The Super Moon Energy Shift

Brought through By Cifehtr via Lou on Monday 14 July 2014

Are you conscious of what is about to occur?

Are you keeping your energy flowing or are you stagnating?

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Greetings dear friends, I Am that I Am, I Am Cifehtr and all that is my power, my domain, my place of Being, I Am that I Am.   I Am Cifehtr.

And I greet you, I welcome you back into this place of learning, into this place of discourse, of coming together of a like mind, of a like heart and putting together your own perceptions, your own thoughts as to what it is you are achieving. You are bringing about in your lives. Over this last period of time of your Earth days of say, let us put a timing on for you, of about the last month, there has been many frequency changes, many vibrational uplifts and variations and humanity has become quite unstuck in many ways. There have been consistent vibrational pulses throughout your globe. Individuals within the different, let me just call them, light worker camps, have been becoming aware of the un-stuckness of what they are standing on. They are looking at the foundations of what they have been taught, of what they have believed to be their truths and these are coming unstuck, these are becoming flayed or frayed. Because what is happening is in this earthquake of energy that is flooding through your world, flooding through this particular time, the tsunami of energy that is coming through, what it is designed to do, dear ones, is not to just cause a shaking, not just cause an awakening, a reckoning but it is to bring each and every one of you to a place of choice, a place of realignment, of looking at what it is that you truly, truly, truly have as your foundational truths to take forward with you into the coming times.


Now, if you remember approximately 5 – 6 months ago I spoke to you about your foundational truths. What is your truth, revisiting your foundations, to re-look at what is your truth. What are you building on? And if you go forward incrementally over the next couple of months to this present day you will see that you have been challenged to revisit this particular teaching but it’s being presented in many different, many different concepts and presentations. Yet the basic is, what do you believe, what is your intent, what is your creative force, where is the original thought based in the original substance, what are you establishing for yourself?

Now, what is it about the tsunami of energy, this washing that is coming through at the moment? It is a energetic wash of the Universe that is literally, if you can think of it and I will try and paint a very classic picture for you, you all have the old fashioned washers, yes, that when they are on their spin they seem to shake on all 4 legs and walk across the base of the place where they are based whether it is the Laundromat, whether it is the garage, whether it is the base of the house, they seem to vibrate their way from where they’re plugged in all the way across at least a 10cm gap because of the vibration of the inner workings of that inner spin. In the same way this energy that is coming through you at the moment is vibrating you and hopefully will vibrate you from the place that you are in to a different place whether it is a centimetre apart or a whole 90deg from where you are at or a 180deg, it is going to shift you. I say ‘is going to’, even if you do not choose to.

You may always come back to this place of beginning, of before the vibration started, but you will sense that it is not longer an option you will sense it is no longer a good place to be in. And the reason for you being shifted or vibrated from where you are to where you will be seen and where you will be resonating is because once you are in there you will begin to sense, feel, taste, activate, utilise a denser thicker more real energy fluctuation within yourself.

So what is exactly happening, Cifehtr, you are talking about vibration you are talking about 180 deg change, you are talking about this, what is it exactly that you are saying? Well, in basic human terms, you are going to get your ass kicked out of your lives. Is that too blunt? But in a nice way. It’s not going to be traumatic, it’s not going to be ‘oh my God another thing’s happening……’ Oh, no, no, no. What it is that decisions are going to come before you which are going to be easily made. They are going to be things you’re going to look at and think ‘well, I’ve been contemplating that for a while, yes, why not?’ or ‘yes this has been in my energy for a while, yes let’s activate it now’. Change is coming and it’s good because when you are remaining the same you know you remain stagnant but when the flood of energy comes through, when the water begins to flood through again, it purges, it pushes through what is there to bring new life, to bring new existence.

‘Cifehtr are you telling me then that I’m old, stagnant and dying?……..’ I claim 5th Amendment. Is that activated in this Nation, in this house shall I say?   What I am saying is if you allow yourself to sit and contemplate to constantly focus on what it is that is the Now, you do not look too much into what it is that is the future Now and you don’t prepare for what is about to occur and what is occurring, then yes, you are stagnant, you are old and you are dying. Whether you are 20, 15, 105, 72 or whatever age you choose, even 46 like this one is, yes? It’s not the age that I’m getting at, it’s where are you in your sphere of experience, your spiral. Your spiral needs to have that constant energising motion within it otherwise what begins to happen is it stills, it locks and the energy flow becomes thick, the energy flow no longer flows with that ease and grace, and what begins to present is the same old, same old. Same questions, the same answers, etc. etc.

Now, ‘Cifehtr are you telling me that I havn’t grown, that I haven’t expanded, I thought I had?’   Did I say that? No. What I said is that you need to be aware that you must be conscious of what is about to happen because in the consciousness of the Universal mind, in the consciousness of the Heart of the Universe there is great eruptions of change and if you are not connecting in you are going to miss the heartbeat that will affect you. So you will have to wait for the next vibrational shift. And if you are anything like me you don’t want to wait, you want to be on that wave, you want to be on that pulse, you want to be on that vibration so that it takes you to the level of the connection you are seeking. But you can choose to stay here.

Now this is not directed, and you have my full permission to share this with as many people as you like, because those that are present are probably at a level of understanding the nuances of what I’m saying at a far greater and deeper level than ones who are going to hear it perhaps for the first time. So you understand that when I say it is time for the tsunami to hit you, you are going to say ‘oh tsunami, tsunami’s not so much that will knock me off my feet but I’m going to be aware of the floods of energy coming through so I can prepare to balance and as the wave, after wave, after wave, after wave, after wave, do I need to continue? After wave, after wave, do you get this?   As it comes through you know that each will bring a vibrational shift, that as the vibrational shift begins to elevate you, you lift up, as you lift up you expand more as you expand more, you accept more, as you accept more you lift up, as you lift up you expand more, as you expand more you accept more, you see more , you understand more, do you understand?

There is growth in every moment of where you are at at this moment. Your expansion is not going to stop because we stopped teaching you on the resistance teachings. They have not ended by the way you are just in reprieve.

But, what I am about to say is that because of all that’s happening within you. Now, my dear friend you were talking about the great energy that held you last night as you gazed upon the moon, as you felt the energy that was around last night, yes? So this energy, where and why is it so strong, where does it come from? Why is it so strong to the point where even those in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling the energy that is coming in through this particular moon lunar shift. What is it about? Why is it so much brighter, why is it so much stronger, why is it having the effect that it’s having. Human’s you’ve just had an intense week, or two, or three of rain. Far more than what you would have expected yet if you were to go further down your island they have not had the same effect.i Oh they’ve had rain but not to the effect that what you have experienced in this mid region. What’s going on? Why? Am I saying that the Southern end of your North Island is not as connected as the middle section or the top section? I didn’t say that. I’m asking what is happening in this section of your island. What is Gaia correcting, what is she bringing to the surface, what is she washing away, what is the lunar energy pulling on at this moment. You see, there are a lot of things that are hidden from the human sight, a lot of things that are hidden from human understanding that are exposed or brought to knowledge in small groups such as this, or larger, to ones that are willing to hear. What is it about this time?   Is it because oh, it’s the end of Matariki? Is it? I don’t think so. I want you to begin to feel into the energy of this new moon or lunar experience.

Your scientists and your so called people of lunar, or star, or astrology they will call it Super Moon. And they will say ‘oh it’s going to come in now, and it’s going to come in now, and it’s going to come in now’, I want you to feel into it and ask yourself ‘is it just a Super moon? And what is a Super moon? Did it eat spinach the night before and become big and strong like Popeye?’   Yes, I understand the connotations of your comical strips, yes, but I ask you, in ridiculing this, yes, do you understand what I am asking you to do? Why is it a Super Moon? Why is it so powerful at this time? Or is it just perception. Somebody called it a Super Moon, so therefore, ohh, lots of energy. Mmmmmm, so bright. (Isn’t it supposed to be closer to the Earth at the moment?) This is a physical attribute but I’m talking of the energy. What is creating this particular functionality? Yes, it is close to the Earth, yes, because it is closer to the Earth there are very physical attributes that are at play, I do not dismiss those. But if we go deeper, peel the layers back, peel the layers back, what is underneath waiting to come to the surface? Tantalising isn’t it?  (Would you like to tell us?) No, that is what your homework is. This is not ‘feed me’ class, this is I’m giving you truth now go and prove me wrong, class. This is learning, this is me saying X divided by Y = 20. What is X? Yes? So I’m saying to you, what is the energy, why is it. You have the moon, you have the energy around it, you can sense it, you can feel it, you can tune into it. So that is your answer, that is you 20. Let us come back to the equation. What is X?   If Y is the Lunar, if Y is the energy fluctuation then X must be?   Come back next week and tell me. I’ve given you lots of clues in there. This one is scratching her head because I’ve used mathematical equations again.

Now, life, life is a journey, enjoy it. Don’t rush to the destination. Your destination I guarantee will not be as exciting as your journey. Oh it will be exciting but it is just a preparation spot, a place to recoup, a place to breathe, to validate yourself, to re-strengthen before you start your next journey.

You see, dear ones, what we are bringing to your knowledge in these teachings is that you have tools. You have DNA, you have meridians, you have grid lines, you have interdimensional connections, you have pure intent, pure thought, you have connectivity and all of this mixed into the foundational building structures of Sacred Geometry and establishing what it is you are creating, do you think it’s just for human life? Or do you think we are preparing you for something more? Do you think we are giving you a glimpse into something that is going to last your entire existence?

My dear, dear, Oracle called you gnats last week. Tsk tsk tsk tsk, I will have to speak with her, I will.   I have her wrapped around my little finger. I will not be present for 3 weeks, do not worry I will be where she cannot find me (laughs).

But understand this, within her words there are hidden meanings, there are structures and geometrical patterns that if you turn ‘this’ off and you open ‘this’, in other words if you turn the head off and you open the heart space and you literally surrender into what is being said, the energy of, all of a sudden you will actually understand what she is saying, and that’s what I will say with her.

Super moon jesus

But there is one point that I do want to emphasise, reiterate and continue on with and that is surrendering. Surrendering into the moment, surrendering into the energy, into what is going on. She used the words of ‘the exploding and the implosion’, surrendering into that. But how do you surrender into something that is both exploding outward and then pulling you in through the implosion? What happens first is the implosion first and then the explosion, is it the explosion and then the implosion? Is it a simultaneous effect?   Don’t think about it, it doesn’t matter it is literally standing like I have said many, many times in different teachings. It’s when you stand bravely on the edge of the cliff and you place your hands like this (arms spread wide) and you go “Universe, I trust, I surrender, I’ve done it my way, I’ve done it every way that I know how, I surrender’, and you fall. You’re not giving up. What you are doing is you are saying ‘I’m actually not going to continue doing it my way any more, I’m going to surrender and I’m going to step into the fluidity and I’m going to step in and I’m going to surrender into the loving arms of the Universe and I’m going to allow you Universe to work through me to bring about the very best, the very wisest result that is needed. Is it easy? No. For the ones that stand there and go ‘Yahoo, I’m going to go off the mountain now’, they are the ones that get snagged half the way down, they’re the ones that find their little britches hooked on a branch and they are left hanging like this. ‘oh what happened, how come I’m not, Oh I’d better work this way out’. To truly surrender means that you have no thought of how it’s going to work out. No preconceived idea of who’s going to catch you, of how far you’re going to fall before you land. Though the funny thing is, those who truly trust and those who truly step off in total surrender always report back to me that it was nothing more than a step, it was nothing more than a curb step, and then I turn them around and say ‘yes, but look how big that curb step was’.   And they go ‘but It didn’t feel like that’, I said yes, but if you hadn’t had that complete trust, that complete giving over then you see that branch there, that cliff there, that edge of the rock face there, you would probably have bounced and by the time you got down to the bottom here you would have been full of resentment, you would have been full of hate and hurt, disappointment and we would have had to take you all the way back up there, rebuilt you all up, re-established the foundations, got you back to the place where you were on the edge ready to turn around and say ‘I’m ready to do this’.

In the surrendering I want you to understand you are not giving up. You are welcoming new change. If I may use our young friend over here. Here he is, got a good career behind him, solid. He knows exactly what is required of him, he knows exactly what is coming in at the end of each week, at the end of each month, he knows, to a degree. He knows what is required of him by those that he is assisting but he’s standing at the edge there and he is saying ‘this is wrong, something doesn’t feel right, I’m wearing the wrong jacket, I’m doing King Lear instead of Romeo’. And so he goes ‘you know what Universe, I don’t care if I’m going to do Romeo, I don’t care if I’m going to do St. Michael, I don’t care if I’m never going to act again, I don’t care……..catch me, catch me Universe, I trust. Put me on my feet where it is the best place to be put on.’   You know he is still falling but he feels safe, he feels like he’s landed already. But I’ll tell you this, you are still falling. Trust Universe. Universe will bring you and deposit you in the right and most perfect place. But trust, trust, trust.

Dear ones, have you any idea of the value that you are to us? Have you any idea of what it is that we come and we appreciate about you? We do not value you as a human values you. To us your value is your energetic imprint and the energy that you give out to Gaia and the energy that you give each other. Not by handing over and giving and letting them feed from you but it is by the conscious choice, decision to connect in at the right moment, at the right time, to bring you in to a closer connection to the Universal Heartbeat that it may beat through you as a transmitter to that individual or the individuals that are requiring the resonance of heartbeat. And you miss, you miss this value so many times because you do not perceive that that is your prime objective. Your prime objective is yes, to enjoy life because this is the only life you remember, your prime objective dear ones is to allow yourself to be a free flow of energy and to be enough for all without allowing them to drain you. Consciousness is being aware of when to say no and when to say yes. We value that part of you highly. We value that distinctiveness of your energies more than anything else, more than the humanity of you which we honour in your journey’s walk.

Now, with everything that I have shared with you let us go back to the energy that’s flooding through this world, through this globe, through this Universe at this moment and it’s coming up from, if you are wishing to have a directional point of reference, through the Southern hemisphere, the southern pole area. It’s flooding through the Southern hemisphere. If you can think of your globe and ‘here’ is the South Pole. It is coming up through the pole area like a vibrational net and the it’s going to reach the equator (Hands followed the outline around the planet) and then it’s going to reach the equator then it’s going to go in at the equator and then it’s going to go up the middle to the North, out through the North and back over this way, (around the planet) back into the equator, down, out and all of a sudden what is becoming noticeable is a pattern and it is a pattern that is going to create within the Earth plane something beautiful. Learn to identify it. Is it magnetic? Is it energy? Is it flowing around her energy lines? Is it flowing around the grid lines? Is it creating, and here’s something for you to think about, a completely new network of energy?   Is it bypassing the crystalline grid?   This energy that is coming through is here to assist you, to vibrate you, like the others have done, yes, to vibrate you to the point where everything that needs to be vibrated is vibrated out so the loose dirt is shifted, yes.   So the preciousness within you is exposed, so the gold shines brighter and you are shifted from the closedness to the openness. So you go from 90deg or zero degrees here to 90 degrees of semi-openness or to 180 degrees of full openness. Your choice, dear ones.

You are precious. You are loved, you are honoured and the more you connect within the Higher Self realms the more this is revealed to you. My question to you tonight that why is it that not only those that sit here but those that hear it at a later stage, why do you not truly believe what you are told about your value, what you are shown about your intense preciousness. Why do you doubt the visions that you are given about who you are and the granded being that you are. This is truly who you are.

The outside, the external will fade, pass away, fall away, but that which is the true you is going to continue. If the true you chooses to regenerate and to energise the outer shell to continue living for as long as you so choose, so be it. But if you are going to do it, do it with joy, energise that outer shell with every single bit of preciousness that you have of value. Allow the Universal connection to not only flood you but flood out, and as it’s doing that receive the rejuvenation, receive that replenishment because it’s a side effect, dear ones. Why do you think trees can live up to 100, 200, 500, 600 years of age and look no different to the one that’s sitting next to it that is 100 years old, 50 years old. Oh the diameter might be a little narrow.   But when somebody says to you, ‘oh that tree is 600 years old’, you go ‘oh, oh, I didn’t think it looked that’. Do not wear your age as a badge, it’s unnecessary. Wear your energy on the outside. What do I mean by that, ‘Cifehtr you are being so confusing today. You’re talking about this, and you’re talking about this, and you’re talking about this, oh my goodness.’   Good, I keep you jumping. I luuuuuuv to do that. Stew, the mixed pot of food, what are you going to taste next.

Your inner being is encapsulated by the suit that you wear. If you allow the suit that you wear to dictate and to put the parameters, the expectations, the allowances on to that which is your inner being you will suffocate. But if you allow your inner being to permeate out bringing with yourself the parameters and the non expectations and the widening views and the refreshing energy and the outpouring of love and compassion for use of yourself and all of those that are around you, secondly. What begins to happen is the suit is ironed, the suit is dry-cleaned, the suit is cleared, washed, your skin, your flesh starts to feel and become different, but YOU have to instigate it, YOU have to do this. You can’t sit there and go ‘oh Universe, I was creating and this didn’t happen, and I …..’   You do it from in ‘here’ (heart). Yes the Universe will work with you once you have the gyro going, once you have the energy going, and by that what I am saying is you need to actually put action to everything that you do.

My dear friend, your culmination of intent in the sale of that which has happened would never have come if you had not started to energise it in a completely different way than what you had been doing before you got the impetus of direction that came through. It must come from within.

Oh I’m not being hard on you, I’m excited, I’m excited because in this moment you are changing, right now you are all changing. It’s almost as if I’m watching you become from hard pasta to al dente. So you’ve taken ‘this’ and all of a sudden you’re becoming ‘this’, and you’re beginning to open up and absorb the liquid that is around you. You are becoming pliable, soft, but strong, knowledgeable.

Soon we will go back to week after week to week after week of steady teaching. But there have been these necessary interjections to shake you, to get you to think, to prod you a bit. ‘What is it that I truly want? Do I truly believe that? Do I want to actually do that? No, I don’t think I’m going to accept that, that can go in there.’  Whatever it is, these messages have come through to ignite the fire within because even if you are pushing aside, denying, contemplating, thinking about it, getting knocked out, not listening to it (yes, I’m talking to you), whatever is happening there is still an ignition happening, the gas light has still been turned on and the gas is being added. And you are going from point 1, to point 2, to point 3, to point 4, to boiling. And this is the exciting part. Because even though your humanity is going grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhh, Now one would like to see that being put on paper……….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhh.!!!!

Even though your humanity feels it is being pulled and pushed and shoved and stretched and you are going with your hands in your hair and you are going ahhhhhhh, your Higher Self, your energy is taking breath after breath and it’s going ‘thank goodness you’re taking the bandages off, thank goodness I’m not a mummy any longer, I can move, I can be’. The layers dear ones are being exposed.

Now, I’m at the bottom of the cliff and I will be waiting for those who jump. Kuthumi on the other hand is well known for his prankster-ship and he is on the top of the cliff. And he has been known to mishear, doesn’t he? ‘I surrender.’………………………….GO……………sorry, did I do that to soon?? ‘O.k. I give up, whatever….Save me’…………………………………………..It’s o.k. Heather, it’s all right. Wasn’t that far was it?

Beloved, feel into the energy, feel the lunar movement, the power. In the lunar there is also a link to the solar energy. They are united. Yes one is at one time, the other is at the other time but they are linked, the only thing that separates them so to speak is planet Earth. They dance, and in that dance of connection they energise a unique vibration of energy that connects with you at certain times. Is this one of those times and if it is, what is the energy imprint, what is the energy giving you, flowing through you, what are you picking up from it, is it creative, is it restful, is it a time where you are being shown dream after dream after dream, vision after vision. Are you finding people coming to you seeking answers.   Are you perhaps seeking answers from others. What is it for you that you are finding different in this energy, what is it about the energy that identifies with you?

I Am that I Am, I Am Cifehtr. Be blessed and go in peace, I love you.

Brought through by Louise James

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