Unconditional Love, Zoe Love, The ultimate connection

Sananda asks us a question, and we all stop to think, really think before we answer.  What do we really know of love?  Sure we have a basic understanding of what it is to feel a connection of the heart, with another person.  We get the warm fuzzy’s when we think of that ‘someone special’.  Yet what is love, really?

This past Tuesday (Feb 21st 2017) Sananda visited us with a message of love, how it is connected with Gaia, the resonance of being, and challenged us to find out what love really is.

We pass that challenge on to the rest of the enlightened world.


For those of you who wish to read this as well, here is the transcript.

2017-02-21  –  SANANDA

Channelled via Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2017
Not to be distributed without permission from us.  Thank you.

Greetings dear friends, I ask that you would take a breath with me, a breath that brings into you the resonance and the vibration of the known love, of the known connection to all that is around you.  So breathe in at this time, breathe in connection and breathe out the chaos.  Breathe in the peace……….and breathe out the disarray…… And continue to breathe and each breath that you take dear ones, I ask that you would look at yourself in love.  Look at yourself in that which is unified, collected resonance, acceptance of Being.  And breathe for yourself and none other for at this time you are the most important and only energy here.   I am talking directly to you.

My dear humans, I greet you in the knowledge and in the knowing of the purest of love.  I greet you in that which is the everlasting upon everlasting energetic blanket of love.  The understanding of compassion, the awareness of unconditional love.  I Am Sananda.   And I come tonight to reiterate and introduce you to that which is the very vibration of my heartbeat.  The very essence of Being within that the dimension of love of acceptance of unconditional knowing of love.  This is not my darlings, my dear humans, the love that you understand.  No.  Love as you are aware when I speak of it is challenging, it is demanding, it is a requiring love, it is that which looks at you and asks ‘are you sufficient?’

It is not impossible to receive this love it is not impossible for you to be in this love, it is not impossible for you to be ‘This Love’.  Because this is the unconditional love and this is the newness and the new evolvement, this is the new layer or the exposure that the photonic rays have done.  They have stripped away the humanistic love ideals to expose the reality of unconditional love.

Understand this, my dears, that it is not difficult, it is not hard to grasp the ideal of love. But you must separate it now from that which is the humanistic and small minded and small hearted a fair understanding of that which is the world view of love which has seeped into the many realms and dimensions of the Light Workers, the holders of the energy.

Darling humans, this is a time, my children this is a time for you to recognise, for you to begin to understand that there is but one quotient with love and the one quotient is a totality of that which is love.  The Greeks would call it Zoe.
This is the most highest form or word that they could use to describe the love for they felt it was unattainable.  The other word for Zoe is the God kind of love because the human would put it at such an extreme height that it would only be for the Gods, for Zeus and the cohorts of the Olympic heights.  The rest of the word that they used would be Philautia; this would mean basically the love of the human heart to a human heart.   Other definitions which would – to understand the human capacity, would go from obsession to lust to the love of animals and food and then to human to human in partnership and in totality.

But tonight in your eve of the day and the coolness that is here I wish for you to see the un-quenching, the undeniable, the undying, all knowledgeable, all expansive unfolding of this Zoe love.  It is perhaps the most sensitive yet strongest. The most compassionate yet the most stubborn.  The most righteous and yet the most rubbery fall over accepting love that you can find,   because it incorporates everything that there could possibly be in your words or understanding of love.  It incorporates it.

But who is to receive this love, who is to be the recipient?  It is you.  Because this shift of energy that has been sweeping through your world over your planet and over your particular solar system, the photon bombardment has had one directive from that which is the Source and that is to expose love.  Expose it for what it really is.  Because, dear hearts, when we sit, and we say ‘oh I do this, and I do this, and I do this, and I do this, and I do this, and I do this for this one and that one because of ….’  That is not love.  That is expectation.  That is servitude.  That is everything else But love.
Because if it were love, you would not need to mention it.  Love does not need a storyteller to tell its story; it tells its own story through action and through deed in such a manner that others are able to view it in action and understand the quantity and the quantified effect of this great love.

Now, I Sananda have walked upon this planet in my form of that which you know as Yeshua or Jesus.  My message then was the same 2000 years of human life plus, as it is now.  It is what I have spoken through Buddha; it is to allow the freedom of the heart.  To love yourself first to such intent, and such degree that when you look upon another that person, that individual is already loved by you.  There is no need to verbalise the Zoe love that you will have for them.
You may choose to verbalise the love of the heart to them if they are partners, life partners, siblings, etc.  But the true love that challenges, that sets examples, that makes demarcations, that establishes the standard of excellence, that uplifts and teaches, that admonishes and loves, and heals and wounds and heals again.  This love needs no words for it is only heard by the eyes that see what is actioned in front of it.

My darlings your planet is in need of Zoe love.  Your planet is vibrating and calling for the Zoe love to be resonated within it. This wondrous sentient Being that has established you upon its surface is wounded and has been sending you messages of various forms, and yet many are not reading, are not listening to the epistles that she is sending.
Come dear ones, do not take this to the human sorrow, yes, or the human guilt resonance.  Instead, allow yourselves to vibrate and allow the frequency to be of such quality that you begin to resonate with her, to bring the full exposure of the Zoe love so that you are able to act as the transmitters that you are.
For as you know, the last few hundred years have been taking you from carbon to crystalline and yet still in the crystalline state you have forgotten to vibrate.  You have forgotten to transmit.  You have forgotten to be transparent and allow the message to be passed through you.  Again we are not chastising we are reminding we are bringing back to you the fore, for your reason of Being.

In the past you were reminded, you were given the chastisement ‘remember who you are, remember why you are here’.   The days of asking you to remember are coming to an end.  We are now beginning to say ‘remember you are the transmitters.  You are the providers of light.  You are the resonators.  You are the sound. You are the holders, you are the lighthouses, you are the walkers of…….’   You are all, and you are one, of these many things.

It is indeed time to place honour upon your planetary system.  Honour in as much as she has held you while you have remembered and forgotten, and remembered and forgotten.  And now it is time to remember, to remember that you have come through the Star Gates and called this your home.
You are all immigrants into this planetary system to some degree.  If you are not immigrants in totality, you are immigrants by mixed DNA.  And yet you forget that you are able to tap into the resonances and the communications of your families and bring the love healing that is so required to this planet.
For example, dear ones, I did not tell you to cease to breathe, I said ‘and continue to breathe’ and breathe you should be doing, but no, you have stopped breathing with consciousness, you have stopped breathing with intent because you are so distracted by the message that I am bringing.

You should be breathing and listening, allowing the Buddha mind to absorb what is all that is needed, for the chakras and that which is the energy points are aligned and balanced within you. Dear ones, you are dimensional Beings, this should be 2nd grade we should not have to re-remind you of these.
My darling humans the compassion that I have for each of you here and those that are listening to me knows no bounds.  For there is a great vibration that links my heart to yours.  It is flowing within the magnetics and the ley lines of your planetary system as well as the grid lines that surround you.  It is in the stratosphere, and it is within all parts of the dimensions of your world.  It goes to the very belly of your planet and resonates up.

As your Earth has the water and the hot fire flowing through her veins, so the love that I have flows through this plane called Earth, this dimension of Gaia.  Humanity is not as you believe at times, lost.  There is great fortune to become and to be found in humanity.  For humanity is going to begin to shed the skin of complacency, shed the skin of forgetfulness, there is going to be a greater awakening because your Gaia is asking for it.

There will be far more outwardly serious events – floods, fires, etc., etc.  But.  There will be far greater and far more resonances of healing and creational powers to stabilise, to energise, to heal, to repair, to bring land back into balance.  All you have to do is begin to find and tap into the Zoe resonance of love that is uniquely, divinely connected to you.  For if I was to ask all those that are present to define their understanding of love as the early Greeks would describe it as God kind of love, the unattainable love, your immediate reaction is ‘it is unconditional’.  And I do not make light of that for it is unconditional but it is so much more, and it is there for you to discover.  Like your ancient ones would go from one city to another city to discover great mysteries, so it is for you to discover the mystery of love and what it truly is.

Perhaps it is indeed a lesson, a lesson to be taken to heart where you study the word, investigate it, mull it over and return to define a definitiveness and a singleness of the word Zoe Love.
Dear ones, you have a connection through your DNA to the Pleiadians, to the Sirius community, to the Arcturians and many other lifetime existences.  It is time that you began to understand the layers and the context of why you are connected to these Beings, to these families.  It is not so that you may wear the label ‘star child’.  That is the lowest form of acceptance for yourself.  You should be finding out what is beyond and why is beyond.  What am I to connect to, how am I to assimilate and to bring into this place and how does the world require it.  How is my being in the balance of Zoe love alter the core DNA energy that I have with my family in the openness of communication with Source and the unified power of Being?

Darling humans, such is the compassion that I have for each of you and of humanity that the lessons that are coming your way have been blunted by yet again my physicality, my energy.
Because of the compassion, because of the desire that I have for you to grow and to learn and to expand beyond your limitedness that you place upon yourself, I am acting as a buffer between you and the onslaught of new information.  Because if it were to come directly to you, you would not be able to process it, you would not be able to take it in; it is that sharp it would sever you.  You would say ‘but surely if we are in the light, if we are in our stand, if we are in our core, if we are in the I Am, the divinity it would not harm us?’  I did not say it would harm you I said it would pierce you, it would come in and harm that which is your intelligence because the message is so sharp concerning the love, concerning the desire of Gaia to expand, for that which is the evolvement of the issues of life upon this planet.

There are many things surrounding you energetically that are waiting to be birthed upon your planet that when they happen because you may so yet be involved in other areas you will miss them.  So it is time to focus back upon your own energy, back upon you, back upon that which is the energy, the crystalline timing.

It is time to observe – why are you where you are?   It is time to revisit the questions of what am I here and why am I here and what is there to do?  Because the questions that you ask at this level will require new answers, they will demand new answers because you are not the children of yesterday.  You are not the ancients of tomorrow; you are in this moment of being self-discoverers.
What are you discovering about yourself, what is placing you in awe of who you are?  What is the wonderment that you are gazing upon when you gaze upon you or do you just look upon yourself and go  ‘nah, this is who I am’.  Because if this is your view of who you are, then you will be like this until you decide to see differently.
But when you choose to see differently, it must not be just for one moment, one speck, it must be continuous.  It must be forever evolving, bringing you into new quantum areas of discovery and to specific notions of knowledge.  So that when you permeate your energy into the viscousness of the Universe, you are beginning to share knowledge at a level of osmosis, of transmitting through breath, through energy.  You have not yet discovered how you do this.  This is your next level.

If you are willing to forgo the chains of human attachment and by that what I say ‘attachment’ is not that you have to forgo your families and your employment and you’re this, and you’re that, I am saying the human attachment to all the things that would distract you.
Because again I draw comparison and a parallel to when I walked upon this planet.  I had fun; I would swim naked in the River Jordon, I would bounce in the waves of the Dead Sea.  I would fish and release; I would fish to eat.   I would pay taxes; I would not begrudge what was by Roman law, desired of whatever I produced.  I encouraged those with me to look at everything that was imposed upon them by an outside and external force as a game.   If you play the game for what it is, you will come out the victor because they cannot attach to you, they cannot fault you because you are clean, you are blameless, you are faultless.
I would travel from place to place finding joy in the conversation of those that I walked with, that I met on the journey.  The mouthful of crisp cool water from the wells was more refreshing than the most expensive beverage that would be brought to my table.
Nothing is more enjoyable than understanding the pure sensational feeling of laying down upon a bed after many miles of walking knowing that you do not have to stretch another step.  These enjoyments are here to be enjoyed.  We are all.  We are alive!  But, if we become so entrenched and so attached to all of these things we cannot enjoy them, they begin to own us.  When we find the Zoe love, they cannot own us because we will elevate ourselves into the enjoyment of love, into the enjoyment of life, into the enjoyment of Being.

So dear ones, I ask that you would go and discover love in its truest form and continue to breathe, continue to love the breath within you.
For I Am Sananda, and I do love you.