If you don’t know who or what the Anunnaki are then I encourage you to go do some discerning research; after you have read this. We have initiated our own Sacred Site Soul Travel and this year we are delving into the hidden secrets and well dusted over truths of the African Continent. In particular Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Think ancient ruins, sacred caves, rock drawings and the Zimbabwe ruins or monument as the locals prefer her to be known by. Thousands of years old; who built this crumbling monument that was once a massive kingdom? What about the energy of one of the largest crevices on our planet. Out past visits there have zapped us with the undeniable force of a portal, Victoria Falls. Of course there is abundant wildlife and Africa can not be seen without game drives in open plain areas, so yes that is on our agenda. Maybe a walk with the lions?

Adam’s Calendar, South Africa.

In South Africa at Waterval Boven we have secured the services and extensive knowledge of cutting edge researcher, Michael Tellinger. So who were the Anunnaki and why the Southern Part of Africa? These questions will be answered and debated from both a scientific and a alternative knowledge (Trance Channel communication) viewpoint. So what about the Giant Footprint..who was that? And Adam’s Calendar.. is it really older than Stonehenge and could we have spontaneous healing there that other people have reported?

Then there is you, as you connect into your own knowing and deeper soul connection as you are supported by the essence of the group adventure. Back to the Anunnaki, what place do they have in human history and why do we need to be aware of what ‘may’ have occurred.
We will not leave these questions un-answered. In September 2019 we are there on the ground, on the land our Gaia, with the ‘energies’ uncovering and exposing lies and hidden truths. Join us.

Link to Skull picture information here: https://simplecapacity.com/2016/10/ancient-anunnaki-civilization-found-in-africa/

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