Dear ones, 2018, although merely a number in time, is relentless in it’s intense change and vibrational shifts. This is a time of real shakeup and what we as humans often perceive as ‘happening’ is not always what is occurring at greater levels of cosmic and  universe interplay.We invite you to sit back and absorb the essence of this high frequency  channeled message – there is something here for all of humanity and especially those who are awakening and awakened.

This channeled message from The Council of Many was unequivocal in its strong encouragement for us to connect with each other.

2018-04-03 The Council of Many – ‘It’s time to come together!’

(Light language)

It is time, it is time dear ones that we are connected into the very central parts of that which is the Inner Being of Self. It is time that you as the humanity of this moment begin to rise, rise above that which is here on the Earthly platter.  For understand you are in a time, in a motion in a place, you are in the exact spectrum of time that you were designed to be in.   It is not a mistake, it is not an inferiority complex that is holding you back it is not that which is a mass eruption of ideas that is coming into play for you. It is the spectrum of time, it is that which is calling you into this place it is calling you into the moment of time which is your moment. It is your moment to be arising it is your moment to be uplifting it is your moment to be an expansion. Because as you begin, as you begin to step into the very frequency that is your way of being, you will begin to see that the ripple effects are beginning to come about and will touch the lives of many peoples.   As you begin to value that which is within your valuation and that which is within the very centre Being of who you are, as you begin to honour that as you begin to allow that to come out you will begin to see it overflowing onto the other beings around you.

Understand that not every being will align with you not every being will come into the fluctuation and the frequency of you but you are called, you are meant to be in this place of standing you are meant to be in this connective place. And as you are aligned with those that are around you it is for a design and a purpose that has come from the Divine Centre that you are in place. This is a significant calling this is a significant place of Being. Each of you are being linked in and yes there have been those over time who have removed themselves from the pattern, they are creating for themselves a journey but the pattern is here, the pattern that you are designed to connect into is here. There is still room for others to connect or to reconnect because what is burgeoning here, what is coming into place here is yet unseen, undiscovered and not fully understood amongst the many of you and the one of you.

For understand that you are like the spokes of a wheel you are within a hub, within a circle, you are all supporting and yet you are supported by. There is many things that you are flowing into, there is many things that you are coming about and we, The Council, will say to you time and time and time again it is time to begin, begin to come into that which is the collaboration of all things. Begin to come into that which is the unification of understanding where you all fit.   It is time to forget the little things that have held you back, it is time now to open the doors it is time to river through, it is time to become the frequency that is you.   Because as you begin to fly, as you begin to climb the mountain so it is you will see the similarities of all the patterns that have been laid out before you coming together and synchronising into you. Do not think you are just one of many things and that you are on your own journey. You are synchronised together. Why have you come into this place to the vibration that brings you into this place? Because you have a gift, because you have a synchronicity, because you have an alignment, because your vision is that which is required to be part and parcel of what is here.   It is time for as you open your doors into the journey that you are going to still remain within the flexibility and the cohesiveness of that which is the hub, that which is the circle, that which is the wheel that is turning like a cog, supporting you and you being supported by.

(Light Language)

Forget, forget the tribularities that are around. Forget those things that are, shall we say to trip you up because you are now united, you are in a place of great expectation for yourself. You have placed upon yourself many requirements so why is it that as you look at the requirements that you sometimes begin to doubt that which you have placed upon yourself.   It is time to begin to rise up and look at what you have said to yourself. Begin to look at that which is what your requirements of duty are.   And yes, we say ‘requirements of duty’ because what is to yourself a synchronisical point of reference as you begin to focus on that which is your destiny of purpose understand that it is linked with the masses it is linked with the consciousness of all.   Because you are not separate even if you take yourselves off to many parts of the land and to take yourself off to many parts of the world and the planetary systems you are interconnected, you are one. You have been connected and you are still in that vibration and it is time for the healing it is time for the greater gluing together of that which has been.

There are those that are on the outside that have been placed there by shall we say, human dissention, but it is time for some of those that have been out there to be drawn back in. It is time for the cognitive connection it is time to be re-plugged in.

(Light language)

It is time to open the windows of that which has already been seen because you are looking through the glass you are looking through that which is the haze before you and you are saying I want to go through there, I want to penetrate and yet the windows are open the curtains have been drawn and yet you still stay on this side and you say ‘I want to go through I want to go through’.   We are saying climb, climb, climb over and you are there.   Do not be trapped in that which is the mind, do not be trapped in that which is the past, do not be trapped in that which is the infiltrations of things that are around you. Be focused, be focused, be focused, what is it that you are creating what is it that you are coming into this moment to do.

You are here to connect, you are here to be grounded, you have been told that you are creating an anchoring for that which is the downloads into this time. Do not think just because certain dates and timelines have in your calendar time passed that it is over that it is done. No, we would remind you, you are anchoring in the energy.

(Light Language)

Breath, breathe and feel the energy, breathe and know that you are a part and parcel of the very fabric of time. You are time, you are life, we have said to you that you are of the power in that which you speak, you are the power of life and death. When you speak in such a way that others are unsure there is misconception there is misdirection. So you must be clear you must have greater understanding of what all is being said because as you begin to utter the very powerful words of what it is that you speak so it is that the effect begins to happen at a cellular level on that which is the individual or the individuals or the substance of which you are communicating to.

(Light language)

Do not forget the power of who you are.   Do not forget the strength of what you are made from.   You are not just an individual you are part of the very innermost being the cellular structure of that which is the Source power point. You come from Source. Yes, you have had many lifetimes you have had many ways and many descriptions of life through cosmic and non-planetary and non-worldly and non-corporeal bodies. But you have had lifetimes where you have acknowledged your existence is connected to that which is the Source connection. You can see that golden line that takes you right back to Source. It is that line that you must focus on, that line of ingenuity, that line of connectivity, that line of similarity, that is where you must focus.

Dear ones, you, you are here like pieces of a puzzle. We have placed you out face down, face up on the table and we have moved you around. And you would say but wait, ‘what do you mean you have placed us, you are moving us around. Surely we have our free will and our free choices and everything that we do is of our own destiny, our own cognitive choice?’ And we say ‘yes, but to get to where you are now we have had to have had a hand we have had to take you from where you were and shake you up a bit and pour you out so that you are able to be in a placement of knowing a placement of understanding that you are in the frequency that you are in the moment that you are in the breath.’

Yes, yes and yes. Yes, there is greater manoeuvrability happening within the cosmic. Yes there is a separation happening but you have been told about this. If you go back into the teachings of the many moments of our previous times you will hear us say time and time again ‘there will be a separation, there will be a time that will come where you will be asked to make a decision here and a decision there. You will be given a path to walk upon an avenue to choose. You will be given choices because it is coming to a time of choice, of separation.’   Do not be surprised when we talk to you about the pause, do not be surprised when we say to you there is a time of variation where things are coming to a place of complete newness of being remade, redefined. Do not falter this magnificent awareness, rather be alert, be in co-creation with it.   Because the pause is not the pause of humanity where things stop it is the pause before creation it is the pause before the exhale it is the pause before something great happens. And there have been many pauses there have been many breaths, but you are just being acknowledged in this one to bring you to a place of understanding because you are in a greater frequency. You are in a place where you are mature and you are able to accept that which is coming, that which is being shown to you.

Your journeys, your paths are all at different angles and sometimes parallel to each other and you think ‘how can they ever cross. Yes we have similarities going through and we are similar to this and we are similar to that and we are similar to this but we don’t cross paths. How, where is the connection, there is an alignment but where is the connection?’ The connection is the fact that you must see it. You are here because you are drawn to an understanding, a kernel that has been seeded into you and it is ready to be implanted and ready to take root.   But unless you take the kernel unless you participate in the co-creation of that, then yes, you will forever be side by side in agreement on many things but never connecting never having that understanding of exactly who, what and where is occurring. Why, why do you create the barriers, why do you create the misunderstanding?   And it is not just with you that are present at this moment it is you and you and you that are not present that are hearing this at another time. A time that is for you the most frequent and perfect moment.

Because understand this is a global message, this is a message not just for the few it is for those that need to understand that this frequency is not to be side-lined, it is not to be identified and labelled and yes, we will take this off here.   No, we The Council are saying to you ‘listen to the multiple levels of vibration in the voice that is communicating to you’. There is many speaking at this time and we would say one thing to you. ‘The unification must happen.’ ‘Unification of what you say. Unification of mankind, unification of this, unification of that?’ No, we are saying it is unification of energy. It is unification of that which is your binding together of mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, whatever label you wish to call the holistic part of that which makes you the human and you must take that into your connectivity. Because even though you come with the greatest of integrity and you come with the greatest of all potentials if you are not authentic and if you do not have the genuineness you will be like this jarring and bouncing. You will come together and you will bounce off and you will come together and you will bounce off because of the roughness because of the sandpapering effect as you begin to come together.

You must understand that not everybody in this human world is going to be like you. You must understand they are not going to understand you but what they will hear and what they will see is your integrity. What they will observe and absorb into themselves is the truth of your vibration and what you say time and time and time and time and time again, the consistency, of who you are and your connection. This is what will break the bondages of those that cannot foresee the separations that are coming.

For many are bound in the mind and in their emotions.   Many are trapped and they do not know how to break free and the greatest of these trapped are the teachers themselves because they are so deeply set in what they need to do and follow the procedures that they forget themselves to do what it is.   And ..

(Light language)

Do not be deceived, do not think that this is not meant for you or this is for someone else. If you are hearing this there is a reason. We do not come by mistake. We do not download into this one the packets of information for her human mouth to speak because it is fun. No, no, no, no what we are saying to those that are hearing this, you are hearing it because there is a reason.

And it is time to cross the street, it is time to cross the cosmic, it is time to go and grab the ones that you have been ignoring, avoiding, walking away from. You need to say ‘why was I doing this?’ Because when you can identify that, even through great discomfort, great separational moments and anxiety and pain or frustration or misunderstanding or stubborn, – oh you humans. This stubbornness within the humanity must be done away with. This is your biggest anchorage of stagnicity, to be stubborn is to deny yourself the very freedom of all that awaits for you.

Understand that there is only you who can unlock that particular ball from your energy.

(Light language)

The portals have opened for you, they are here day and night. You see them, you understand them but you do not use them. Why have you seen but do not understand, why do you speak but do not know. Words, words that’s all that you hear and say. You speak from the throat but you do not hear with the ears.   It is time, it is time to break and to peel back and begin to see that which is the truth within yourselves. This pivotal time this spectrum of moment think of yourself as a triangle of light, a prism and the light is energising through it. What are you? Are you the light that shatters into a million different colours or are you the million different colours that is coming through as a single beam, penetrating? It is now the time for you to rise for you to become what you are designed to become. Your arms and legs are of one body, you are the head of one body, you are not separate.

(Light language)

Bathe, bathe, bathe in that which is the water of learning. Bathe in that which is the knowledge and understanding. Allow it to wash upon you and allow yourself to expand to greater and deeper moments.

For you are all, all, all, not just those present but all those that are here in the moment of time that they hear this.   It is time, it is time for the consciousness of humanity to be opened. It is time for the healing to begin. But it is not healing of sorrow it is not healing of forgiveness in the human understanding, it is not healing as in coming to heal a broken heart or a bruise here or there or a nose that has been put out of joint or a dislocated mental understanding.   It is the healing of the energetic body. It is the healing of the knowledge that has been deposited into this place. It is the freedom of the quantified knowledge banks that sit within the Akashic records that have been blocked for generations because you have been taught that only certain people can attain this.   It is time to go into the crystal caves, it is time to tap into that which is the knowledge, the wisdom and the understanding of the higher realms and infuse it into the consciousness of those that are awakened that it will trickle down. Not drip, drip, drip but trickle as a forceful little riverlet of energy to become a river of energy, to become a torrent and eventually an ocean into the consciousness of all humanity.   You may swim together with a single focused understanding putting away from you the fear of ‘this is reptilian and this is energy here and this is alien there and this will eat me here and that will eat me there’. If you can rise together, you will become a powerful force.   We do not talk about you as a weapon when we say ‘a powerful force’ but imagine if the entire human consciousness was awakened, what would you be able to do to rectify that which is Gaia and the wounding of her.

That is our message, we hope you receive it.

We are The Council, we are the many that speak as one. It is done.

*Channelled via Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2018

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