciousness of enlightened beings.  And then inside there you still have a choice of all that you create, all that you function and all that you connect to and how you will be as an individual.  And you can choose to be in the continuum of the mass consciousness of the enlightened beings and the lighthouses and the beacons etc,etc, or you can step outside of that mass consciousness and begin to connect to the consciousness of the Universe as an individual being, still linking in to the enlightened ones, the ones who have knowledge, who have been there, but you are not allowing yourself to be dictated to by a mass conscious thought.  Do you understand?

You are in a unique place, dear ones, of standing in the individualism of knowing that you are connecting in-between the spaces to the true connecting of self.  You are entering into a physical change.  Now you may say to me ‘Kuthumi, physical change?  Does that mean I’m going to go to bed looking this way and waking up the next way?   Am I going to have blue hair today and brown hair tomorrow?  Am I going to have green hair tomorrow?  What do you mean I am physically changing? ‘

Your physical alignment, your physical cellular structure is becoming more attuned to the new levels of frequency that are coming into this particular realm.

What is Gaia saying to you?

Now, Gaia is reaching out to many of you at this time saying ‘listen, feel, touch, hear, know the changes that are occurring.’  And if you are able to listen and to feel the vibration, feel the exquisite pleasures and extreme notifications that she brings you and you begin to interlink these with others that you talk to and you begin to form a pattern – on this date this happened – on this date this was done – on this date this was perceived, and you begin to see a patterning happening.  You begin to see the language of Gaia, you begin to see how she is speaking.  Because it’s not as if one day she will rise up and speak through all of you with the spoken word, ‘oh this is Gaia speaking, and thus I will say……….’.  Oh she can do that and many of you know that she will be able to do this.  But say perhaps she gives one a feeling of complete bliss on a certain time on a certain day.  Simultaneously on the same day there is another person in another part of town feeling tremors.  But in the tremors they are perhaps feeling almost like an opening of something inside of them.  Not bliss, but an opening within the tremors.  Somebody in another country on the same day is feeling perhaps a little apprehensive, feeling a build within Gaia, within themselves of something about to happen but they’re not quite sure.  And as you begin to communicate with each other and you begin to realise that you were all feeling something very similar on the same day at very similar times.  What is that telling you?  ‘Oh it’s just co-incidence Kuthumi, just co-incidence’.  Is it?  mmmm  I prefer to believe it is more than co-incidence, it is a timing it is a message it is a communication it is as if it is meant to be that there are certain ones of you that are so attuned to the energy of Gaia that you are drawn to her every single moment, every single day to experience something new.

Now there are some of you that will go ‘but, oh that doesn’t feel like me, so does that mean I am left out of this, does that mean that I don’t need to worry about this, that’s fine, just leave it to everybody else,  that’s all these tree huggers?’……(laughs).   Well, we could say that, it would make life a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

But I would say ‘no’.  For those who feel that they are disconnected from Gaia, that they do not feel these tremors or these openings or these senses of smell or whatever it is that you wish to claim, I would say, watch the birds, watch your animals, listen to what people say because you might be the very one that is shall we say, in inverted commas, ‘unaffected’ because you will be the scribe, you will be the one that hears what’s being said and you will be able to look through the emotion of these individuals that are talking and so you begin to map it out.  And what do I mean by mapping?   I’m not saying that you draw big calligraphy map of the world and ‘X’ marks the spot here and ‘X’ marks the spot there.  I am saying that you map it out by what is the spoken imagery of what is being felt on a certain day at a certain time and how it overlaps in certain nations, what’s happening in the nations.  Because what you begin to see by people talking by hearing what they are saying you begin to feel what is happening within a vibrational level within the nation within Gaia at that time.

Now, does that mean, oh, two people felt a tremor in Auckland, is there going to be an earthquake, is there going to be a volcanic eruption.  No, no, no, that is not what we said, we said you get to feel what is in the nation so perhaps the tremor is symbolic of changes at a deep level or perhaps there is something going to happen that is going to shake the people of the nation of New Zealand that will cause them to view things differently.  Perhaps it just means that they ate too much pizza the night before.  Mmmmm.  All I’m saying is by gathering the information you begin to see patterns, you begin to see similarities.    You begin to see, well Person A always feels energy from Gaia this way and there are nuances on how Person A feels or responds to it.  Person B has this, Person C has this, Person D has this and you begin to identify the main sense coming through and then the feelers or the downpipes of information.

Gaia has a soul


Now, that is all interesting, Kuthumi, what am I supposed to do?  Am I supposed to meditate upon this, am I supposed to create some great encyclopaedia of shall we call it, The Tremors of Gaia and her Speaking to Humanity?  I’m sure it will be a best seller.   No, no, no, no.  It is for you to learn, for you to study.  Because as you begin to tap in, as you begin to tap in to see what is within the self of what is being said. For the Gaia has a soul, has a soul of communication just like I do, just like Cifehtr, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Kryon.  – The blue planet.  We all have souls of communication and what needs to happen is an interweaving of communication.

Because light-bearers, beloved humans you are here for enjoyment, for experience, and that will never be taken away from you, and yet we would ask you as well to ground the energy at this moment.  To ground it because dear ones there is great things happening at levels that are unseen and unfelt and yet they are very, very important.  The vibrational imprints that are coming and being expanded upon in this time are, shall we, let’s just put it this way, they are the golden leaf imprints that are about to enunciate what is the flowing on of the sentence.

Now if you understand anything about literature, and you understand anything about the historical creation of the written book, you will understand that before every chapter there is always a great imprint of gold lettering.  There is a beautiful illumination given to draw your attention of visual to that point of reference and then the words are scripted from that illumination.

And so what is happening at this moment is, Gaia is gold leafing you, she is imprinting upon you an illumination of vibration and you sense it in various different ways.   Some of you are drawn out to view Gaia from different perspectives, whether it is over the ocean, over the rolling fields, whether it is in the forests whether it is in the very quietness of your garden.  You are drawn to her to experience something and you don’t always need to understand dear ones what is being said to you, it is just being imbued in your cells changing you from inside to illuminate the next structure of sentence, the next structure of communication.  Does that mean you are going to be the communication sentence that is coming forward?  Perhaps.  But you need to be the illumination first.  And so she is choosing many around the globe at the moment to connect to, to illuminate, to gold leaf to imprint her energy, to bring to the known sight for visualisation a difference, a sense of being so that she may present the next level of story, the next procedures because something beautiful, something great is being birthed.

Now, before you see the true beauty of something there are times where you will have to remove the outer wrapping.  The outer wrappings at times may not always be pleasant.  The outer wrappings may not always be beautiful within themselves.  It could be brown paper.  It could be plastic, it could be oil, it could be something that is unpleasant, but once you sift through it and you push it aside you see the true glory of what is there.   Now, what am I saying using these imagery words, why do I say this?   Because each one of you, dear ones, have things clogging up your energy.  Just like in your natural world, these things I have mentioned clog up the natural flow of Gaia so you have in your energies at times and in your meridians and in your consciousness, in your thought patterns even though you sit and you do attempt  and you clear and you clear and you clear, there are still things that come up, things that are still to be exposed, things that will come and be released from you.  It is not an on going forever and ever and ever and ever Amen, and there we shall go forever to our rest, clearing.  But there are things that will come up, once they come, deal with them that the true glory of who you are, the true glory of that which is within you, that which is connected to Gaia, that which is connected to those that you are networking with, that you are in communication with that you are co-joining in a cohesiveness of co-creation.  As you begin to bring this into a defined and beautiful pattern so it is you begin to see the overlaps of what Gaia is doing for you.

Now, I am speaking to you in riddles at times, seemingly speaking one way then coming in and speaking exactly the same thing but using different words.  Go back and listen for I am giving you layer upon layer of what needs to be done within yourself.  How you need to find that cohesiveness of balance, of interaction, of network.

For you dear ones, are like the crystal bed.  Each of you a defined beautiful quartz crystal set within the bedrock.  Yet, you are a family of crystalline energy.  I can take one of you out and you are beautiful, unique, in fact this one’s a double terminated quartz crystal.  Who would like to be this one?  Mmm.  Let me take another one.  Oh, it broke, damn.  Never mind it’s still beautiful.  But when we put you back into that which is the bedrock for interconnection for re-remembrance of your Source, for re-knowing of who you are, for intermediatry flow of universal connection to come into balance that you begin to truly flood yourself clean.  Anything and everything that would come and blow into you and block you up.

Example.  You clean the gutters around your house outside when you see that they are cluttered with plastic and rubbish.  And then a big thunderstorm happens, a big deluge of rain and what happens?  Your gutters become cluttered again.  The drains outside have plastic bags covering them causing water to not flow in the correct manner because it is plugged, blocked, so you clear it again, and everything flows freely.  And so what begins to happen is you begin to think ‘well, if I don’t want to keep doing this, I need to start looking at where the clutter comes from, where does it originate from’.  And so you begin to go back down the drainpipe shall we say, or the area, road and say, ‘it comes from here.’ So you then create a diversion so that anything other than the water cannot come down.  You might put a grill, you might put a slight dam of some sort, you create it to allow the water to flow, but not the things that block up.  You look at your gutters and you say ‘how do I keep it from being clogged by leaves and things like this’?  And you find that there has been a very clever inventor that has created this ‘twirly’ thing that you put in your gutters to prevent anything from being in there, but water.  And it is easy to lift and clean and put back.  So it is that you begin to look at your own energy with ease and with grace and with knowing of how you can clear yourself that the illumination that is here upon your energy, upon the core centre of who you are, begins to resonate, begins to come out, begins to draw attention of others because they cannot help themselves.  They say, ‘what is it about you that makes you different, why is it that you speak in a different way, why is it that you talk like this, you are so convicted within your own speech that you are so right, what makes you right and others wrong?’  It’s not because you are argumentative, it’s not because you are presenting yourself in such a way that you have locked them into listening to you, it is the illumination.  They are asking you questions.  One will only ask questions when they are drawn to something and they are seeking to know more.

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear darling humans, oh I love you, I love you.  Humanity is such a glorious state of being and I enjoy my time of communications with you.  But it is now the learning time, it is the time for me to be the lecturer, yes?  But even in this there is great release of joy.  Because when you are able to realise that you are connecting with the greater energy, with Gaia, and you are seeing that she is resonating and she is changing and she is coming in and connecting through the very earth up into that which is your being, and you are allowing that resonation to come forward, so it is at a cellular structure you begin to resonate and flush and clear and cleanse and you are able to connect to her elements and begin to say, ‘well if I am Gaia’s elements and she is my elements and I have her minerality and she has my minerality and we are One, then what am I lacking?  And how can I find…… and you say ‘Gaia, show me’ and she will begin to tell you.  ‘You need this in your food, you need this in your water, you need this, you need this, you need this’.   And you may think ‘well I don’t hear her talking to me like that Kuthumi’.   No, but you get a thought in your head.  ‘I need iron’, where did that thought come from?  I don’t know, maybe you’ve been asking Gaia recently, maybe you’ve been asking your energy.   ‘Oh, I need to eat more green vegetables, I need to eat more fruit I need to eat…. I need to drink…..etc, etc etc’.  Certain groups.  Pomegranates.  Who would have thought pomegranates?  But there is that within the flesh and the juice of the pomegranate that nourishes one’s body within the blood and within the cells that is so unique, it is better than vitamin c, it is combination of iron, it is almost like it’s a powerhouse deposited within one fruit.  And it is quite delicious.

Your physicality check

Te Ngaere Bay, Northland, NZ

There are certain things, dear ones, that when you begin to resonate, when you begin to hear the overlaps. For example, let’s go back to the tremors, let us go back to the senses.  Did they feel hungry after the tremors?  Did you feel thirsty?  What did your physicality go through after you experienced this experience with Gaia?  Oh….. Well, I was quite thirsty, I drank a lot of water.  Oh…. well I was, actually I was neither hungry nor thirsty but I was extremely tired and I went to sleep.  Oh…. I felt energised, I needed to walk.  And I walked and in fact I didn’t walk, I ran, and then I rested and I felt complete.

So each one has a different story of how they feel within their physicality after they have that connection with Gaia.  And these, dear ones, these are the clues that as you begin to listen you begin to understand that although you may be part of the bedrock you are each individual and your individual resonance brings to the whole a unique sequence that will effect the others for the betterment, for the holistic.  And remember, as I said to you if there is a loud fanfare and there is a loud noise and if there is this happening over here…….look over there.  Look in the opposite direction, because normally this is a distraction to what is truly trying to be communicated to you.  And it may come through a source or a human or a book or a recording that you may never have looked at before or you would never be drawn to if I hadn’t said to you, that if there is the ra ra here, look somewhere else.

Now does this mean that every time there is the ra ra and the loud music and the fanfares and the clashing cymbals that it is out of place and wrong?  No.  Because at times there is great celebration occurring and all this is necessary to bring in the energy, to enhance the energy and the messages that come through with all of this cacophony of noise and music, is exactly what is created and needed for the messages to be on a very good platform.  But this is where your intuition comes in, dear ones, this is where you come in to your knowing of your singleness of mind, your self will and choice.

Dear ones, I travel many times to the outer rings of the Universe and I sit and I observe and I sit and I watch the great manoeuvres of the cosmic bodies and beings.  I watch.  I watch sacred geometry play out in front of me and it is beautiful.  And when everything is in harmony it is the most beautiful energetic sound and feeling that can be felt.  But when one little glitch happens to just ‘eek’ out of place – that resonance effects and has a ripple effect throughout the entire cosmos and that’s when I know it is time for me to go back and bring correction, bring teaching, bring sight, knowledge, encouragement.  You are all wise beings.  You’ve been the shamans, the wise women and men.  You’ve been the leaders and you’ve also been the followers.  Now is the time to be individual leaders joined together with a commonality.  Commonality of illumination, commonality of coming together with a common agreement of knowing that you are in the beginning of the last stretch, for it is a good time, it is a wondrous time.  There are ups and there are downs, but how down do you wish to be and how high do you want your ups?  Only you can answer this.

Your bliss moments need not be for just two or three minutes.  They may be for hours and days, years.  Would that not be ideal, would that not be perfection personified?  Ohh…  Let’s try and achieve that, shall we.  But you can do it by one step at a time, allowing yourself to tap into those moments, remember them, hold them, expand them.  Expanding your energy into the trueness of who you are.  Being grounded into your core, being grounded into that which is your knowing so that when everything else would come at you as a great wind to push you over you go ‘no, I know  that I know that I know, that I know, I Am Divine, I Am centred, I Am.  This is me’.

And you know when you suddenly say that out loud to yourself a few times it stops sounding so silly.  But do you know what else happens, all of a sudden those great winds that would come and try and knock you over, they don’t come around so much.  They don’t come around and blow as hard.  Oh they might attempt the odd one every now and then, but as long as you remember the I Am that I Am divinity within the core centred being, nothing will knock you over.  This, this alongside the illumination, the connection, the networking, the essence of communication and community within, this will stand you in great harmony and great strength.

You are well loved, dear ones, well loved. You are well honoured.  And even those of you who struggle from day to day with the decision makings and the, let us just say for want of a better word,  the tests that are put in front of you to go through at this moment by your own higher self and own choices, even these, are blessings.   It is amazing to see when humans begin to integrate a gratitudinal aspect, what happens to their lives.  When you begin to have that attitude, that gratitude, that feeling, that no matter what happens that you are grateful because in the gratitude there is solution, there is answer and there will always be joy.  You cannot be grateful for something, (heavy voice) I’m grateful, very grateful for this, oh yes, I’m so fucking grateful………!!!  it just doesn’t work.  No matter what comes to you, look at it and remember dear ones, there are things that are in your lives that have been hanging around that you believe are yours that actually aren’t, they’re there, they’ve attached themselves to you because you have accepted them.  Look at them, and if it’s not yours, send it on it’s way, allow it to pass through and say ‘bye bye, enjoy your journey’.  How do I know what’s mine and what’s not mine?  Look at it, ask it and let it go if it’s not yours.  Because some things will come into your life and the only lesson therein is to see if you will observe it passing by.  Because dear ones not everything is there for you to fix, not everything is there for you to deal with, to create an aspect about, to integrate, to whatever you want to attach to it.  Sometimes circumstance and situation will come your way and when you look at it and say ‘actually I don’t feel as if I need to be involved in it’ and you step back and it just bypasses you and it carries on.   It doesn’t cry, it doesn’t weep, it doesn’t moan and groan that it’s missed you and it’s losing out on something, it just goes looking for the next human it can attach to, that’s all.  But if you come always from that position of knowing that you are connected, grounded,  and you are in the illumination and you are in the gratitude and you are in this place of being of receptivity of all things for your highest then when anything does come and knock on your door you can say ‘yes, or no’.

So when you look at your life, dear ones, my beloved humans, be grateful for everything that you have for you brought it in and therein lies the gratitudinal story, a gratitudinal lesson of learning and there is always great, great growth from these things that you can be learning from.  And when there is joy there is always upward motion of great expansion.

Well my friends, I have shared what I wished to share.  I have given you much to think about.  Much to ponder.  Feel into the energy of Gaia, feel into the energy of what is occurring at this moment and know that it is all aligned with the changes globally, planetary, universally.  It is all in perfect harmony and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you and all who hear this, all of you are an important part of THAT great journey.

And how you interact and how you integrate and how you design and co-create effects your joys and those that you connect with.  Gratitude is a beautiful, beautiful and strong and wise marking post for you to use when you begin to interact with yourself and others.

I am Kuthumi and I have truly enjoyed communicating on this matter.

Namaste dear ones.

Brought through by Louise James

© Ascension Explorers 2009 – 2013


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