The Council of Many Councils – The Freedom of Being – June 15 2015

Monday Night Group.

The Council of Many Councils as long as we have known them have been a representation of the Brotherhood of Light, The Galactic Federation, The Pleiades Council and many, many, other Groups and Councils including a Group of Humans in their energy form.

Their term for Ascension is ‘The Freedom’ or ‘The Freedom of Being’.

In this communication they talk to us about ‘ letting go’, disengaging from the distractions of life and whatever is holding us back.

More than ever as we were listening to this  we felt a sense of almost urgency to take up the challenge and let go. That is not quite the right term but there was a ‘strong encouraging’ within their energy for us to join them in moving forward.

Mentioned: Pineal gland activation, Akashic records, Crystalline Grid, Magnetic Grid lines, Lightworkers, Consciousness, Leadership, Energy Force, Holographic, Magnetic energy, Bridges of connection, Building new, let go, holistic, abundance, poverty

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…”And why is it that we have drawn to you. Why is it that we have come into this place this night after, shall we say, a space, a time of silence? Because dear ones, we are here to encourage you. Encourage you to let go. To cut all and every tie that would chain you to the vibration, to the frequency, to the life that you know as normal. (laughs). This is not meant to cause apprehension or wariness but to instil within you excitement. Instil and ignite within you the awareness of the potential of the availability, of the wherewithal of your future divine moments.

You see when you allow yourself to be held back by relationships, by commitments, promises, by unspoken agreements, by contracts, you allow yourself to be tethered, you allow yourself to be bound to a time, a frequency, a moment of existence that will hold you forever.   Now this may seem contrary to your upbringing, contrary to your belief system, contrary to that which you feel is your normality, your regular beingness.

But dear ones, if you wish, if you desire to climb higher in the evolution of heightened awareness, to shift your vibration from where you are to the multitudes of heights that await you, you will have to disengage. Disengage does not mean to disavow, to totally forget, to become separated from an entirety. To disengage means that you put yourself in free flow, it means that you allow energy to flow in and around through and with you directing you, taking you to places, that when you are engaged are unattainable. Think of your vehicles. Your vehicles when they are in neutral or disengaged from any of the 4 or 5 or 6 placements on their gearings, your vehicle is easily moved. If you place it on a hill it will gather speed, if it is on a flat you will be able to move it by manual labour, or to tow it by another vehicle. This is a human example of being disengaged, in a neutral state of being”…





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