A challenge from Kuthumi ‘Lightworkers will spin the Sword of Truth’

At a gathering in the beginning of the 2015 Kuthumi asked us a serious question a challenge if you will, where in amongst the channeling brought through he asked us to stand with Arch Angel Michael and spin the Sword of Truth over not only ourselves but the dogma in this world.

Whether it was religious or a belief that had become dogmatic in the political arena’s etc.  He emphasized though that we must first look to our own beingness of balance from only in a place of balance and acceptance could we spin the Sword competently with Archangel Michael.



Our minds are places of conflict, and it is first in this battle field that we must become connected in conscious understanding of truth and balance, realising that we have the first responsibility of claiming truth over ourselves then we can look outward to spin and release truth.

I hope you enjoy the session – usually a closed group but I really believe we are moving into a new way of being, of sharing and growing together in a balance of conscious connection that has not struck this planet before.

We invite you to ask questions and comment. Thank you.