Sept  1 2014

Ekara is an ancient Lemurian teacher and shares a powerful message about our conscious connection to Gaia and the Cosmic realms. Ekara brings clarity that is charged with energy to this teaching.

How aware are you of your conscious connection to everything, Gaia, our Cosmic family, ourselves?  Consciousness has become this hip new age phrase. Yet are we really going inward and understanding the depth and power of being truly conscious?


Some key statements from the message are:

You are woven like a piece of material of high quality into the consciousness of the cosmic way of life if you were not then you would not have the connections of the cosmic families that you do.

Connect to the energy fluctuations of Gaia – no breath or exercise that will connect you to her she will connect to you in her way with uniqueness like the prints upon your fingers so is her connection to each of you different.

You must have mastery over your consciousness.


There are many layers of consciousness – they are layers of time, cosmic lives, human lives, layers of experience. Layers of mass consciousness. Multiple layers of ‘dead’ consciousness.

Your awareness of consciousness is by speaking, thinking, illuminating in consciousness, writing in consciousness, everything!

In the commonality is strength as you connect in the commonality you vibrate stronger your connection of consciousness is deeper and more thorough. As you connect you can do so for great moments of creation, healing, communication, enhancement, validation, love, peace, for everything.

Are you the key to all other parts of yourself becoming this ‘conscious being connection’?

That is for you to decide. That is for you to become aware of. To become so centrally focused on who and what you are that the expansiveness around you is a simultaneous effect. This is not difficult to understand dear ones for you can only go to the further most parts of your expansion, as you are willing to go to the furthest most parts of your inner knowing. Because the further inward you go, you will find that you are out to the furthest expansions of knowledge. –


Ekara will very possible sharing bringing through Consciousnesses teachings at our Summer Retreat camp Northland NZ, December 29 until January 2 2015 details here Blurb pdf our Summer Retreat 2014 and on our events calendar.












Ekara via Louise James, Ascension Explorers © 2014

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