Have you felt the profound changes since our Spring Equinox here in NZ? (Autumn elsewhere).

 The Golden Age

This is a time of such wonderful undefined change as we step into the birthing of the Golden Age. The 26,000-year cycle is coming to a close. If that is not momentous enough then what is? (What about a end of year Retreat ?)

The next 3 months until Dec 22 are the most powerful time of all to manifest what it is you want to take with you into 2013 or what you want to let go of.

We have said this many times but truly the days of processing and analysing and taking the 12 steps of this that or the next thing to release fears, habits or anything that does not serve are over.

This does not mean do not seek help if you need it. But we suggest that you seek from ones who teach from their heart without agenda.

Why not ‘reinvent’ yourself

We are preparing the way for the newness of ourselves. This is a time to reinvent yourself if you desire. To finally just let go of the “stuff” that you don’t want anymore. No fanfare needed – just let it go. This is the time for stepping into new ways of being. It is here now.

Highest Growth

It has been suggested to us by one of our Ascended Master friends a few weeks back that we now start to ask and create for our Highest Growth. Within this the common mantra of Highest Good sits, yet Highest Growth encompasses so much more. Would you like to try it now? It feels different and much more expansive to me.

‘I allow now for my Highest Growth with Grace and Ease’. You don’t have to add Grace and Ease but why would you not want to! We do all the time now as we have had enough rides on the ‘WTF’ roller coaster.

Remember dear ones the Universal Energy hears us. So what is it you are asking for?

Is it painted on or real?

This is the time to be in the place of peace, joy, abundance, love and whatever else you wish to add. This means feeling and knowing what joy, peace, love, abundance etc are and allowing them to be a part of who you are. This is our natural state. So moving away from mere lip service of these words and being the experience you want.

 ‘Unusual’ things people are experiencing

 We have spoken to people about what they are experiencing that seems different at this time and these are some of the responses. (Many of these things have been ongoing, of course, but now there is a dramatic acceleration as more people actually awaken and encounter ‘out of the normal’ occurrences)

Expansive openness in the sky like it’s bigger.

Different configurations of new ‘stars’ and lights in the night sky.

Have any others of you seen the crescent moon siting on the bottom as opposed to the usual either side.

Contact with cosmic beings in sleep and in between states.

Sightings of ‘UFO’s’

Interesting cloud shapes

New colours in sky

Those that ‘see’ are seeing more

Awareness of different energies like being watched, but not in a bad way.


Feelings of absolute peace and ease

That there is no need to struggle anymore, everything is well

The psychic/inter-dimensional sensors are more open – some are:

Hearing- new non earthly sounds, electronic sounds, tones, clicks,

Smell – amazing new aromas

Touch – more sensory energy sensations, buzzes, hot – cold, electric pricks

Sight – lights, new colours, shapes, flashes, mists, hazes,

Energy body – seeing the energy body project from the human body

e.g. shooting colours from fingers, skin appearing luminous- different blues purples etc.

Knowing Feeling of amazing remembrance – from some other time

One of the things we have noticed is that when we facilitate The Continuation Energy Healing it is a much more powerful experience for the receiver.

Everyone will experience these changes in unique ways.

If you would like to share what you are observing or experiencing then please contact us.

Many wishes of great abundance, peace and joy in each moment of your life

Heather – Nardianna

Ascension Explorers ©2012 – Sept 25