Pulsing for Gaia – Ekara (Audio/Video)

Pulsing for Gaia – Ekara (Print)

Greetings friends, greetings upon that which is the heartbeat of Gaia. I greet you in community, I greet you with an open fire, I greet you with a welcome of all that is here.   I Am Ekara and I come and I draw nearby because in this moment, in this time, I ask that you would recognise, I ask that you would begin to see how the fluctuations of energy, the fluctuations of magnetics, of the grid lines, the ley lines, magnetic lines within this very crust, this very Earth of Gaia are beginning to resonate and respond and react to different vibrations that are being sent through the planet via man made essence. The Schumann resonance is being manipulated, not in a way that, shall we say, is going to be noticed by the multitude of people but you will begin to feel various tweaks when you travel, when you connect.

Why do I Ekara speak to you as such?   Normally I will come to you and speak to you about the great community, the connection of the fire, to utilise the wood in the fire to bring peace and to find solutions of disagreements or agreements.   But it is of importance as you begin this journey that you are on, of the discoveries of all things that you are aware at this particular time there is a structure, there is a variance within Gaia and it is not something that is of her making, it is man made. There is a healing that is to be penetrated deep into Gaia not only by yourselves but we request this of many and all light workers that we communicate with.


Because what has begun to happen and what is beginning is that as this variance of vibration of a man made frequency is penetrating so it reacts and interferes with the natural order of things. So when you begin to travel with the Ley lines, when you begin to travel and connect to the Magnetics, not only within Gaia but upon that which is her circumference and in the stratospheres above what begins to happen is a disconnect. You are connected but you are not connected if this is a concept you can perceive

Now, this is nothing, shall we say, to alarm you about for the damage, if you wish to use this word, that will happen from this abuse is minimal – now.   But if it is to continue just like any wounding of your own physical body that is not allowed and not given time to heal, the small bruise turns into a larger bruise which turns into a larger sore which begins to fester which comes to the surface, erupts and becomes unpleasant and more, shall we say, in need of attention than if it had been dealt with in the very beginning.

Now this may be a little of a different communication with you this night but understand that with the information that is broadcast at a level of instruction or informing, underneath what I am communicating to you is energetic. You are energy beings, you are magnetic beings, you are crystalline, therefore your energy is able to communicate and respond to the very energy of Gaia.


It is at this time that we would ask you to join the many hundreds and shall we say thousands of Light Workers around this planet that we have approached in singularity and groups. Uniting with a common thought, a common intent to ground like a lightning rod the energy of You into Gaia. But instead of penetrating deep into her body we ask that you would send your energy as a network over the surface and up to 30 centimetres into her surface. Once you have connected and formulated this network of energy, this symphony that has been created, we then ask you to penetrate a further 30 centimetres and formulate a fencing or a connective grid that will pulsate at a regular beat of every 20 seconds. Every 20 seconds is a pulse, just a regular ….whoo…….whoo……whoo,[pronounce foo, a sound] this pulse of energy that would be from your heart space that would be from your core will resonate through the network or resonate through this grid that you are placing upon the Earth, upon Gaia and will gain in power and velocity and energy.   For your pulse every 20 seconds will unite with the pulse that is coming from the others on their 20 seconds.

Now understand that when you start and you begin your 20 second relay, another person is beginning to breathe and connect and they will start theirs in their 20 second relay.   Now it maybe that you co-incidedly start at the same time and this is good, but more practically you will start and then perhaps 5 or 6 seconds later they will start so it will be ….whoo,..whoo,…whoo,…whoo.   Now then, apply this 100 fold. You have 100 pulses going off some simultaneously but mostly a couple of seconds to a second separation. What do you think is going to happen?   It now begins a relay of energy pulsating, feeding energy into Gaia pulsing whoowhoowhoowhoowhoo and what begins to happen is Gaia’s energy begins to respond to this – shall we call it a fencing – holding the 60 centimetres of soil – the 60 centimetres of ground at her surface, a grid of energy electrified. Thus nullifying any interference of any manipulative vibration.

Gaia grids

Now why, you may say to us. “Why do you not send it deeper, surely we should send it to her core?”   No. 60 centimetres, no more, no less.   The reasons for this is that yes vibration travels to great depths but it’s most powerful entry is the first 30 to 60 centimetres because that is where the Earth’s surface is most vulnerable. Yes, if you are able to get on a fracture, on a hole within Gaia’s surface, yes it may go deeper. But with the network or the grid that you place upon her surface, this will hold together any tremors, this will hold together any loose particles that may come apart unnecessarily.   Obviously there are set points within her skin that she has designated to stretch, to tear, to explode, to shrink, to swallow, to expand and this will occur whether or not the grid is there.   But where her skin the surface is not meant to split or tear or implode or explode, this grid will hold it together like a mesh that you place over a wound to allow the platelets to grow to form a scab to form fresh skin for your own bodies, so you are doing this for Gaia.

Now, while you meditate upon this information remember that as always I have always come to you with openness, with no hidden agenda for Gaia is my parent, my mother and it is to her that I give recognition, honour and thanks for my life for she has taught me to travel within her very belly through the Ley Lines, the Magnetics. And for those of you who travel on her Ley Lines you may have felt over the last month or so a difficulty in processing the travel, of accessing the information. You may have questioned ‘what is different’ and it is this very reason.

Now you also say to me, ‘Ekara, where is this manipulation coming from? Shall we spin the Sword of the Michael, what shall we do about this vibration that has been illegally placed within Gaia?”   And I would say to you it is the vibration that has been put down by the many corporations that are raping the Earth of her minerals and her fossil fuel, gasses etc., etc. and now they are using the same techniques to find precious water.

Dear ones, it is imperative that Gaia’s aquafasts remain intact. The reason I say this is if you empty them then you are going to find more and more of the so called sink holes.   Gaia has a network of veins that run within her, full of water. They go deep into the continents that support you and there is an equilibrium there is a balance there is life under the surface that you do not see.


Sinkhole Canada

Sinkhole Canada 2016

But when you, humanity, begins to draw out, begins to take without replacing there must be a balance in the imbalance and if there is nothing there to support the continental structure then she will allow the void to be filled. Whether it means to create another void, thus your sink holes, or the rushing in of impure waters and impurities which create in itself a decaying process which will eventually seep to the surface of your land bringing with it disease and disharmony because balance needs to be maintained whether that balance is, in your eyes, an incorrect balance or not. i.e. unsuitable water unsuitable environmental care. Gaia will fill the voids.


Now. That is shall we say the first chapter or the first pages of what I would read for you this night of the epistle that is before me, the story of Gaia, so far. But if we turn the page or flip the coin onto the other side and we look at the healing processes that you connect to for Gaia, for humanity, for the consciousness of all and we begin to see that everything needs to pass through the vibrational gridline the vibrational mesh that you have placed within her surface. Everything that falls upon her surface and everything that rises from beneath to the surface must pass through this vibrational mesh. Do you begin to see why I have asked you for not just the 30, but double to 60 centimetres because as the surface water begins to come to the top it must pass through the filtration of your mesh for purification.

As you connect with the Light Workers, with the Gaianaians, do you like that? Gaianaians, allow yourself to connect to these, these wonderful people of Gaia who carry the light, and begin to infuse vibrational light, crystalline energy, into the mesh and become the filters, become the healers of Gaia.

Oh my dear friends it would be so easy for me to speak of old Lemuria, it would be so easy for me to talk about how things have been, to bring reconciliation through utilising the fire and the sticks and the wood to burn until all has come to peace. It would be so easy for me to ask you to connect in vibration and energy and transport yourself back into the times of old to the energy cause, to the schooling places that have been set up. It would be easy, or easier than to bring to your attention and to bring to your knowledge what I am doing at this moment. But understand that there is always a reason and the reason at this moment that I have made my fire open, open for all energy and human to see and to be intrigued by is because it will take the energy of the humans and those they connect with in the energy to create the mesh to create the energy connection. It will take the connection of the animals and the plants with the humans.   It will take all consciousness to infuse the energy that you place within the Earth with pure light. The light and the pure energy that you were informed of by your Platorans many, many months ago.   Everything that you have been given educationally is for a reason.   You are being given more and more information dear ones, it is not for storing it is for using.

cover for Mastering TimeYou could stop time, did you know that? and you could in the moment of stopping time you could place markers into Gaia thus far and no more and you could spend an eternity in the moment you stop to bring correction and redefining the elements within her so that when you start time again the eternity that was stopped begins to flow but as she flows she has new energy she has new skin she has new dimensions, she has new connectivity.

Now you may say to me but what causes this vibration, what causes this disarray of energy within her. As I have said it is the big mighty corporations as they seek to pillage her of the different elements of her skin of her body.   It is your scientists wishing to penetrate deep into her bowel to gain insight and knowledge that is not theirs to gain. It is by sending vibrational impulses out into the stratosphere and above that disrupts the harmony of the cellular structure not only of your Earth but that which you call your heavens your sky, your clouds, your stratosphere, your atmosphere. And when this is disrupted it allows through the cracks that are made, infiltration of energy that is otherwise kept out.

Now do not take this as a doom and gloom message. Instead I challenge you to look at what I have told you, I have given you factualitys, now any good science driven Light Worker would look at this and say ‘very good, this is what is occurring, what is the solution’. The solution is within the message, but how do you activate it? Dear ones, you activate it through that which is your choice through that which is your connectivity.

You are not small, you have heard this before. You are not a few, you are many, do not think that this is something that is beyond you, indeed it is not but it is within your power to change things it is within your power to alter the dynamics of what is currently occurring within your planetary system and please note when I use the word system I am not talking of the great galactic dance I’m talking of the systematic system within your planet. Look to the insects, look to the plant life, look to the animals and see how they interconnect with the interspecies communication. Follow their example for they are setting up a parameter, they are setting up skill sets to protect themselves to assist in their own longevity.

Volvanic eruption 2

Remember this, dear ones, a few good floods, a few good eruptions, a few good earthquakes from the North to the South Pole and Humanity would be snuffed out and Gaia would still survive and she would repopulate, regrow and she would Be. And you? yes you would be, you would exist but no longer here, no longer enjoying this place on Gaia. So bring back the balance, re-instigate the flow of energy and allow above all the balance within Gaia. As some would say, the ying and the yang, this needs to be realigned, reconnected for it has become to separate. Bring it back together with your energy, with your intent that is connecting into the hundreds of thousands that are already activating what they have heard on a message in similar voice such as this.

You are indeed guardians you are indeed protectors, gardeners, lovers of the planet, lovers of mankind, it is now time to become a true guardian, a true lover of mankind a true lover of Gaia. It is now time to begin.

So I leave you with this now. I ask that you heed what I have said. Go into the words and understand.

I Am Ekara.

Be Blessed.

May 16 2016

(Channelled via Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2016)