Orbs are just energy. Part of the swarming, teeming energy that lives within the many dimensions within and around us.  I have been aware of unseen energy since I was a child. But in 2008 a prominent energy made its presence known. So I decided to get my camera out and see if it would appear on ‘film’. Indeed it did and from there on there has been no looking back as I remain open and receptive to the many energy orbs that exist within and around us.

There are as many different types of Orb energies as there are humans, planets and cosmic beings. We have our fun Party orbs that you will sometimes see at celebratory gatherings. Small and cheeky but not wanting to miss out on the fun! Then there are the swarms of orbs often seen in high energy places or around spiritual gatherings and meditations. There are the energies of ghost or lost souls. For myself the Orb energy that presented itself to me appeared as a large green Orb first while out walking at night, then Orange reflected next to a street lamp and silver next to a full moon. This energy downloaded to me a series of codes at night time over a period of weeks. So for me its purpose was more personal. I had even begun to see this Orb with my naked eye as it came into camera view.

Lou had no belief in Orbs and when she saw my pictures she had nothing to say because it was beyond her comprehension at the time. One evening I was reading about orbs on the internet and I read an article by a woman who said she had seen different shaped orbs not just round. That was an immediate challenge for me. I stepped outside with my camera and spoke out loud, “come on my beautiful Orb I would like to see different shaped orbs”.  The challenge was certainly met as my photos depict. It was this night that Lou came out with her camera all skepticism and had faded as she jumped into the creation with me and began for the first time to take photos of Orbs also. That night we had 2 separate cameras clicking away in the cold, breezy Wellington night but we were so open and full of fun that we were fully connected with the energies as they played with us.  I have showed my photos to several photographers and a friend who used to develop photographs for a living as well as a guy from a paranormal TV show and they all reckon that they are the real deal. I was shown how to detect in my photos dust and rain spots and insects that had been caught by the flash. These are not Spirit Orbs.

My encouragement to you is to go out and have fun and be open if you want orbs to appear in your photos. If you have anything that you would like to ask us or comment on, or orb photos that you would like to share with us then feel free to contact us. Comments welcomed below.

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Orbs are just energies that we don't usually see with our human eyesight yet they appear in our photos. We often feel them and take the opportunity to tune in and take photos if we can.

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