The Galactic federation – the power of our chakra and meridian systems.

The Galactic Federation spokesperson was clear with this teaching about our chakras or points and their part in our empowerment espcially when linked to the pineal and heart.We have given intent for synchronising of these and it is hard to explain but we have a deeper knowing and a wider clarity and peace that was not there before. You of course must decide for yourself, as always.

In Creational Force – Louise and Heather Reiss – James

Audio and print here for our community.

Greetings. We The Council of Many Councils draw into your presence. We come and we welcome you into our vibration. We ask that you breathe, that you allow your energies to expand, to cast off from yourself at this moment the entrapments of thought, the entrapment of belief systems and anything that would weigh you into the quagmire of the human existence of this moment.

So breathe, and allow yourself permission to rise dear ones, to rise like the smoke above the fire, the heat from the sun, the mist from the trees, rise and be in the freedom, be in all that you know you are able to be.

We are of the Galactic Federation part or section of the quantified and united Council of Many Councils. Over the past years that this one has been bringing The Council through, we the Galactic have sat in the background so to speak, observing, watching and putting forward when necessary, information to the speaker of the time. But there has come a time for us to speak. We are here as guidance, support. Though we call ourselves the Galactic Federation understand that yes, whilst we have ships, our ships are not mankind per se, they are for human kind to learn. They are places of great scholastic environment, and believe me that part of that scholastic environment is warfare.   But understand this, my dear humans, that warfare is not as you perceive and what you are shown in your everyday lives. Yes there are moments of great trauma, yes there is moments and times of the giving and taking of life but mostly warfare is this: observing, understanding, negotiation, observation, more negotiation, giving and taking in negotiated parameters to the avoidance of the spillage of life force. And only, and only, when it is extremely impossible to reach a conclusion through negotiation and discussion do we then use the ships as tools of destruction.


Why do I speak to you in this manner? Why I the captain of one of the greatest ships within the Federation, why would I speak to you thus? Because, dear ones, all around you at the moment in your world warfare is being brokered. Notice I use the word ‘brokered’, not ‘negotiated’. There are what you would call brokers in your field of humanity who are literally vying for the highest bidder as if it is a gamble to create warfare, destruction.   But this is the beauty of humanity, it can be altered, it can be redirected when there are those who are in the knowledge, when there are those that are in the essence of change. So I draw close with permission from those of the Federational Council to speak with you this night to give you understanding of the power of your energy.

You have for the last 30 odd years or longer of human time been intrigued with your chakras. You have cleared them, you have aligned them, you have vibrated them, you have toned into them, you have married them to the meridians to ensure that your meridians in your human body are clear, that your energy flow is unblocked. We would ask you this question. Why do you think you are so intrigued, so enamoured, so fascinated with your chakras, your power points of the body? Why are you so intrigued with your meridians? Why do you have the understanding, dear ones, that these need to be clear at all times that it is shall we say prevalent to ensure that there is clear communication that your meridians are open to allow flowing of energy. Perhaps dear ones it is because you innately know that you yourselves are a tool of warfare.

light body

Now you may not like to hear that terminology, but you are. When all of your chakras or your power points are in perfect vibration and perfect synchronisation – I don’t want to use the word ‘in alignment’ because that makes you think everything is in a straight line. Your chakras are actually so misaligned yet powerfully and deliberately positioned in their unique placements that they bring a harmonised force of clarity that light is able to pass through them with such force and focus that when it is able to travel through the chakras that are in the correct vibration then pass through into the meridians back directed to the heart and reconnected to your pineal you are a locked and loaded laser. I use words that you would understand.

By your intent of focus of energy when you are in situations and circumstances where there are blocks where there are borders, where there are resistances in your way and you choose to use your energy that has been focused through the chakras, fed through the meridians and redirected back to the heart, you are a locked and loaded ray, a laser to aim at the resistance, the blockage and blast it completely out of your existence.

Now imagine dear ones, that same power 100, 200 fold in the hearts of our ships. The reason I refer to it is because the same system that is in you is universally used by other cultures and species. Your chakras are nothing unique to you, they are unique to the Universe, understand this. But here lies the difference. Whilst you are in human form, for some reason you forget how to bring them into synchronicity, how to bring them into vibrational connection, how to bring them into the flowing energy force that they can be.

To rise above circumstance and situations is all well and good, it is something that you should all be able to do by the time you are a 6 month old awakened Being. By the time you are a year you should know how to leave behind that which is the sticky and the irritants of circumstantial life. In your present states you should all be able to vibrate your chakras into purest formation so that when one looks at you instead of seeing the colour of the aura on the outer Being they should see the purified colour scheme of the spectrum penetrating down through your particular physiology coincided with the energy flowing through your meridians, Universe through you to Gaia and back again. The purest of white light flowing through your meridians. And here’s the kicker, dear ones, many of you are Pleiadian connected so therefore part of your connection to your meridians and clearing is accessing the blue energy of the Pleiadian empire which is a very powerful fluid, if you can think of it this way, that not only energises, heals, rejuvenates your physiology but it enhances your intent and your focus. So as you are dealing with that which is your intent and you then raise your vibration you raise your angle, your weaponry, your laser is raised from the Heart chakra and you are now locked and loaded.

Now, yes I speak in a military manner using terminologies of war. You are at war, dear ones. You are, to use the phraseology of Council not so long ago, in crisis. But who are you at war with, and who are you aiming your laser, your energy core to? What if we said it is aimed at yourself, you are at war with yourself. Not your neighbour, not your government, not your partner but yourself? But Captain, how can I aim my own weaponry at myself? Very simply, your world is your creation and if you are destroying by your focused words and your focused thoughts your world around you, you are aiming it at yourself. You are at war with yourself.

But, utilising the same energy, the same content, the same intent and speaking and aiming it in your world to create, to focus the energy on a particular point, to build, you are enhancing yourself. The warfare becomes creational force and this is the point I am concentrating on. Creational Force.

creational force

We have spent millennia doing exactly the previous part in destroying, at war with ourselves and each other. Hence we now are in the Council of Many Councils because not only does this bring us under accountability but we are then those that make accountability to others and they are accountable to us and so the journey of healing within the species begins.

Who are you accountable to? Who do you put yourself into accountability with? Understand this is a very delicate yet important question. For your first reply it should have been ‘I am accountable unto myself for I am empowered and mastered and I Am that I Am’, and that is good. But who do you go to, to be held accountable to, to hone your intent, to sharpen your vision, to gain the wisdom that you desire? Who do you go to that will give you the guidance to bring you back into line? Because believe me dear ones when we are accountable to only ourselves everything is possible and everything is right and everything is as it should be and “you are not to come into my space and tell me that I cannot do this for am I not I Am That I Am and who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?”

That is in many ways correct but it is also in what you would call in your humanness the attitude of a demigod, the attitude of one who is above the laws and that is not who I speak to. Because yes, you are the I Am That I Am within yourselves and you are creating a clear and concise communitive communication pathway to yourself, your heart, the Universe and to those that are close to you. But who brings you back when you have strayed. Because there are times when even those of us who believe that we know better will stray without realising it and that is when we need one who is wiser, more observant, to come and say Akashish, back in line. You may be captain of many ships but you are accountable to me, I see this, come back into line.

And understand this my friends, those who you choose to be accountable to, know your power and are not afraid of it. Not because they are more powerful than you, perhaps because they are weaker than you or lesser than you. Yet, they know through the – what you would call gentleman’s agreement, what we will refer to as the promise of freedom within self and out of self. No harm comes to them because of your promise to self of accountability.

Accountability is lacking in your world. Creational force comes when accountability is present. When your world feels as if it has got, what you refer to I believe as, a speed wobble, when everything is going according to plan and yet there is a squeak you cannot quite fix, you cannot quite locate, stop. Go back, when did it first start? Realign your vision. Breathe, bring back the vibration into the chakras, re-synchronise, allow the formation to vibrate in its unique and powerful setting. Clear the meridians, allow the Universe to lock and load it’s energy into you to ground you and to expand you so that when you walk forward you are accountable for every step, every word that you say and you are able to speak creational force into your circumstances and situations and blow everything that is unnecessary and resisting and blocking your journey out of the way.

Now understand this, there are certain things that will not move no matter how much you blast them, no matter how much force you put against them and these are your markers, these are your teachers. They could be human beings, they could be circumstances, they could be dreams, they could be fears. Yes, I said fears. And you have been taught to integrate and you have been taught all of these different things and that is correct, I do not give you a secondary teaching but fears are there to remind you, to refocus you, not to send you scattering into the dark shadows and not come out, they are there to get your attention. Why is the fear there, what is it telling me and how do I approach it?   Once you have those the dealing with it is easy but you need to know that first. The reason that there are things that come against you seemingly that do not move is not because the world and the Universe is against you it is indeed rather asking you a question. Where are you in your accountability, where are you in your focus, where are you in your one world warfare?

Because understand this as well. Right here, right now in the reality of realities you do not exist. The only existence right now is this vessel of which I speak. You are holographic images of your world where you exist that you have chosen to connect into this one’s existence. In reality you are in your own world space. You are in your own world space. You exist in conjunction with many other human souls that have chosen to live on this planet but it is your choice to project your holographic world onto your holographic existences the choices and desires and movements that have brought you to this gathering. Because, correct me if I’m wrong, if your creational force when your alarm that you program into your existence to program you to waken at a certain time didn’t go off, and you chose not to move you would not be here because your creational force would have been focused elsewhere and you would be in another existence in another time and place.

There is a reason groups are brought together. There is a reason of their existence. What is the reason of this group’s existence? Surely you know. Because when you come from a single realisation of why you are here your creational joint force and your creational knowledge and your accountability of each other within the group as a group is a 100 fold stronger.

Understand my dear humans that this is not a message to bring you to a place of disconcertion, of being found wanting, of thinking that there is perhaps missing items in your life. Instead it is my desire, my hope to present to you the common feeling of the Federation that you are more as you have been told, more than your present existence but you keep forgetting, you keep taking off your cloak, your mantle of greatness and putting on the coat of human smallness. You would say back to me ‘no I don’t I’m feeling rather big and rather strong and rather this and rather that’ -hmmm – until the next thing comes along and you forget who you are and you react in the human parts that you are.

When was the last time you used your chakras and your meridians to power and to energise the laser force of weaponry, your core energy, your heart energy to clear the space before you so that you were able to be free to create to motivate yourself and others? Ponder the words that I have said this night for others will come in your humanness and challenge what I have shared. Oh they may not challenge you as you would expect but it will be in thought and deed and action, circumstantial.

Highlights – points of reference – why are you here? What is the purpose of your group? What is your functional creative force? What is your integrity? Who are you accountable to? What are you creating, how are you creating it, how do you connect and what are you doing in your World in your warfare of One?   It is not that complex, it is not that simple either. There are many things that have been spoken, many things that I have shared that make sense, but don’t.   It is not up to you to go and ponder the parts that don’t because they make perfect sense when they are meant to make sense and they will fall into line and they will come into conjunction and connect into the synaptics that they are meant to connect into at the right time.

Because remember dear ones I am seeing you in the future, in the past as well as in the present and so I am speaking to all parts of you simultaneously.

Do not fear the heavy heart because it tells you that you are a – I was going to use the word ‘beast’ but The Council tell me this refers to many different meanings on the planet so I will use the word ‘Being’ instead. You are a Being of connection, of compassion, of understanding – never lose this. For whilst you can understand and empathise, observe and be present you do not always have to be involved because dear ones, if you are always involved there will come a time when you will no longer wish to be here, you will no longer wish to be present upon this planet because your life is so overcharged, so overwhelmed that there is nothing left for you but the depths of despair because you do not know how to get rid of, let go of, everyone else’s problems. I believe in your world you would call this depression. You do not want this. What you need and desire – and yes I say what you ‘need’ and you should be desiring is the opening of your Pineal gland, the connective cords and connective tissues to your heart space, to your physical heart your energy heart. Clear meridians, free flowing energy through this and synchronised, vibrating, empowered, clear, unified chakras.

energy body

Now I do not go for many of the teachings of awakening and spending much time meditating on the different chakra zones but I do ensure that each one of mine is in correct vibrational tone, correct colour vibration, synchronicity. It is like listening to a radio within yourself that has the perfect tune, the perfect connection. When that connects to your meridians it is like hearing your heart beat through the stethoscope of a doctor, perfect unity and power flooding through you.

Know this. You are not alone. We walk with you, many of us on the Council, not just the Galactic Federation but many of us. Many of our inter-species of the Councils walk with you daily, watch over you as you sleep. Why? You are precious, you are chosen. Chosen? Yes, each one of you that hears this knows you are here for a specific reason. Some of you have begun to realise what that reason is, others have known for a long period of time, others are still finding out.   And if I were to give you one last word of encouragement it would be – do not be overly concerned as to finding out why you are here on planet Earth because you instinctively already know it you just have to remember it and it will reveal itself to you the more you allow the freedom to come into your life.

So I am the speaker of the Galactic Federation. It has been a privilege, it has been an honour to speak to you humans in this way, to participate in your discussion, to impart to you the knowledge that is relevant for your moment at this time, even if you do not see it, it is relevant. But more importantly it is good that your future knows what your present is aware of and your past has forgotten.

Be at peace and grow in your own empowerment, in your integrity, your accountability but mostly grow in your creational force.

Thank you.

Galactic Federation of The Council of Many brought through by

Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2016

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