August  5 2013

Via Louise James

Greetings dear children, greetings from the very depths of my energy, the very depths of my being.  I am Gaia.  I am the mother of all that have been birthed upon this land, upon the lands that  you call Earth, I am she who shivers and shakes and rolls and at times explodes and other times is quiet.  I am Gaia.  Full of love and compassion, teaching.  I bring you to the very bosom of mine, I cover you with the very blanket of the sky, with the warmth of the sun and I water you with the waters of my tears of joy and of sadness.  I quench your thirst by the many rivers that are flowing through my veins, and I clothe you with that which is grown upon the very surface of my skin be it vegetation or animal.  It is there for you to use and to take and to be a part of the cycle and circle of life.

I am Gaia and tonight I have drawn close to remind you that your lives are intertwined with the most glorious of all lives, mine.  Yes, I may say that with a little humour for you are all connected with me and likewise I am connected with you.  I am in this moment going through that which is change.  Those that are amongst you may identify the word that you humans use, menopause.  This is not what I am going through, I am going through human pause, (laughs).  But understand dear ones, my time of change, my time of shifting needs to occur and I will be changing the frequency of the earth plane in various parts of your globe.  These will become simultaneous events that happen within the night skies to the planets that circle around you.  There will be some similarities of patternings, there will be similarities of different things occurring on the surface of your planet that will seem co-incidental, but nothing is co-incidental.  Everything is in purpose and everything is within plan, my plan.


Understand dear ones that I have nothing but your highest growth at my heart.  I have come this night to share with you the facts of life.  Not the lives and facts that you are aware of as growing as humans but of many other ways and frequencies.  For as you travel upon the surface of my world, of my skin, understand that you take with you vibrations and frequencies from place to place.  And as you enter into new land masses you take the vibration that you are born with, you take the vibration of the land that you call home and you take it to the place that you visit.  You take it to the place that you will be visiting for a period of linearity whether it is a day, a week, a year or a decade. You are in that place aligning frequencies, aligning magnetic forces whether you are aware of it or not.  And the fact is dear ones that as you begin to ground this frequency, as you begin to walk the planes of the Earth you begin to take with you information, information of a genetic patterning from one realm to another, from one country to another.  And so it is that even through the most strictest of your human barriers that prevent you from trying to take this and that into this nation and that nation, you will still take it because I ask you to.  Because when you come into places of a genetic and a energetic exchange you place strength and enhancement into other places.  Likewise as others bring to here.  It is divinely perfect and I say this quite deliberately.

For this nation,(talking about New Zealand) along with the other smaller nations around it have been placed in the most unique and wondrous positionings so that as the winds of change begin to blow upon this world that the winds will cover them not, it will bypass them and then there will be the touch, then there will be the great touch of wind and movement awakening and this will be this nations and the surrounding islands and nations, awakening moment.  And I use this word ‘awakening’ to bring your attention to the fact that although you may seem to be ‘awakened’ there is more to be alert for, there is more to be conscious of, there is more that is coming dear ones.  And yes, many of you say ‘come Gaia, split asunder, bring forth the changes of reality’, and I say ‘but why, I have done this many times and it has been covered, it has been denied.’  So I will bring my changes in a way that will be undeniable. I will bring the changes that need to occur in such a way that humanity will not be able to deny me or those that have been before.  This does not mean I am going to destroy.  This does not mean I am going to bring in waves upon waves of destruction.  Understand dear ones this is not my heart, this is not the way of growth, this is not the way of being.  And yet it is the way of change.  There are ways of change where I will split and I will bleed and I will bring forth fire and I will cover the skies with my ash.  And I will flood, and I will recede and I will clear, and I will be silent, and I will heal.  And it is in these moments of change that you may then discover in your own beingness the truth of where you are, the truth of the lands that you walk upon and the lands that have been covered that you may grow to be where you are.

Understand that you are separated from a land mass to your South and to your North and to your West, and as you have separated yourselves from these land masses so you may recognise parts of similar breeds of beings, of insect, of plant, of bird, of animal.  Understand that these parts that you have separated from are not necessarily going to rush back to you.  There may be moments where your waters will recede for a generation or four.  Then they may come back in – then they may not; but know that I will and I shall work with you to bring out the best for this land.  And if I bring out the best for this land then it will evolve globally around me but the lands will be changed.  For what happens in one part of your globe must have a balance in the other parts.


You understand dear ones, that the energy that has been coming in at this moment is known as the Water Trine and the Earth Trine, and is rather unique.  And many have brought forward their observations, their guesswork, their understandings of what exactly is to be done.  ‘Oh it is to ground the Earth energy, for one must ground the Earth energy’.  No, one must release the Earth energy and ground the Water, ground the Water energy, for this is the fluid energy of change and when you release and allow the ground energy or the Earth energy to be in what we would call a state of float or a state of higher tension, what you are doing is allowing this trine to be in a position of unification, of gravitational reverse that you may begin to see the fluctuations of energy upon this land as a whole across the world.  And watch the waters change, watch how it effects the grounding of the Water Trine or in other words, allow the gold to be fluid and the fluid silver to be solid.

Allow yourselves to do the opposite to what you think should be done. And because in doing that which you believe should always be done because it’s always been done this way and this is the right way to do things, does not always bring about the best results.

Allow the gravitational to repel the Earth Trine for this will bring a hovering, a hovering dear ones of energy, making room for the water to flow, making room for that fluid energy to intermingle, to become dispersed in many various ways.  For you do not want to ground it so solidly that it cannot grow, cannot expand, cannot fluctuate, cannot express and yet you do not want the Earth trine to be so above that it is not truly grounded.  Allowing yourselves to see and to feel this energy is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourselves at this moment.  For when you are able to utilise the energy of the anti-gravity as you would call it or the non grounding of the Earth, the heavy, the solid, but allow yourselves to pull in the fluid energy, ground this energy dear ones.  Pull this energy into your beings, into your meridians, into the meridians of your Gaia.  Allow the fluidity to flow and flush through you, bringing through such clearing and cleansing.  Allow yourself to feel the touch of the water that is not just water, it is fluid energy, it is untouched as never been on this planet before.  Oh yes, it is representative of what has been at another time but this has not been here, this energy is new, this Water energy, this representation of fluidity is here for you to bathe in, to wash in, to play in, to rejoice in, to heal in, to abound in, to dance in, to laugh in, to allow and to surrender into knowing that as you are pulling it in it is expanding out of you.  And as you walk and connect to that which is the Earth energy, or the Earth trine, so you are tapping into that which is the anti-gravity. You are tapping into that which will allow those things that weigh you down to lift off.  Those things that begin to be a burden, to be expelled from your energy through the breath that you so easily take.

Oh dear, dear, dear, humans.  The energy that has come into this time, into this place of your Earth time, has not been to bring you into a placement of disturbance but a placement of renewal, a placement of rejuvenation, of revitalisation, of reassessing what is within yourselves, truly balanced fluid energy.


The facts of life dear ones is not everything that you see is true.  You must look at the energies that are coming through at this moment with new eyes, with new awarenesses.  For there are times where I will bring information via my animals, my plants, my wind, my people and I will share new truths, new understandings.   For the magnetics of your planet are undergoing changes, your poles are beginning to respond differently.  Yes, your poles, not mine, for my poles are always in the exact same spot that I choose them to be.  But feel into what is now your awarenesses and bring into your placement of being the balance that you desire.

Dear ones, there is much occurring at a global and planetary alignment at this time where many fluctuations of energy caused by orbital passings of different stars and planets around your Earth, around me, your Gaia.  As they bypass us so they throw their weight into the mix and those who are off kilter, out of balance, will find themselves being swayed a little.

And so I would say at this time, ground your own energy into that which is the very centre of my core.  Feel the deepest part of me resounding with you, then reaching up, out and inward, allow your energy to settle and connect with the core energy of the Sun.  Between that and myself you will feel your true connection and balance to this planetary system as the new energy of this Star of David, this Trine energy, this gateway, this Divine Feminine Energy, as it enters in in a completion of dance, freedom, intuitiveness.   As it comes into your space, as it comes into your knowing, dear ones allow yourself to surrender, surrender into and allow yourselves to celebrate the changes.  Join me in human pause, Earth pause. 

You are changing, rejoice, rejoice. I am Gaia and know that these changes are coming at a Global covering.  I will continue to change on an outward and surface way all over my planet, it feels right.  And when I do need to shall we say ‘blow the fuse’, I will tell you, I will give you warning for I love you and you are indeed beloved of my heart.       I am Gaia.

Brought through by Louise James

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