Presented at Monday Spiritual Forum NZ

14 January 2013

© Ascension Explorers 2009-2013

Greetings young Humans young children of this planetary system, I am Sananda. I am the greater energy of that which you call the Christed Energy, and I greet you with the compassion, with love, of all that is within your world of compassion and love. I ask that you would take this in and multiply it within your own energy, for I am indeed love, compassion, truth, I am Sananda.

And I greet you this night; I greet you because you have come into a place of newness, a place where you are tapping into the most delicate, the most gentle, and the most symbiotic of relationships. Yourself, your heart, you’re creating within your dynamics of being a new understanding, a new way. And it is this love it is this compassion that comes and brings to you an understanding of greatness because within this dear ones there is much, dare I say the word, responsibility. Because with love comes the knowledge of how to use it, how to administer it, how to allow it to flow from you in that which is the most powerful and strengthening way. For love without direction is nothing but a goopy mess, but love with direction, with purpose, is the most powerful tool that you can have. And whilst love is all encompassing and all powerful, there is more that I would wish to talk with you about, more that is this moment in time coming close to your realm coming close to your place of being, and it is that which is the creation, creation of all that is within you.

There are those that have within them the dreams that have been placed into their energies by not only the humans that they connect with but by the greater of us, the ascended masters, those that they connect, and even within their own higher selves. These dreams have been embedded within you for many, many years. And now it is the time to bring them to a place of growth, where you may prune them back to allow fresh growth, strong growth. It is in this timing, my dear children, that you should address the deadwood in your life. That which is needing to be pruned, that which is needing to be swept aside, burned even. Allow yourself to be compassionate upon you, the energy that is; you. But, do not shy back from pruning; do not shy back from cutting off what is unnecessary. You may say, but look, there is fruit here. I would say yes but look, there is only one or two, and if you prune it back it will produce tenfold what is here now. This is the potential for your selves that you would begin to create more out of less, not more out of more, or in some cases less out of more.


Humans,  dear children of Gaia, of life, understand that when we the ascended masters have come into your presence and we have given you plans and templates, we have given you dreams, we have given you directions, and we have given you many things many words. We have given them to you wrapped up in that which is conscious awareness, decision. And it is up to you to unfurl these gifts, it is up to you to sand and discover what it is that is truly in your energy. Now many things have been given to you over these past years, you have looked at them and said but they are nothing, they do not fit me, they do not make sense. And you have tried and tried to make them work, and we say no, you cannot make them work, you must allow them to be buried so that they may come in the goodness of time, a sapling, a seedling, a tree, and eventually fruit. Many things are given to you not for your now moment, but for your future now moments. It is the love of all of us that is connected with that which is you that directs us to speak with you, to council, to share, to mentor. And yet it is also the love that we come in and we say it is time for the foundations to be made strong. It is time for you to look at that which is, indeed, your lives, and the direction that you are walking. It is time to look at the foundations that you are standing on, and seeing where you will go, what is it that is pulling you, attracting you, what are you magnetizing into your life?

There are many that seek still even this day beyond their own selves, their own energy, for many answers, and become frustrated. The seemingly lack of reply, the seemingly lack coming to them, and we would say but actually if you were to look within that parcel that you say is lacking we would say to you it is full. It is full of everything that you desire, it is everything that you need. All you have to do is choose to receive what has been given to you, what has enabled you to discover this truth. Now I work very closely with the white brotherhood and the council therein. And we are that we are the great council that connects with many of you in healing modalities, template building, creativity, and yet many of you do not tap into us, you do not connect with us and you struggle in your human ways and you say it does not work. And we say but it is working. If only you would allow yourself to connect with the energies that are here to direct you, to walk with you, and to give you guidance. If only you would stand in the strength that you are knowing you are the divine teacher and the divine answer, and perhaps all you need is to find one who already has the key and is about to stand forth for you to announce what that key is, and thus give you the greater understanding. Many of you go searching, looking in between many things for great answers, and we say look no longer outwards, instead look in, for your answers are within. It is the illumination that comes from the great understandings of what has been shared in past times and these moments that will illuminate to you that which is your truths. You have begun to walk a new journey you have begun to come into a place that is unlike any other. Unlike that which is the pasts, where there has been needed on more than one occasion for great debates, great discussions, on why we should or should not do this or that and what is illumination and how can we bring this enlightenment to our lives that we may grow that we may be the energies that we are. And yet now, now is the time for the connections within self to allow that which already has been imbued within your energy to come out, and to illuminate you in your journey allowing you to see not just one step but many steps in front of your path.

Do not shy away from what seems impossible; do not shy away from what seems distant. Bring it close, observe it, play with it, allow this distant creation to become close to you to become part of your connection, for you are great, great, creative beings. The energy that thrives within you is the love, it grows, and it is fed by the fact that you continue to love, that you continue to have compassion, not on your neighbor, but on yourself, and then upon your neighbor. For truly it has been said in times past, that you should treat others the way you wish to be treated, and while this has within itself the essence of truth, there is also the important factor that is often misquoted or left out, and that is to do unto yourself first as you would have others do unto you. Then allow others to do to you as you would be treated, and treat others as you would treat yourself, because you are great, great energies. Magnificent energies of light, it is within this light that you are able to transform many things into a way of being, of connection, a way of 3D reality. The light that is within you is able to bring into your world the reality of what you are seeking. You are the illumination, you are the light, you are that which is the answers, and yes every time you find an answer it will create more questions. This is only to enable you to grow, to expand, to release from yourself that which is the deadwood because as you grow and as you expand you are actually stepping into more of your higher connection, your higher self. This timing that you are in, your linearity of years is the beginning, the beginning of great things to come. Things will begin to manifest themselves in ways that you do not understand, in ways that sometimes may bring a certain amount of apprehension, and perhaps even instinct fear within you, because you will say to yourself but how can this be. And I would say but remember, he who is master over his own soul is master over all things, he who can master his heart can master the world. That which you speak can create the fires that destroy or create the fires that warm. Remember, it is how you use your gift that enables the result to come about.

The energy within this room within this place is uniquely sweet. For you have come open hearted, open energy, ready to receive and yet at the same time to discuss and to give back to those that are here. I encourage you; I encourage you to understand the deepest compassion of all. The deepest compassion is to look upon yourself and know that you in the humanity of that which you are has failings, you are imperfect. Yes, that is what I said, you are imperfect. The humanity of you makes mistakes, the humanity of you falls, trips, responds to pain with pain. The humanity of you is weak, and yet when you come as your higher connection, as the soul within, the spirit within, you have compassion on who you are and you love that which is you. Strength is enabled, wisdom is enabled, and you are able to stand, and you are able to be that which is truly the master. For when you know yourself you are able to even command the wind, and if you can command the wind you can command the seas, and if you can command the winds seas you can command the animals. And if you know yourself, and you have mastery over yourself then you can command the elements. Do I speak a strange language? Do I speak a strange word to you? No. For deep within yourselves and in that which is your own essence you know what I speak is truth, there is resonation, there is identification.

Now is the time dear ones, to rise, and to allow your energy to begin to become within its own parameters, its own strengths, its own unique definition. Stop looking outside of yourself and begin to heal from within. Begin to love from within, begin to have compassion from within and allow this come out, to be exposed, in a manner that encourages others to do likewise. This is a time for humanity to rise above what is here, to rise above the turmoil of this planet that has been bought upon it by those that are unconscious and unilluminated. There is a war; many of you call it the war of darkness and the war of light. Many of you say there is a battle that goes on for our souls and you are right, you battle yourself. You say that there is an energy out there that is dark and invasive and it is trying to overtake this planet and destroy the peoples into darkness, and you are right. You are doing this yourselves, and yet here is an even stronger more powerful army, and that is the army of love, the army of compassion, the army of light. And you are that army, and every day that you rise up and you say that today is the day that I will be compassionate, you empower that army. And every day you have a time when you say I don’t care, I’ve had enough, it doesn’t work, I hate, etcetera. You enable the dark army. Yourself, you are both armies, you are connected to the energy that you speak. Thus you create what it is that you speak, thus you live and experience what you speak. Do you understand dear humans? Do you understand my children what I am trying to tell you?

Be strong, be alert, for this is your time to create many new things, many new established templates, many new ways of being that have been tried in the past but have not quite achieved, not quite taken off. Now is the time to, not reinvent them but to bring them into this new energy and assist them to take off. Assist them to become the pruned plant, tree, to produce. You are the tree. How tiresome it must be for you, for week after week to hear the similar voices coming through, what does it serve you? What is it that you are creating? Why are you here? What is it that you are seeking? Same questions delivered to you and yet you sit there and you say; well give me an answer. And we have, we have given you an answer if you were but to listen intently to what we say you will find the answer very clearly, and in plain sight. And you see unfortunately many will sit and they will say no, don’t make me look for it, tell me. Don’t make me go and find it, tell me. And I say no, because your growth would not be complete, your expansion would not be full if we were to but tell you it is in the shrubbery, it is in the cupboard, it is in your heart. You must seek these out because it is in the seeking that you find the element of truth. It is in the seeking that you find the creativity that is needed to birth that which is in you. It is not hidden, unless you choose to hide it, unless you choose not to see what is in front of you. And then yes it will be difficult for you because you will continue to go round, and round, and round.

Oh my dear, dear human children. I know that this is perhaps the first that many of heard of me through this one, but understand that you are ready. There is much that is coming through within this time, your planetary alignment is come and gone within the energies of all things. Now it is shifting into a new frequency, a new vibration, and this you know. And yet the exciting thing is that you are in the precipice, you are right there, and you do not even know it. You do not know the power you are about to step into, the awareness, the awakening. Oh some of you may think you know, some of you may be aware of the changes and the slight maneuvers that are happening around you, the sounds, the smells, the seismic activity in your energy. Not the earth, you. And still you ponder why am I here? You are on the edge of the greatest discovery of why, you are here to hold the light and the darkness. For there cannot be one without the other, and it is the dark that imbues and strengthens and reveals the light for what it is, and it is the light the dark for what it is. The dark is no more dark than what you imagine it, because even within that which you consider darkness there is light, there is always light within everything.

There are many things that are ready to be birthed into this time, and I and the brotherhood ask you, the white brotherhood asks you, who is ready to bring the templates down? Who is ready to bring a new way of being? Are you committed to not only yourself, but to your higher self, and to the arrangements and the agreements that you have with yourself, and then to those of like heart, like minded, template plans, dreams. There is much that is happening in the birthing of this time, the sweetness and the portal energies have opened over this nation. There is much energy being washed over this place, you are promised, and you are told, of the energy that comes through this region of being a sweet, smooth, peace. And most of you are walking around dear ones with your eyes closed, and you’re saying where is this peace, where is it? Why have I not experienced it? Because you are too busy, you are too busy analyzing and you are too busy trying to find it. And yet you glimpse it when you are still, and you lose it when you get busy. It is time to stop being busy, allow the mind to rest, allow the heart to be at peace, allow your energy to breathe. Yes there are functionalities that you need to be doing within this world, to be done and have done. I am not saying that you sit on a log and become an idle that does nothing all day, for there is nothing good within that. But I am saying allow that which is yourself to be strengthened, connected to this energy that is here for you as a gift from all that is, source, it is here for you to connect to, to bring the peace that you are looking for, the resonation. Allow yourself to connect to this whilst still doing what you need to do. Dear humans can you please become human beings, for so long you have been human doings. Allow yourself permission for this new way of being to be. Allow the love to and the compassion you have for yourself to bring this into being. Understand that there is a deep, deep love for you.

Allow yourselves to connect, allow yourselves to feel the true connection of the universal love. Remember the parables that you’ve heard over your life, whether from the Christed energy or from that which is known as Kryon, the group, or any others that you’ve heard, Eloheim. For their parables are told with purpose, and they do not age, they are timeless. It is time for you to now become who you truly are, to step into the awareness’s that are waiting for you to acknowledge them. It’s time. And who here will step in, who here will draw near the white brotherhood and that table that we sit, and connect with us, and say yes it is time, will you show us the templates, the plans. What is it that we are to build, what is it that we are to create, what is it that we are to bring into this time. And, no we’re not talking about imaginary things, not just talking about energetic templates, we’re talking physical buildings, physical way of being, changes, new concepts. For it is ready and it is just and it is time.

Allow yourselves to no longer be, no longer be following, following, following. Nobody likes a shadow that they cannot get rid of, everybody likes a companion, so do not follow, but co-create. Do not follow and wait to be told what to do, and how to do it, but come into co-creation and agreement. Share the load, share the awareness’s, be bold, be bold dear ones. And know that you are loved, and you are honored. Your energies vibrate quite uniquely, by the way, each one slightly different from the other. Some nervously, unsure of who I am and what my energy is, others confidently knowing that they may not know who I am but they know my energy, and yet again others observe, knowing true well the energy and the essence of the words that I speak resonates deeply within them. Allow those who are the healers within to heal first themselves and then allow their energy to go forth from their own hands, their own energies. Let them manifest as manifest first within themselves and then outward. It is time to bring the plans, templates, and the creativity through. It is time to allow the love that is you, voice, breath, recognition.

You are beautiful, you are indeed beautiful.

I am Sananda, and I love you.

*Brought through by Louise James

© Ascension Explorers 2009 – 2013

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