Lou fell off our deck on Friday afternoon May 25. She was in extreme pain and could not move. I immediately commenced connecting into the healing energies and rang our friend Pat to join us with her intent in bringing through the healing. The paramedics arrived and agreed, once the trouser leg was cut away and the leg exposed, that a  fracture of the Femur (thigh bone) was likely. Her ankle was extremely swollen and looked badly sprained to me but they were concentrating more on the upper leg.  She was heavily medicated and eventually placed on a stretcher.  Her screams of pain had me scurrying into the house so she would not see me crying.

I rode with her in the ambulance as she complained of further pain across her rib cage. I kept allowing through me the universal energy to flow as did, Pat and Lou, even throughout her human ordeal. We continued this as we awaited X-rays &  cat scans. Our friend Annette sat with us and offered her energy of support also. The paramedics and North Shore Hospital staff were fantastic. We felt we were in very safe hands but we continued to do what we knew worked as we tapped into the true healing.

The X-rays and scans came back clear..nothing to show. Her ankle had leg swelling had completely dropped down. Then we worked on her intent to release the strong medications from her body so further healing could take place without the nausea etc.

Lou here 🙂 At approx 2:45pm / 3pm on Fri 25 May, this is my knowing of what occurred.

I stepped off the deck backwards with my right leg and wrenched round to the right trying to save myself, I landed hard on my right leg and spun again falling onto my hands/arms onto my left side.  There I lay and shouted for Heather.

I knew something was wrong with my leg, the pain was radiating from the hip down and from the ankle up.  (Having dislocated / fractured & broken my arm & shoulder years ago I know the kind of pain a broken bone exudes.)  Heather ran out to me and the first thing she asks is was I OK?  Shaking my head I tried to explain what I knew had happened and where it was painful.  Her second question is ‘What was my intent’  to this I replied ‘instant healing, no broken bones and balance’.

As I said that I felt a physical shift in my thigh and lower leg, though the physical leg was still very very painful.  I lay there and breathed and connected the energy as I have been taught and teach.

A young trainee medic who lives in the area near us came to assist and told me what he thought in his professional opinion was going on.  He basically said broken thigh, dislocated ankle and or a spiral break.  When the two ambulances arrived, each with a different set of medical items to dull the pain, the general consensus of the 4 medical professionals was the same if a little varied from the trainee medic.  Being a broken Femur, sprained or dislocated ankle and damage to the lower back due to the numbness I was experiencing…

(All this from a meter high fall, from a deck I’ve walked on many times, huh, I ask you.?)

Well eventually we get to hospital, with me full of medications that have me spinning in and out of body and meeting the most wonderfully strange beings (more on this later)

All the time Heather has connected with Pat, a Facilitator of The Continuation and begun work on my energy body, stating my intent and joining theirs to that same intent.

The Trauma doctors looked at me, agreed with the medics and off I went for a battery of X-rays and CT Scans, they came back negative, nothing broken, nothing damaged, they were releived to see no internal damage.  Though they said in some ways a break would be easier than muscle damage / sprain / tears as these take longer to heal than a break.

I was admitted for the night of the 25th and placed under observation due to the fact my blood pressure suddenly plunged down to around 67/45 or 60/41 and kept hovering around the 60 – 79 / 45 all night.  Throughout all this story of drama I connected with my TRUTH that I was healed and that I am my own healer.  Nothing could go weird on me unless I bought into the ‘story’.

I asked my guides and the energies that work with me what the hell had happened and what was my lesson.  The lesson ‘shit happens sometimes when you don’t look where you’re going’ was the answer.  I got that in a flash, I don’t need to teach me that one again.

I woke the next morning on the 26th and found that my leg while still quiet swollen was now only painful in two or three area’s.  My ankle, the calf area just below the knee and my leg behind the knee going up into the thigh area (where all the medical personal previously had thought I had broken the Femur)

I got home after the Doctors were happy that I wouldn’t be flying off any more decks and immediately got hold of Heather & Pat Waldin again (two facilitators of The Continuation) to come and stand in agreement with my intent that my leg would continue in it’s healing.

One of my intents now included walking without the crutches that I had been given to use for 6 weeks.  The swelling on my ankle and knee gave indications of difficulty in getting around unassisted for this period of time – ‘professionally’ speaking.

I used two crutches for the rest of the day till around 5pm when I started to just use the one, my leg was still aching when I went to bed and so I chose to elevate it and sleep re-instating my intent to the universe as I slept.

I woke on the 27th to find my leg it’s normal size, and able to walk without, yes without, the crutch.  I must admit I got a little adventurous and hovered the lounge in preparation for a life-shop we are hosting today.

An hour or so later I felt a twinge and thought, ‘OK body is telling me to look after it and so I came here to update the blog/note.  I have the the crutch within arms reach IF my body says to use it, but my intent is that I won’t need it.

Today I can bend my knee and sit at my desk with both my legs tucked way beneath the chair, my ankle is a little grumpy, but then it probably thinks it can, having had to take all my weight on its own for a intensive moment or two, my thigh feels tender around the area that was ‘broken’.

I have asked Cifehtr and Platorans who work with me if I imagined everything in regards to the breaks etc. and they both have shown me what my leg looked like when the medics were first on the scene.   My leg was definitely sitting in a weird position and when the medic touched it to see if he could move it I screamed, even through the gas and stuff that I had been given.

They then took me to the Resus room I was in at the hospital and replayed what the doctors said ‘out of my hearing’ which basically said – don’t move her till x-ray comes that leg doesn’t look good’.

I am sitting here now at my desk, getting ready to assist in a Channelling workshop with Heather and Pat of Ascension Explorers knowing that The Continuation healing works.  It works with MY intent and how I choose to believe it activates in me.

Louise  –  If you are interested in receiving your own Continuation Healing Activation you can enquire here

Heather here: Backing myself when seeing Lou in such pain was probably the biggest challenge I have had as facilitator of The Continuation. What I needed to do was allow myself to plug into the Universal energy, Gaia and her (Lou’s)intent and connect with Pat and know the healing was happening despite what my humanity was seeing in front of me. As I allowed this healing flow, from the first instant, through to hospital emergency room, what I saw and felt was amazing. A contorted broken body becoming healed!

Lou just walked into the office now as I was typing. I am truly grateful and appreciative of all that has occurred. It has firmed my faith and deep knowing of humans being able to access True Healing.

Much love to all our friends



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