Seven Year Cycle

Has anyone else noticed that this year is a year where things are just popping up from seeds planted years ago?

Are you seeing and experiencing abundance that is just there ready to be picked off the tree? (In a manner of speaking)

Do you feel that there is a place where you just want to let go, rest, not sweat the big stuff and just see what happens?

If you are, then you’re not alone. We here at AE NZ are feeling the same. It’s as if all the effort of the last seven years that may have at times not born fruit or produced the results we expected are popping up now. Like with little or no effort things just occur and are in perfect alignment. So what is going on?

Well the energies that we work with have given us the name ‘Seven Year Cycle,’ to work with. It’s a beautiful way to look at things.  Cifehtr gave a talk on this and explained it in a way that made us look at our surroundings in a completely new way, physically and energetically.

So what is the seven-year cycle?

Where does the concept of a seven year cycle originate from and why is it important in our lives, society and well-being? I wanted to know more so I began to look.

If we go back to the earliest known references of this cycle it is also known as a time of fallowness. This basically means that in this period nothing is generated by effort.

In farming this would mean that you would not hoe or turn the ground of a particular field, instead you would leave it to nature. IF anything grew up from the seeds that had been knocked off the crop in the last season then this would be a natural harvest and you could reap this. It was the earth giving back to you out of what was there. So instead of working the land you allowed it to rest. This was also the beginning of what we now know as crop rotation. To bring about the full restoration of the soil to the land by letting it rest and grow differing crops in the sections to replace what had been used by the last crop. If we look at a time-line this started over 6000yrs ago. Who started it first is not stated but we can safely say that it was a common practice in the Middle East with the Canaanites, Sumerians and the Israelite’s, a Roman writer Cato The Elder recording that the Israelite’s, letting the entire section go fallow and not pruning, tilling the land or even controlling insects on the dedicated part of fallow / resting land.

1 out of 7 years this occurred for each section of land used.

In society at one time when debts were paid by bonding yourself or your child to another person to work off the debt, the person you were in debt to could potentially clear the remaining debt off in the 7th year and set you free.

Likewise if there was ‘bad blood’ between family members this fallow year or Seventh year was a time where forgiveness was brought up in the situation for total absolution, to totally wipe the slate clean. Personal debt could be totally done away with if the two parties were agreeable to follow the fallow year symbology. Now the Jewish folk have observed this for thousands of years and call it the ‘Year of Jubilee’ or Shmita.

I personally love the concept, it allows for work or effort to be put out for a ratio of 6 to 1, work 6 days rest 1. Or work 6hrs and rest 1. Think about it, when you put the hours in and work like a dog doing overtime and extra shifts to get the bottom dollar or that report out on time, your body begins to suffer. Your mind becomes slow and sluggish, you begin to take supplements to assist your continued output until the day comes bang ‘burn out’ happens. Did this need to happen, I believe not.

If we take care to rest, take care of ourselves for a minimum of 1 day out of the week we allow our body to rejuvenate and to re-balance. If we allow ourselves to get the sleep we need (whatever that is for you – 6hrs, 8hrs etc.) to allow your mental arena to dissect and file the information it has taken on without uploading more, you will begin to see a sharper clarity in your decisions and mental capacity.

Why is it important to have a down time?

It’s important because this is where you dream and play and discover who you are, it’s where you find the joy in living. We are not made to function 24/7 365, we are made to enjoy life and find the laughter and hopefully (at least for me) the place where I can begin to let go of and release more of the effort and step into more of the self seeding, natural abundance that is around me just waiting to drop into my life.

© Louise James of Ascension Explorers 2015