Kuthumi brought a message about change and how we are in Creational Moments virtually all the time.  I invite you to listen to his message from the beginning of the year.  He challenges us and encourages us to move forward and to stop sabotaging ourselves.


If you wish to read this message as you listen it is below.


2017-09-10   KUTHUMI


Channelled via Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2017

Not to be distributed without permission from us. Thank you.


Namaste darlings, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste and Namaste. Greetings, greetings, greetings to each and all that are present within this particular space, time, frequency and in this dimension. It is I, Kuthumi and I am here to welcome you into the energy, welcome you into the space and into this space of Being of that which is indeed this moment of Being of creational time. It is not as you would say the time of 2017 for it has been that for you for a few weeks now, even before the official calendar of the Julian calendar came over. Indeed it is now the time of creation it is the creational time because you have been, darlings, you have been connecting into that which is that waterfall of energy, the tear of energy that has been flooding over you for the past few months. It is now come to a place where it is saturating you, it is imbuing you, you are indeed absorbing it, even you that have not been, shall we say, present for most of the teachings, you are still imbuing it because you are connected at a heart level. It is as if you have been here in the energy yet not physically so this is why it is easy for you to flow into that which is the energy course.

Now understand that at this particular time within all the attributes of the lines of the energy that are coming through this particular moment there are cords of connection. Not each cord is going to connect to you but there are specific energetic cords from the Universe that are here to connect to you at this moment. They are here because they are to infuse into you a creational mind set, a creational speaking, a creational heart, a creational placement. They are to align you within your own energy into the very peaceful, shall we say, placement of knowledge where you will find that you have the Buddha mind more and more and more. It is not that you will have to see and work to find something out it will just be, it will come back into the Divine centre of that which is your Being, it will come into the place where you are indeed the grounded one that walks upon the place. As you set your feet forward so it is that you will come into the place and you will watch as your feet fall onto the place, you will see the dust rising up to make way for the new energy that is coming into you.

Now I am speaking metaphorically but indeed understand that you are to be walkers of energy, you have been walkers of light, it is now time to be walkers of energy so that as you walk into the dimensions, as you walk into the placements you are bringing with you the new energy, you are bringing it in through the cords of connection.

It is indeed a time where you are going to frequently hear within your own vibration new sounds, new beings, new voices. That is not for you to become disengaged or to be disenchanted or to be fearful, these voices and these words and these noises that are going to be coming into you are indeed your Higher Self, they are indeed the elements and all that is working with you within Gaia and the Universe to come in to your space to bring you into alignment, to bring you into easement, to bring you into the conscious connection so that you are able to release yourself furtherment into the place where you are creating.

Now, understand for the period of 2014, 2015 and even that of 2016 it is a feeling you are being corralled, corralled into a placement where you are being in a scholastic learning place. You have been seeing how far you can do things you have been trying to do this and experimenting with that but now we are taking you into the next corral or the next class room it is now time for you to begin to see the workings in your own exterior becoming the reality not just in the mental. For now the challenge is darlings, it is time to come into the reality of your mental ascension.   It is time to bring the ideas and the concepts and the words that you speak into a solid fruition being made. So understand you are being required by the energy of all, by the Source energy, by all of your teachers, by you yourself, your most highest point of connection, you are being required to be the oracle self, to be the teacher self, to be the presenter of all that you dream.

For I have spoken many times about the spaces in-between, to pull everything down through the spaces in-between are the dimensions into this dimension. And so now my darlings it is time to bring into the reality of this time that which is your knowledge. It is time to transverse from the what if, the maybe, the perhaps I can do this to the maybe I Am and it will be done and to see the manifestation of this happening. For as you get in to the reality of the flow of the Ganges river you will find my dear ones that you are no longer just being buffeted by the waves of the Ganges but you indeed are the Gange river itself. You are indeed becoming the fluidness and you are flowing through the dimensions, you are flowing through the banks and the gorge and the channel which has been worn out through time, you are the water, you are that which is the cleansing and you are that which is the healing, you are going to be the very essence of what it is that you speak. It is not that you are going to become, shall we say, a superficial person you are now going to bring the reality of that which you have been setting in place by what you are speaking into your now moment and to do that you must realise that you are not the individual drop but you are the individual drop within the multitude of drops within the river. So you are now part of the greater thing. As you have been taught by the Ish, they are bringing you into a knowledge of the spiral energy and they are teaching you how to connect and they are bringing you into the wisdom of there is nothing, yet there is something, there is all and yet it is not, it is the creation and yet it is the demise.   So understand that when you are in the perfect moment which is ………………………the Breath. You are in that place between breaths. When you are in this place darlings, you will understand that everything is indeed possible because in that breath between breaths, that pause, there is both life and death, there is expansion and there is not, there is everything that you need and there is nothing at all. There is every expectation and there is no expectation, there is every potential and there is no potential because in that space it is untouched.   It is full of intent and it is as you begin to exhale it begins to take on the life that you are imbuing it.

So understand darlings, that as you begin to flow with the river of creation, as you begin to flow with the beginnings of the knowledge of creational thought within you, as you begin to tap into the creational times you will begin to see creation coming in your life. It is not something that you must wait for, for some scientist to spin atoms at a great rate of knot around a huge molecular machinery, no, it is a time where you begin to smash the atoms so to speak in your own consciousness. It is to create a whirlpool of conscious thought, a whirlpool of conscious connection to create from there the very wellbeing that you are the very Divinity that is your essence. Because when you tap into the essence of who you are it is that which is the creative force, it is the essence.

Darlings it is not just your soul, it is not just the spirit, it is not just the I Am or the Divinity it is now the very essence of that which is you. The essence is that very part of you that is a cognitive conscious connection that imparts to you the knowledge. It is the breath, the moisture within the breath, it is the dryness within the breath, it is the essence of the teardrop that falls from your eye as you are moved beyond compassion, it is the twitch of the nose as you smell in the atmosphere the essences of fear and abundance and all of the different nuances of peoples around you leading you to be intuitive, to help and assist. The essence darlings is that which is the taste of life, it is the taste of life within you and as you begin to grow upon the taste you will see the lattice that is your energy creation, your energy that imprint of being, you will see your lattice begin to spread and to become more and more colourful. The crystalline grid line of the lattice, shall we say, will begin to expand, begin to grow, begin to multiply upon itself all of the colours and beyond that you can and cannot see. The frequency of you will begin to change from the 15 megaherts into that which is now becoming the 21. You are rising again within the frequency nodules of your consistency.

So as you evolve darlings, as you come into the placement you are going to find that you are coming out of one dimensional understanding and you are going to step into another dimensional understanding. As you begin to flow from one river into the next river you will begin to feel the energy surging through you, you will begin to realise that as you purge, that as you begin to release the toxicities and the poisons from this realm, as you let these go you are going to be lifted into the next realm, into the next dimension.

As you understand there is no difference between this Now and that Now, it is the Now that you are in because there is no future and there is no past it is just within this moment. Because it is in the moment of creation that you begin to understand that you are everything that you have ever thought that you were and you are everything that you think you may be. So everything that you have thought being from the very birth of your creational moment to the very death of your creational moment, everything and inbetween those two projected moments is Now because you cannot be in existence anywhere except in the Now moment.

Life is not, shall we say, going to become a bed of roses for you darlings. I must break this to you quite like an egg shell. It is, shall we say, going to come to you as a rushing wind, it is going to come to you as a flood of emotions, it is going to come to you as a desperate housewife, yes, wanting and needing and knowing that there is to be a response and a requisition and a requirement. There is going to be life coming at you at all sides at all quarters but understand this.   As it comes to you with a force of everything that is in it you will not crumble, you will not flag, you will not fall. Instead you will be able to absorb all of that which is coming to you because of the grounding that you have had over these last period of the teachings. And you will find that as life begins to become, shall we say, complexity upon complexity you can refer back to the teachings because the teachings are always present and you will find the answers are there, you will find the clues yet again to set yourself upon the dimensional footsteps and the step ladder going up.

There is a time, and for each one of you it will be different, but there is the time that will be required of you to give answer, to give answer to yourselves of what it is that you are doing and why you are here at this place at this moment doing what you are doing. Now when I say this I am not meaning here at this particular gathering I am saying ‘here’ at this moment of your expansion, this moment of your evolution. Because you are evolving into that which is a very highly intelligent and emotional and compassionate and extra-terrestrial being. You have everything upon you that you need, everything within you that you desire. You see, as you are going into the very frequency of love so it is that you are shedding the frequency of love because the love that you knew is no longer required because there is a new understanding coming into you of the love that is in this moment. As you feel into the energy that is coming through the tear, as you begin to resonate and begin to have the frequency that is here within you, you will see that it is going to instruct you it is going to induct you into a new understand of the comprehension of consciousness. It is not as if you are going to understand that ‘yes, consciousness is this and I have always been conscious and am understanding of consciousness’, no it is taking you yet again further closer to the heart of the conscious Being of the Source Connection.

Understand that when the Cifehtr spoke to you about the ‘sweet point’ of the Universe many, many years ago back in, I believe, 2013, he was teaching you then that there is a place that you are going to come to, to penetrate, to go through, to take you to the other side of the cosmic understanding of Universal knowledge.

Now understand this, many have gone through and they have come back with great stories of that which is on the other side. Obviously each story is different because each energy that brings back the relation of the story and the revelation of what they have found is uniquely to their own understanding. It is what they see and what they experience but when you combine the stories you begin to see a place of the proverbial peace, the proverbial sweetness, the proverbial milk and honey, yes? But understand that each one has a story of as they were penetrating through, as they were going through the moment to squeeze through the place that funnelled through to the ‘Now’ moment, or the peace moment to take them into the sweet moment there was a shedding of great pain , there was a release of almost cosmic vibration that went through their entire energy being.

Now this was decided to be interpreted by each one of them as a releasing of all knowledge that they had gained on this side until they were babes in their understanding and the conceptualisation of whatever is coming is new, there is no precepts, no templates, no further education that will prepare me for what is to come so I am a blank sheet, I am a blank page, I am a empty vessel to go in and see what is there so that I may bring back an untainted and a truthful release and story.

And so darlings why do I say this? Because as you allow yourself to flow with the Ganges, as you begin to get the clearing and the cleansing through this you will begin to see that you are going to go through this year of the what you have termed and your calendar, this 2017, it will be for you a year of releasing. But not releasing as you have known it before. This is the exciting moment, this is the time where you truly can look at what it is that is around you and truly draw a line under it and say, ‘this no longer serves and therefore I am leaving it in the 2016 energy and I am now in the 2017 energy in everything that I receive now is new and untouched, new and untaught, new and… and so you go on and you begin to create for yourself a book of life that is unwritten, a book of life that you can begin to scribe upon in words of what it is that you in the creational time to create.

So understand that you are in a very sweet point and this is a time where we will not refer as we have done before and say ‘oh it is a beautiful time it is a good time, it is a ……..’ No. This is a creational time and it is up to you to determine what you are creating in this creational time in this vortex of energy for it is here that you will be able to expand your energy and you will be able to just allow yourself to see the vortex coming from your heart area, your heart chakra, and allowing it to come out and envelope around you till it becomes the circumstance around you it becomes the circumference, it becomes the balloon it becomes the covering, it becomes everything and encompasses you. And in the breath and that pause that you take you will begin to understand that there is every potential to go forward in this moment bringing your creational statements to reality. Because it is in this moment that your reality is Now. It is in the moment and the more you trust yourself the more you believe in yourself, the more you release from you the doubts and the misbelief of who you are the more you will begin to tap into the true energy and to manifest that which is what you desire.

Now we are not just talking of the manifestation of say a physical flower but we are manifesting with you and talking of the manifestation of your dreams, of the ideas that have been for so long vibrating in your energy that you have been yearning for year after year, ‘when, when, when is this going to happen’. The moment for you if you so choose to be in this moment of creation time is Now. And understand just as you have heard from Cifehtr who says your life changing moment is Now, is Now, is Now, so is the creational time. This creational time will be with you wherever you are, in whichever dimension you are in because you are traversing through the dimensions and you must learn to recognise darlings, the recognition of dimension that you are in and where you are creating. Because there are many times you will feel the out of body experience, the expansiveness that you are and it is now the time, it is now the time to be grown ups, but grown ups with a child’s heart. Never forgetting that it is the child with the belief but it is the adult with the understanding and the knowledge to be able to progress forward.

So darlings take this and run with it, allow it to be your blessing for this new year. Wear it upon your energy and see yourself being the Holy River, the Ganges River, see yourself being the drop within the drops.   For you are uniquely individual but you are uniquely individual with all the others to increase the empowerment.   So yes, you are individual and yes you are One, but you cannot be one with all until you acknowledge your links of connection with everyone through your individual appeasement to Self that you are divinely set in this moment for the creational purpose to bring into your life the balance and the peace and from the balance and the peace from your life so it will begin to spiral out in a creational vortexual energy.

So I am Kuthumi, and I say to you ‘Namaste, I see you, I see your potential, I see your Now moment, I see that which is the gift within each one of you and I say to you ignite it, I say to you, rise, I say to you Be, I say to you awaken to the gift within you and allow this to become your reality. Do not rely on what you have known but be a blank page at this moment and ask the Universe to begin to write upon you what it is that you are to tap into, what it is that you are to create, singularly and united.’ For the singularity is within you, allow yourself to be the arrow that is released from the bow and reach your goal, your target, your destiny.

Namaste my darlings, I am Kuthumi.