The Pleiadian Activation – named The Continuation was given to us in 2010 by our Pleiadian Mentor, Platorans.

Energy Healing Activation

This is a wonderful expansive Healing and energy activation that has assisted many many people since it was first brought through.

It is important to remember that this healing (like any healing) levers on the one who is receiving the healing. Meaning they have to come into the knowing that they are able to heal themselves with their intent, words and actions and we are in fact assisting them with the powerful connections we make.

Of course there is more to it and this is where we are very appreciative of the cosmic family of the Pleiades who have guided us over this period.

Louise will partner with Platorans this weekend to teach The Continuation to those who resonate with this calling. Heather will co-teach and as usual assist in grounding the energy.

No ‘ordinary training’

This is an opportunity for those that hear the call to come and stand beside a Master Healer from the Pleiadies and look though ‘his’ eyes and open yours to the many facets of energy healing from activating a human’s grid lines to working with the DNA and much more.

There is no hierarchy of certification. Anyone can access this healing for themselves and others once it is infused into your knowing & energy.

We will activate your own personal Pleiadian Activation Continuation prior to commencing the  ‘training’ and this is included in the overall fee!

We as experienced facilitators and Trainers of The Continuation are very excited to be presenting this Training again.

Louise and Heather and ‘Team’

Finer details of your Facilitators Training

Sept 7-9


Friday 7 Activations one on one with our Pleiadian Mentor (for those who have not had them) will be booked.

Saturday 8   9.00am – 4.30pm

Sunday 9     9.00am – 3.30pm

*Early Bird ends August 22 $597

*Regular Fee $697


Includes your own Pleiadian Activation Continuation & manual.


 Questions??  Please message us


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