Gaia says It’s time to ‘look up!’

There are times when Gaia speaks to us in a manner that makes us sit up and take notice.  This Tuesday night channelling was one of those moments.  In this communication she asked us to begin to take our focus off of the ground and look up.  Look Up to the horizon, look up to the cosmic and to begin to see what is there and what we can learn is happening to our world.

In her loving and mothering ways she spoke from her heart.  She was ‘sarcastic’ when necessary and raised her voice to push home a few points.  Yet throughout her message was the pure love and encouragement to ‘avoid the tar traps and look up’.

This audio is shared with the understanding that we are all in separate moments of growth and we will all respond, differently, to the resonance of her energy with this message.

There is a lot here that Gaia talks to us about, some seems a bit confusing but she has an integral line of thought and energy that she is sharing.