Kuthumi’s message(Audio and Print here) at our recent event in the Hawkes Bay, NZ, was a direct encouragement to wake up and to really have that meeting with yourself. The title reflects on his comment that humanity is going through a transitioning period from “dull and duller to slightly awake”. He reminds us to see through the deception and smoke and mirrors and to leave behind other people’s perceptions of yourself to reclaim your reasons for being here.

A great message from a wonderful mentor and friend to humanity. Thank you Kuthumi

A thank you also to a wonderful open and ready group of people on the night.

2016-09-16   Kuthumi – “Dull, Duller to slightly awake”

Hawkes Bay Event

Via Louise Reiss-James

© Ascension Explorers 2009-2016

Oh, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, well I am here, it is Kuthumi, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, I am indeed here. And you are all looking at me through eyes that are, ‘oh my God, what is happening!!’ Never mind.

Now this one did something, she said she was going to tell you how she channelled and she didn’t. Here I am speaking through her so let me tell you a story, let me tell you how she goes through the channelling and what she does etc., etc.   How many of you drive vehicles?   All of you. And what is it, you get to a certain part of your journey and you are looking at the map book – ‘I don’t know where I am, it’s the first time I’ve been here and it’s just like – oh God do I turn left or do I turn right? I don’t know where I am’ and you get very, very frustrated because the navigation just doesn’t seem to compute.   Well that’s where we come in to it. We’re sitting in the passenger seat and we’ll nudge her over and we will say, ‘it’s our time to drive’.   So we come along into the driver’s seat and she shifts into the passenger’s seat. She is quite here, she’s sitting right here and if you want to say hello to her she will say hello straight back.   But, we ask her to keep occupied by reading magazines, perhaps falling asleep so that we can speak with you. It’s as easy and simple as that.

So she’s here, and we’re here and we are sharing this space.   Now, you are a strange lot, oh dear a right mixed bag, just the way I like it. Liquorice allsorts. And the reason I say that is because each one of you are experiencing something so unique at this moment that maybe if you, as you go and you try and understand what’s happening, and you’re going, ‘I don’t know if this is where I should be, I don’t know what I’m doing, ahhhh I get what they are saying but not everything.’ Or you are saying ‘oh this makes perfect sense’. You see, liquorice allsorts. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine, that is absolutely perfectly fine. Let no person or energy or being or any entity try and tell you that what you are feeling and thinking is wrong because there is no such thing as wrong.  Oh that got you, didn’t it? But what if I were to say there’s no such thing as right and wrong, it just is.

Now, before I bend your heads and your minds even further with just a few opening statements, understand this. You live in a world of duality and a dual world means that you must have darkness and light for the balance of that dual world. But this is the only place, planet Earth is the only place that you have duality, everywhere else is self-responsibility, it is the moment of choice, it is in the extremities of present being. Now you may say to me ‘but Kuthumi, that doesn’t sound that much different from where we are here’. Think of it this way. Humanity, believe it or not, is inherently good, believe it or not. You’re not inherently evil and you’re not murderers, you are inherently good. You learn everything else. Oh look, there’s been multiple stories and teachings and scientific this that and all the rest of it which says human species are from this da da da da da and they are like this da da da da da.   But do you know what? What does your heart say? What does the heart say that you are like, truly like?   Not your mind, that seems to be going on a bit tonight isn’t it? the mind. Why are we doing this? Because we want to bring you to an understanding that in this present moment at this place that you are finding yourself this moment my dear ones, you are in the discovery of the heart and the mind.

And do you know that it is a scientific fact that in the heart you can find brain cells. Did you know that? If you don’t believe me you can go and Google it. That’s what you always do anyway when you hear something, I don’t think that’s right but Google says It’s fine so o.k. we are going to believe it now. What did you do before Google? Ah the British encyclopaedia. But you know I have a lot more respect for people that went to the encyclopaedias, do you know why? Because they went with the attitude of ‘I want to learn, I want to find the truth’, and that’s exactly my message tonight.

Dear ones, it’s finding the truth. It’s not finding ‘her’ truth or ‘his’ truth or ‘their’ truth, it’s finding the truth. The truth is who you are. The truth is where are you, who are you because it does not matter if the sky is pink and the sea is purple and the grass is maroon, if that is not true I cannot convince you, I cannot tell you because your eyes will see something else.

But not everything you see, darlings, not everything you see is truth either. You are unfortunately in a phase in your evolvement, in your species growth period, of being in a transitional period from dull and duller to slightly awake. I’m being very derogatory, aren’t I? But hear me out. The reason I say this is because there has been such a thick blanket over the whole arena of consciousness of humanity that the human species has been less human and more robotic than you’ve ever wanted to be for approximately going on now 15 years. That blanket has been there because what they’ve done is they have flooded, they have flooded your psyche, your environment, everything about you with everything that you could play with, every distraction that could possibly be, it’s there for you. What are they trying to get your eyes away from? What are they trying to get your minds dulled to? Am I a conspiracy theorist? No, but how many of you stop and actually look at the skies whether it’s day or night and actually ask yourself am I truly seeing what I’m seeing or have I become so used to what I am seeing that I just take it for granted. Where is the Orion’s Belt? Where is the Matariki star system, where is the Big Dipper, where is the Scorpion, where are these constellations? You used to know them when you were a child. You would stare at the night sky and you would point them out. There’s the Southern Cross, there’s Orion’s Belt, there’s the Scorpion. Why did you know this? Because you had books, books that showed you certain things and you would take them and you would hold them up and you would like and you would try and find where they fit.

But today you have these gadgets. I’m not against the gadgets, I rather like them, I think they are useful as long as they don’t distract you. As long as they don’t fill your immediate arena so full of energy of electronic distraction that you do not hear, see and know your truth. You see my darlings, many of us move away from our truth because we are so focused on what they say we should be or they we should be or they think we should be that we begin to mould ourselves on the perception to the point that we finally believe that this is what we should be like. I should have my hair thus and I should do my nails and I should sit with my legs crossed and I should be like this because I’m a woman. Yeah right.

My darlings you need to believe one thing, that you are here for a direct and most important meeting and that is the meeting of Self. You are not in this room by accident. You are not in this community of beings by accident. You haven’t stumbled across each other by accident. You are here to help the other refocus so that they can begin to cut through the bullshit. To cut through that which has been fed into their energy, fed into their minds, fed into their perceptions. You are here to speak truth to each other and to those that you communicate with.   But here is an interesting thing. Is my truth, your truth? It may be similar, it may have facets within it that are congruent with yours, but is it yours? Only you can know your own truth and that is what we like to call the Core Being, the Core, the Centre. That’s that place deep within you that no-one else can touch. It’s been called the I Am, it’s been called The Sacred Place, it’s been called the Soul Centre, it’s been called the Divinity Within, the Heart Space. Whatever name you attach to it, my challenge to you my dear, dear, dear, dear humans, my darling, darling energy beings, I want you to hear this. You are the only person that can penetrate and open the keys and open the locks and open the doors of your Heart Space, of your Sacred Space, no-one else can do it. Once you have learnt to open that space only you can allow what you want in there. So, if you open it up you take on other’s perceptions of who you are, that’s who you will become that’s what your truth will be even if it is not your truth. It will become your truth, you will adopt it as your truth but it will not fit you as your truth it will always be uncomfortable.

Your truth comes from deep within you, from the moments when you sit with yourself and you breathe and you hold in your energy the question ‘who am I’, ‘what am I?’ Oh I understand that the question has been there all your life. ‘Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?’   Do you know the only person that can answer those questions in all depth of honesty, is you. Oh yes, you can book a session with me and I will sit with you and I will give you direction. I will point you in directions I will give you advice, I will talk about this and that with you, I will read into your life story and I will bring points to you, and I will say ‘what about here, what about here’. But ultimately I will come back to the same point and say ‘why are you here?’ ‘Because I’m looking for help Kuthumi’. ‘But WHY are you here?   But WHY are you here?’ And eventually the penny drops, why you are here.

Do you know that some people their truth of being, their truth of being here, their purpose of being here is one thing and one thing alone? To live a joyful life, that’s all. They are not called to be great teachers, they are not called to be healers, they are not called to do this or that, they are here to live a joyful life. But because they see and they hear about how ‘this’ should be done over here and if you are on the path of enlightenment you should be a teacher, if you are on the path of enlightenment you should be a healer and la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

No. If you are called to be an energy facilitator then facilitate energy. If you are called to be a channel then channel messages with integrity and honour. If you are called to live a joyful life, live a life of joy, make that your life of focus, do not be distracted by everything that is around you.

There are many that go through their lives without ever discovering the simple truth of why they breathe, why they exist. It’s not such a difficult answer. Many of you are not called and I will say this quite bluntly and I mean it from a very warm and genuine place in my energetic heart. You are not called to be teachers and you’re not called to be healers or facilitators of healers, you’re not called to be channels, you are called to be balanced, supportive energy beings. You are called to live lives of joy. Why, why are so many called to do that? because by you resonating joy, by you resonating balance, by you resonating peace, by you resonating all of this you are setting a platform, you are allowing the Universe to speak through you by vibration and resonation to establish footholds and foundations that people like this one can come and speak and share and this one, her partner can bring healing energy work in in connectivity and in a cohesiveness with others. Imagine if everybody was called to do the same thing. You are all channels, go channel. Who then do the people turn to when they need assistance for a facilitation, of counsel, of healing?   ‘Oh, you are all called to be healers, go and heal.’ Who do they turn to when they want to understand the precepts and the lessons that they are going through?

You see, it would be far easier if we could say you are all called, the one reason for being on this planet is to ground the energy and to live lives of joy. Do you know how much easier that would be for all of us? And I’m not being sarcastic darlings, it would be so much easier for us because what that would do, is it would be……..Well just look at it. There is several of us here all told. If you all took your energy and when you went to your place of resonance it was as if you took a huge stake and hammered it in the ground and you resonated joy from that stake. Now the vibration goes down into Gaia, it goes up into the Universe, it goes out to the ethers. What are you doing? You are touching a multitude of lives that you would have never touched before. If everybody did that could you imagine the vibrational impact it would have on your village, on your town. If everybody did that, their sole purpose was, today I choose to be in joy, today I choose to be balanced, today no matter what happens I choose to be in my centre of peace. Could you imagine the frequency change in your planet because you begin to talk about it to the next person and they go ‘oh, you know that’s funny because I’ve been feeling that’s what I should do’. Well let’s do it. And they talk to somebody else and they talk to somebody else, and they……well o.k., we’re talking about the 100th monkey, yes? But you are not monkeys, you are beings of energy, of consciousness. You are vibrant, creator energies. What you say, what you speak are like seeds that you plant. What is the fruit that is coming? Think of it this way. You eat an apple, how many seeds are in that apple? Let us just say for arguments sake there is just one seed but how many apples is in that one seed, how many orchards is in that one seed. That’s the power of your words..

So if you choose to live a life of joy and speak joy and live joy and are joy in everything that you function in, what begins to happen is you begin to produce orchards of joy because you effect and affect your surrounds. Your truth, your truth is that stillness in you.

Do me a favour. Breathe, just take a deep breath in ………………….and out………………and again, In……………………….and out………………………………….Now this time as we reach to the top of the breath I want you to, not hold it, but almost pause. So it’s In…………….and then out…………………….like that. So let’s do it together. ………………………………………………………and in again……..………………………… Can you feel that? Do you begin to sense that quietness that’s just begun to be birthed inside of you? That’s the place of your truth, that’s the place that no-one else can touch, not even I as the Ascended Master have the permission or authority to touch you there.   I can speak to you, I can show you how to access it but I cannot access it for you. What is the truth saying to you for you? Your truth is identifiable to you because it is your resonance. It is your energetic DNA. It’s what flips your switch when you open your eyes and it makes you want to do something in the morning, makes you get out of bed. This is your truth.

You may not have words to describe your truth, please don’t try, feel your truth. Sometimes to feel your truth is far more expressive and far more in strength and wisdom than to try and speak it. Your truth is so delicate and yet so strong. Delicate because it will never impose, strong because it will never move.   Your truth is the resonance that you hear in the very silence of your Being. It doesn’t come to your mind, it sits in that very space that you call your heart space, it’s where your heart speaks from, where your heart thinks from where your heart directs. Your truth could be simply I’m here to serve, to support. Do it with gladness, do it with vigour, do it with everything that you have within you to do but do it well, do not do it begrudgingly.

You may say to me ‘well Kuthumi I feel nothing’. That’s because you are using your head. Darlings, your head will direct you, your head will tell you how to breathe, what to sit on and how you should be feeling, how to dress, what to eat until you tell it to shut up. Once you tell it to shut up it actually does become quiet. Am I against you using your mind? No. Your mind is the 2nd most powerful thing in your makeup but the most powerful thing is your heart.   Now this is even scientifically proven so I am not making things up here, and again if you do not believe me go and look up ‘electromagnetics of the heart’ ‘electromagnetics of breath’. But understand that your heart sends out an electromagnetic field that is much larger, it’s about 7 metres, 8 metres around you. Your brain sends out an electromagnetic field about half that size. If you want to know your truth stop thinking and go into the heart brain, the heart centre, allow your direction to come from the place that you so willingly and so easily refer to as your intuition, your gut, go deeper than that.

Darlings, when you can identify your truth you step into an arena of possibilities, you step into the in-between world because everything is possible, everything is available, everything is accessible, you are in-between reality and the intangible.

Everything that you see on this planet has been made because somebody believed it could be made and it wasn’t their mind that told them it could be made it was their heart. What is your heart telling you that is out there not yet created but can be created? Bring it into the reality by trusting your truth by being who you are, allowing yourself permission, darlings, even giving yourself full permission to experience the reality of knowing yourself perhaps for the first time.

There is nothing easy about life. Give it up. If you want easy in the life of the world, die.   Oh that’s a bit harsh Kuthumi, die? If you live in the world, yes, so step outside of the world. There is a statement that is made by I believe it is one of the apostles, one of the people who wrote the bible by the name of Paul or John or one of those ones. ‘You are in the world, not of the world.’ Basically what it says is you live in the world, yes, but you are not of the world, it does not dictate to you and I encourage you to adopt that phraseology because you function in the world. You use the attributes that it provides so that you are sustained but it does not own you, it does not mould you, it does not dictate to you it does not enforce upon you. When you can understand this you’ve broken into a realm of freedom that you have not had before and you begin to see the rules and the regulations, the matrix that has been placed around you by a cacophony of noisy barking dogs who think that they are guarding you or guarding something. And in reality all they are doing is fighting over a bone that they didn’t know they were fighting over.

Think of it logically, my darlings, your truth is telling you so loudly at times to go a certain direction, to do a certain thing but then your mind gets involved and you say ‘yes, but, yes, but, yes, but’, and the more you say ‘yes, but’ the stronger the wild dogs get in maintaining you and keeping you suppressed and in a place of obedience to something you really don’t even understand why you are being obedient to.

What is this obedience I’m talking about? First I’ve gone from Heart Space and brains and now I’m talking about obedience? What are you going on about? You are Sovereign Beings, you have chosen to come through and live upon this planet. Since when did you give your sovereignty away? If you have not given your sovereignty away why do you put yourself into subjection and into subserviency of an illegal authority? What do I mean by this? Yes, we all live in a world that has rules, we have chosen to come into this world that has rules that it abides by, but remember I said you are not of this world you are in the world and you can learn to live outside the parameters but still keep the peace by knowing your truth.

These two, I can use these as a living example. May I use you as a living example? They purchased a house, they have a mortgage to pay, they have a business that they are creating. They need in the human terminologies, they need a certain amount of input coming in to ensure that the amount going out is maintained, if not more coming in than is going out. This is a logistical thing, yes? So here we find them in a situation. They are in the world and they have bought into the mortgage trap. Oh !!!!! Spiritual people in a mortgage trap. Oh…..   Well why not, why not use what is available to create something that will pop them out of the grasp of this world so they have a stepping stone. Right, this is my stepping stone, what’s next, that one, what’s next, that one, right, I’ve got equity here, I can pay that off, I’ve got equity here, pay that off, buy that, boom boom boom boom. The bank man comes along and says ‘oh….’ No, no, no, you’ve got the wrong person. Check my accounts, paid, paid, nothing owing, nothing owing, in fact you owe me.

You see, when you know your power, when you know your strength, when you know how to use that which is in your arena wisely without malice you step into a realm of abundance and of freedom and of manifestation that you may previously not have known. Manifestation is by believing what you see. It’s by taking your goal and looking at it and knowing that it has actually occurred, it’s already done. It’s seeing yourself in there working through the steps to get there. Manifestation is not just waiting for something to happen because I’m attracting it from the Universe. Ommmmmm. Damn I didn’t get the Lotto this week, ommmmmmmm, Didn’t get the Lotto this week. Oh, I’m attracting it, I’m attracting it, Law of attraction mmmmmmm.

When are you going to put action to what you are actually creating? Manifestation, the Law of Attraction needs the simple additive added to it and it’s the word ‘action’. You need to put motivation and action and doing to what it is you that you want to see happen. And by the way unless you are a very, very clear clairvoyant and unless you are very strong in your belief and unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt and you have a vision and you have first engineered it and you are manifesting on a daily basis, don’t throw your money away on lotto because it’s a what if, maybe, perhaps, it’s a gamble. Am I telling you what to do? You must make your own mind up about that. But if you do, know your outcome, have a vision, apply this with everything in life darlings. Your truth is the pendulum, your truth is the plumb line. Now anyone with a little bit of knowledge of building will understand that terminology. A plumb line is what they would hold to make sure that the foundations of the building, the wall, is straight and true, not crooked. Let your truth be your plumb line.

And I will leave you with this one thing. Do not fear who you are, rejoice and celebrate who you are. You are not here by accident on this planet, you are not a mistake. Everything that has happened to bring you to this point has happened, yes, but you are here and now is the time to release the past and celebrate your future, celebrate your now. You are loved, you are gloriously, spontaneously loved by each one of us that speak to you at different times through different mediums. Go in peace and know that you are truly, truly spectacular beings.

I am Kuthumi, Namaste dear ones.