Currently flying around the planets at this moment is a great flush of energy that has not come around our way before. 

Yes there have been similar crossings of energy that coincided with certain constellations but what is currently here and continuing to come in at this time is very new.

 Enjoy the energy.  Louise James –  29 July 2013


The energy that is flowing around the planetary system at this moment is one of strong feminine energy which can if one is not aware and conscious of the exact flow be mistaken for a balancing of masculine and feminine coming together.

I have used the image of two dragons holding and covering the golden egg to show the power of this time; also both dragons are of the female energy.  Silver and Gold – elements of earth yet both require the element of Water to nourish them as well as the element of Air to utilise their flight.  They join here in an intimate coupling of protection or covering of the egg, to ensure that it will be born / hatched / birthed in the correct time and place.

What exactly is this energy that we are tapping into during this time – there are those that will recognise the constellations in our night skies as the Star of David; two triangulations of constellations coming into each other defining the feminine energy of our Gaia – earth and the water (that covers 70% of Gaia).  It is time to balance our energies in a manner that brings peace to our own lineage.  It is time to look at ourselves and see where we are out of balance and what is creating a discord in our own connection to Core Centre and our inner connection to Source. When we can go in and vibrationally connect to all parts of ourselves and align the energy that is here to bring our own Higher Self closer in and connected to our conscious awakening mind (humanity) then we begin to tap into the feminine divine energy that is washing into this world and other planetary orbits.

Our planet is part of a big picture; we are just a cog in a turning that is potentially bringing into this realm a new flushing of strength that will bring balance to men and women around this globe.  It has the potential to bring to the open minds of those willing to see their part in the future of new governance, a stand and concept that will do away with the old energy of ruler-ship in many if not all nations.  This is not a call to revolt or to raise arms but it is a call to go within ones own consciousness and begin to recognise the inner strengths and knowing’s that are being re-awakened with many that are being shaken and called at this moment.

Dear readers, understand that every man, woman and child, if they are awakened and of intuitive knowing, will have begun to recognise the sense of ‘pause’ that has entered into this planet over the last 24 to 36 hours.  They will have begun to look beyond the normal places for answers and started to connect in new ways of knowing within their own core energy.

 Sacred Geometry in the night skies is but one way of attracting our attention, these great manoeuvres do not come about as a regular occasion, it is said that the last time that this pattern occurred in our skies was around the WW2,(1945). While this is true, there are other things we need to realise with this fluctuation of energy that is entering our world and consciousness.  It is a sensual and strong energy and if not correctly aligned (hence the earth and water energy) it can sway in a crazy pendulum manner.  Yet once you are aware of this energy and wish to connect into it there is power of creative energy abounding.

This energy can be tapped into in a sensual manner – allowing yourself to connect with those you wish to in this manner but it must be recognised that this is NOT a Kundalini energy flushing through our system or planet, it is the Feminine Divine, which means that when you connect to this you are able to tap into a means of communication with self, others and cosmically that enables ‘gentle manipulation’ of strength to move and change things so that they better fit the settings.  It is not for misuse but more for bringing back into alignment with grace and ease.

 Feminine energy that is entering in at this moment is perhaps the most powerful it as been for a long time, due to the intense gentleness and sensual connection of the cosmos connecting with many of us in this period of time.

Just as the Dragons portray a balance of flight, connection and observation over the egg so we must also hold this balance.  To tap into the almost excess of energy that is coming in to our world we must learn and recognise balance so that we can ensure that we are not swayed beyond what we can withstand.

Life is about to become very exciting and busy yet almost peaceful beyond out current understanding.

I am being directed to look around our world and see where change is being introduced at grass roots as well as changes in governmental stands.  This would be a place or nation to observe  how the energy is affecting the people.  Changes are happening all over and it normally will effect in positive ways, bringing change, agreements, dissolving of arguments and joining of ideas.  Now these can reflect on nations or individual lives so please be practical in your knowing and don’t read into something that is not there.

Just as energy is free to be tapped into so you must know and understand that you are free to not tap into this energy.  It is here to assist and uplift, to create with you a moment of energy sharing where you are co-creators with many thousands around the planet with a common intent, ease and grace for our world.

What is the ‘golden egg’ that you or we are holding in the energy?  How best can you bring this egg to full time of incubation utilising the energy around you? How are you endeavouring to connect with this most gentlest and strongest energy at this time?  It is playful and willing to connect on various level of connection, you just have to create the connection.

 How do you create the connection?  There are many out there that may be able to show or relay techniques of circles and drumming or ritual but for each NOW is the time to go inward to your own core centre for that true connection.  How you do it is to be defined by your own true self.  Whether it is through breathing and allowing self to surrender to the higher consciousness and be shown the steps of discovery, whether it is to meditate with others and tap into group energy, whether it is to stand / sit in circles with drumming and thus create a sensory connection with the energy, is to be decided by self.

By Louise James

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