What is Fluidity?

‘To be fluid is to be in constant awareness, to be aware that at any moment of your linearity or conscious state, life, reality, cosmic state of being, may change.  You may be taken from one place of understanding, and thrust into another.  To be fluid you must be in the ready.  You have the essence of knowing that things will change, when, you are not sure, but you know that they will.’

Fluidity is a word that seems to be used a lot recently.  Both in the channellings I give and by those that are around me.  It seems as if fluidity seems to be the new buzzword.  Yet truly what does it mean to the general person in the street.

Fluidity: a changeable quality is what the dictionary & Thesaurus give as an answer. So what exactly is the reason that we are told to be fluid or to be in fluidity or to allow the fluidity to move through us!

After giving this some thought and coming up with various answers ranging from – we need to be in a state of allowance of all things, to not let anything get the better of us or be annoying.  So armed with this I went to The Team that I work with to get some clarification on why they keep using this word fluidity.

Louise James - Chaneler with Ascension Explorers

Louise James – Chaneler with Ascension Explorers

I remember the first time I heard the use of the word in any of the channels that came through via the energy beings that work with us. It was via a very gentle energy being calling itself ‘Marcus’.  Not for any other reason than I would never be able to enunciate its name and that it happened to like the ‘sound’ of this name Marcus.  Apparently heard being referred to a honourable young man during a time period ‘Marcus’ was passing by. Marcus would speak to Heather & I about the fluidity of time, energy, and life, of all things in our world.  How we should look to the water of this planet for our guidance on how to move from one place to another.  How to be fluid in any given moment was to be in perfect connection with all that is around us.

Then about a year later AdamusTM began to use the word and so did Kuthumi and now so does Cifethr.  I went to them and asked “Why is the word or use of the word fluidity used so much in your conversations with us.

They replied: This word is used as such to ensure that you remember it.  If we were to use a word that is commonplace you would treat it as such – commonplace.  Yet when we use this word it remains in your energy and you begin to think and meditate upon it.

As you begin to allow the energy of the word to permeate your being, you begin to receive the message within the energy of the word.

To be fluid is to be in constant awareness, to be aware that at any moment of your linearity or conscious state, life, reality, cosmic state of being, may change.  You may be taken from one place of understanding, and thrust into another.  To be fluid you must be in the ready.  You have the essence of knowing that things will change; when, you are not sure but you know that they will.

You are pulled into the centre of knowing that all things are not equal and yet when you are in a state of change you realise that all things are equal.  As when you realise that nothing has a solid form because you are constantly changing the ‘solid world’ around you this therefore must also be in a constant state of change.

Now if you are in a constant state of change you should realise that there is an understanding that the form that you call reality is actually a non-reality.  It is the hologram that we have been talking about in many different ways.

By viewing the world and all that it contains in the true way of constant change this in itself should by rights make you view your own experience differently.  You are able to change the situations you are in by allowing change to come into your space.

How do you do this?  By believing in your reality of fluidity.  By being the changeable quantity in your life.  Fluid takes the shape of the container it is poured into, what if we, The Ascended, The Cosmic Councils, The Angelic etc, asked you to not just allow the shape to take place but to allow your energy of change to change the shape of the container by being the unknown factor in the quantity of change.  Be the difference that you are looking for in others, allow yourself to reach into your depths and come to know that you are indeed a fluid energy.

When we look at the human life we are reminded that you are at times as blocked and unmoveable as the dam walls that you construct to restrain the water that you believe needs to be stored up.  Yet the water tears down this same wall, that supposedly keeps the water back, when the strength of what is there is added to by storms or floods.  Why is it that nature always has a lesson in fluidity for you but you never seem to learn?  Why is it that we will speak of being fluid in your choices, life, creating, living etc. but you still retain some degree of stiffness that cracks under the pressure that is built up over time.  This pressure is normally created by the storms in your life due to reactions from Aspects and fears.

We, The Ascended, Angelic, the Cosmic, again would ask you why do you feel that you need to be in constant control of all that you ‘think’ is necessary.  Why do you not try and allow a space of fluid thinking, which is, to be honest, the most real way of being and allow the universe to connect with you in the moments of lucid knowing.  My dear human friends being fluid allows for all states of knowledge and understanding to flow into your being.  It is perhaps the easiest way to connect with the way of the universe.

You have all been told of the Universal Secret to increase your wealth, wisdom, health and life, and yet most of you read the book and the follow up book and the third the edition only to find yourself still attempting to be in the flow and to allow all things to come to you.  Why do you think that it takes so long to connect?  Yes, there is the concept of the seed being planted; yes, there is the understanding that you need to tell the Universe by thought, deed and word that you believe the changes in your thought structure and belief system.  Yes, you have many different concepts going through your mind and heart that have been taught to you by many great teachers, both human and energy, and yet still you stumble at the hurdles of ‘belief’.  Why?

We are beginning to see that it may be due to the inflexible state of your understanding and truth.  What do we mean by inflexible?  Simply this, that when we ask you to trust yourself you immediately say ‘but I do’, then when we say if you trust yourself then go out and do what is in your heart and allow the creation of what is there.  You say ‘OK’ and you begin to put things in place till that voice in your head begins to ask questions; ‘Why are you doing this and what is it going to achieve?’ and so on.  You begin to doubt your beliefs and truths and wonder why you are doing what you are doing.  It is almost as if you forget that you are following the fluid direction of the universe.

Fluidity in Spiritual Growth

Fluidity in Spiritual Growth

When you look at the universe, it is not structured in a linear way, it is fluid and loose yet it is knitted together with the most beautiful geometric patterning that could be created.  This fluidity of creation is what we want you to begin to patterning yourself on.  For when you pattern yourself on the ideals of the fluid movement of the universe, you begin to know and feel the rhythm of the universe.  You begin to recognise the feel and resonance of being in a balance of being, where you realise that it is in this neutral place of balance that you are able to tap into all parts of being.  Knowing that you are capable of all things by being fluid.  This is being in the flow of the river, feeling the abundance of all things in the middle of all that you are.  Know that it is in the state of ‘in-between’ that you are able to tap into the full fluidity of being the Energy Being that you are.  It is here that you truly tap into the Higher Self recognition of energy and power of being.  Being fluid is not just accepting that you need to be ‘in the flow’ of things but it is being fluid in all area’s at all times allowing the essence of what you do when you do it to seep in and around you as you begin to activate or create in that place of being.

Slowly I begun to realise that as we grow into our understanding of our limitlessness as creator beings and standing in the I AM that I AM of awareness, we begin to live and be in the fluidity of life.  It is not something that we need to go out and study to gain a degree but it is something we allow to be ‘absorbed’ into our being.  We begin to resonate with the fluidity of things so much easier than when we ‘analyse’ and try to use logic to work things out.

It is in the understanding of being fluid in all things that I am able to tap into the Source connection more fully and allow myself to believe that I am truly able to create and manifest in this time.  It is in the integration of this knowledge that allows me to see the hologram image of a river flowing and a person allowing the river to float them down to the destination.  It’s knowing that no matter what the circumstances, by being fluid I am able to stay in balance.

Just like Marcus said back in 2009 while we were channelling in the UK & Kauai, remain in the fluidity and see how all things come to you.  Do not resist any or all changes but welcome them.  For it is in the balance of the depths of fluid that you find where to swim or to walk.

Being in fluidity is to be in a place of ease, to be at peace and to know that if you are in fluidity you are in balance and if you are in balance then you are able to listen, see, and act at the perfect time.

Being fluid perhaps then, dear readers is not that difficult.

Thanks for reading.

 Louise James with the help of Cifehtr & Marcus 2011

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