The audio explaining this energy healing is Platorans channeled by  our channeler Lou James: just click the play button.

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The energy healing modality, The Continuation is a powerful healing facilitation. Introduced by those from the Pleiadian star systems. How does it work?  Why would you want to access your own True Healing?  What gifts can you give to yourself with this? The essence of this is explained in this Channelled audio presentation.



Healing with The Continuation is a key that you gift yourself to access many lifetimes of knowledge and abilities and bring them into the now  whether that is, Teacher, Alchemist, Healer, Shaman, Mathematician, Writer, Scientist, Leader, Creator, Inventor…….

This enables you to realise that you are the Healer of yourself and that there is no need for others to be the healer of you.

Yes there is power and magnitude of energy in the co-joining of energies to enable your desires.  Though ultimately you are the designer of whether or not your healing is accessed.

Access True Healing

This is a Life Changing modality that opens the doorway into True Self Healing in ALL areas of your life. The Continuation Healing can also be utilised for the repair (instant, if you choose with intent) of the physical. The Continuation can be activated in person or remotely from any where in the world. Come with your intent/s whatever they are for you and we will work with you.

We personally believe that The Continuation is a doorway that many can walk into knowing that they are safe, they are not reliant on another ‘fixing’ them, they are reliant only on themselves, their intent, their connection with the UE and having the facilitator there to act as a conduit for the ‘extra’ energy to transmit at the time required.  Like plugging ourselves into a re-charger, we are the plug but we need a socket.  The facilitator is the socket and the Universal Energy (UE) is the power.


The Pleiadians helped seed our DNA and have an energy modality that was shown to us here in NZ. It is this that we as humans work with other fellow humans. It is very powerful and creates great changes for those receiving their own healing. The most important point being is that we are not the healers we are just facilitating another persons healing intent.

Why is it called ‘The Continuation’?

So named because healing always continues on and unfolds. It has cosmic origins as so do we. Think Matariki for those in NZ.

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