Louise James of New Zealand is one of the Channelers of Kryon –  The Magnetic Master – The original channeler being Lee Carroll

Greetings dear ones, it is Kryon  It is I who have come this night to share with you that which is the infinite wisdom of the Godhead, of the throne room of the love that is the most unique and tangible of all loves, it is the Divine and unconditional, it is love supreme.  And I have come this night dear ones to re-remind you of your journey.  Re-remind you that you are on a journey of angelic proportions in a human body, forgotten in so many ways the way home.  Forgotten in so many ways the true energy that is you.  Oh you have hidden under the darkest of stones.  You have buried yourselves within the furthermost parts of the cave and you have been frightened of the light that calls you because you have not truly understood that you are free.  That the doors of the cell, that the entrance to the caves, that the rocks that you hide behind and under are not there. 

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