An Energy shift may mean moving to the new fire pit.

The next quarter of 2014

(This message is from Monday night forum May 2014 Cifehtr via Louise James  © Ascension Explorers)

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Greetings dear friends, I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am Cifehtr. It is a wonderful time of energy, a wonderful time of co-creation and it is indeed a time where many of you – shall I just be honest I have been sitting here listening to the conversation as you have shared – many of you are coming to a place of change, many of you are coming to a realisation that you are in the……. if I can just use this terminology, the birthing place of the new you. You are shedding the cocoon, shedding the constraints and the old systematics that you have been comfortable with, that you have been using, to step into new things, new ways of being.

Now, when you step into something, when you step into a new consciousness, when you step into a new understanding, a new teaching, what happens at times is you feel the old insecurities beginning to quiver, beginning to shake, beginning to do their desperate dance, what I call desperate dance. You see they need to hold onto something to keep you where they are at so that you don’t move forward. Now many of you are saying to yourselves ‘it is time, it is time, it is time, the old ways, the old me’s the old ways of doing things, although they are comfortable, do not satisfy as much.

Now, understand when I’m talking about ‘old ways’ I’m not talking about your foundations, I’m not talking about your truths, I’m not talking about these bounding creative energies that will always go with you from fire pit to fire pit, motion to motion, layer to layer, precept to precept, level to level, yes?   This which I refer to as ‘old ways of doing things’ that’s the comfortablity, it’s that which you ‘I’ve always done it this way so if it works for me then why don’t I continue to do it?’ And these are the things that will, at times, cause you a discomfort, will cause you a sense of …….’what else can I do?’, and this is the new energy, this is the new fire pit, this is the new things that are calling to you because the foundation of what you have will always be with you. It causes your functionality, it creates your way of Being, it is you, it is your very core. But the expressions that are now beginning to relate outwardly are now forming new expressions, are forming new ways of doing things.

So do not be afraid of it, do not be afraid of stepping out into the new understandings, the new concepts, the new ways of releasing, new ways of seeing how you function at a new level of vibration, at a new level of conceptualisation of ideas. Because dear ones, what is going to start happening is you are going to start challenging yourself based on everything that you have learned so far. You have learned about the various levels of consciousness, you’ve learned about the various levels of connectivity through the cords of connection with Kuthumi, the DNA strands of Platorans. There are many different things that you have covered over these past few weeks and now you are beginning to enter into the second quarter of your year. This is another time of integration for you, another time of

You’ve had, shall we say, the warm months, you’ve had the cooling off and the naturality, you know, the autumn etc., and now you are going to start moving into the cooler time of your time of your year, the cooler time of your nation. And instinctively you are going to want to be warm, you’re going to want to slow down, you’re going to want to hibernate. My challenge to you is don’t allow this instinct, this human instinct to do this to you but instead begin to seek where you can glow, where you can bring change, where you can establish the fire, where you can basically instigate the warming of your arena.

Now, why do I say this, because if you allow yourself to go into the instinctive hibernation, the ‘oh it’s winter, it’s time to drink the soups and eat the stodgy food and dress up warmly, what’s going to happen is your humanity is going to begin to step back into that ‘Ahhh, comfort zone – it’s o.k. to be a bit slow, it’s o.k. not to really achieve what I know I should do, it’s o.k. to keep doing that which I’m used to doing, I’ll leave the challenges for Spring, I’ll leave it for when it’s warm’.   No.   Because when you do that, if you do that, you will go to Spring and you will find that you’ve been left behind in the energy. And I am quite serious about that. Because right now it’s almost as if we have – and even we, as the Ascended Masters are experiencing this in our own growth, yes? It’s almost as if everything is topsy turvy. What should be slow and sluggish is becoming faster and when we look forward to see well, if that which is fast, is that now becoming slow and sluggish? We do not even see that, what we see is more fluidity. We see more challenges, more excitement, more vibrational extrusions coming in, more colour, more connectivity. It’s almost as if the future of our Being-ness, the future of our Now moments is becoming more vibrantly excited and attracting us towards it. So when you are feeling this sense of stepping out of yourself towards something but you are nervous to do it because there is something saying ‘………..oh don’t do that, it feels uncomfortable’.

Just if I may use this dear one that I love so, so brazenly, if I may use this word, I love her to the point where she is very special to me. I have such compassion that she allows me to connect with her and thus connect to so many individuals at various times, sometimes to the detriment of her own timing, yes? Understand I have great honour for her. But she recently has been trying to explain what she’s been going through, it’s like she wakes up and she is walking, she is cooking, she is doing things and all of a sudden it’s like her body is in one place and she is in a completely different place from itself. In other words she says ‘it’s as if I have walked forward 20 steps, I turn around and my body is behind me running to catch up and sometimes I feel like my body doesn’t move but I have to move so my energy starts walking and leaves the body behind and then (claps) it like it snaps into me again. I feel the sense of being light headed, I feel a sense of nausea, I feel a sense of being present but not present and it feels uncomfortable within my physicalness, but it feels good at the same time’.

This, my dear friends, is for her a trigger, an awareness that her energy is yet stepping up and saying ‘it’s time for the newness, it’s time to let go of that which is going to keep you stuck in one place and it’s time to come and sit’ – as I encouraged you not so very many weeks ago, to come in to the new Fire place – to the fire pit of newness where there are new teachings, there are new awareness’s, there are new sharings, there are new concepts coming through. Each one of you that is in the sound of my voice has a lesson deep within you that is to be brought forward and shared. Shared in such a way that it imparts to the others a great learning.

A few weeks ago I shared with you about life changing moments, and a life changing moment is not something that happens once every 20 years or once every 50 years, it happens on a day to day basis, it’s the small unique moments of your life that change you from that moment to allow you to fold into your next moment with more energised Beingness. It’s that which allows you to come into a deeper concept of connection to why you are in the place you are in, to understanding the very definite mechanics that you are not just living a life, you are living an experience and each breath is an experience. Since I challenged you to look at the life changing moments in each of your moments, each of your days, each of your months, years etc., you have begun to notice things that bring change to you and sometimes those things terrify you and you have a resistance against them.

Now this is a word that has many applications. You have on a human level you have the great French Resistance, you have the great British Resistance, you have the Underground movement, you have the Underground Train in the Americas which would take the slaves from one place to another. You have these resistance movements that resisted a certain way of being as a recognition that that was incorrect, it did not resonate, it did not gel and there was something about that movement that you as the individual and later as a group of individuals coming together recognised they needed to resist that movement or resist that way of being to bring in a new change to bring in a new way of being. Then there is the resistance that when you look, shall we say, in the physics side, the electrical mechanics etc, you have resistances that stop certain things happening that will harm you, so those resistances are good resistances, they are there to protect you. Then there are resistances that individual humans create within themselves and these resistances are there and they stop you, they stop you from going forward, from moving into the very enlightenment that you desire, the very freedom that you yearn after.

Now, I am still crafty, and I am still weaving my words and my teachings to present to you and to others the intricate tools that you can use when you come against these different resistances in your life. Because some you must recognise are good, others you recognise hold you back, others are there and you do not understand why they are there, they are overwhelming and there are certain unique steps into understanding these resistances.

Why do I bring this to your attention now?, because you are mature enough to see them, to look at them, to identify them and to deal with them. Notice I did not say integrate, it is a little different. But these will start to come into your life and you will start to experience them, you will start to recognise them and at times with the resistance that you feel, you may feel it’s centered in a central part of your body. It may emanate from a physicality in your physical body, say for argument’s sake, a knee, a hip, a spinal area, neck, hand, and nothing you do in any other way will release it, it’s as if it is stuck. This is exciting, this is wonderful because you tune into this station next week at this time you will hear part 2. (laughs).

The exciting thing is, as you move from the old cold ember dying fire pit that you’re very comfortable and you so yearn to throw more wood onto a dying fire to see if it’s spark will catch again, as you move from that to the new fire pit you are going to create within yourself a surge of movement. And if I can give you the same image that I gave dear Heather the other day to visualise what I am talking about. If you have a ship that is berthed, and let us call it a tanker, yes it carries some form of liquid inside it, yes? And this liquid is a nice thick viscous liquid but it has a sediment and as it’s been sitting there at the berth at the wharf for the last month while all the paperwork has been done and people are having their reprieve etc., etc., from the sailing on the seas, the sediment has settled to the bottom of the tanker, yes, the place where it is held. And then all of a sudden this ship is released from it’s berth. It is moving from where it is comfortable where it has been at bay where it has been watered and fed where it has been comfortably sleeping and now the engines are churning, vibration is beginning to happen and movement begins. And as it surges forward so the liquid begins to move and the sediment that is at the bottom somehow through the movement comes to the surface to form a scum, to form a disturbance at the top. And what happens in our lives dear ones, when we go through these moments of movement, this that is at the bottom of us comes to the surface it comes to the fore and this is the very question we ask ourselves. ‘Do I deal with it or do I let it settle down because I know that as soon as I get into movement, as soon as I get into that rhythm, that liquid inside of me will find it’s equilibrium and all of that will settle down again and I don’t have to pay attention to it’.

So while it has come up to the surface this is the ideal time to deal with it. This is why I get excited because believe me, dear ones, you are not the only ones that are being affected by this movement forward it is happening at a world wide occurrence on both the spiritual level – i.e. people like yourselves connecting into what is happening at a very spiritual level with Gaia, with the Universe etc., but it is also happening in individual’s lives. You are moving at a very ignominious way where they are perhaps are just moving from job to job, country to country, town to town, family to family. And by that I am saying that there are some people that are leaving behind a family and joining together with another to create another family. Yes? You understand this? And this movement is causing them great upheaval in that which is settled. It could be emotive, it could be cellular memory, it could be physical ailment, whatever it is it is there to be dealt with. And at the overwhelming sense when it rises is to resist it then you need to hear what I am going to bring forward in the next few weeks on resistance. Because resistance does not just apply to our spiritual life it applies to our every day life. It applies to our energy Beings, it applies to our physicality Beings. It applies to our mind and it applies to our hearts, it applies to everything. It applies to those who have no concept whatsoever whether they have a soul or not whether they are energy Beings or not or whether they are physical Beings or not or whether they are going to have a million lives or they just have the one life.   It affects every single human and it is a unique tool that will reach across the very spectrum’s of life.

So get excited because if this is something that you can work with then you know you have something that your energy is going to be able to utilise from now until eternity ends, which as we know it doesn’t do. The vibration that is happening at this next quarter, the next period of time is going to bring about challenges to you to look at what you are bringing into your spectrum, what you are bringing into your arena. What are you learning? What are you releasing? What are you looking at that you think suits you but really it doesn’t in the long term? What have you let go of that perhaps you should have maintained and  what is it that you have maintained that perhaps you should have let go of?

Understand that there is a great unified energetic fulfillment of beings coming through at the moment. And by that I’m not talking of new birthings coming into this planetary system I’m not talking about alien entities coming into to interfere with you, I’m talking of the energies that you connect with culminating and compressing and coming together as a solidity of energy to assist you in this next quarter. Why? because the vibration, because the unique essence of this next quarter of your year is going to come in a very demanding way. Demanding in as much as it is going to ask of you to step up. Now I know that you have had messages from us before where we have said it’s time to step up, it’s time to connect, it’s time to do this. But truly you are going to feel within yourself if you have not already begun to feel this, to step up vibrationally, mentally, physically, emotionally. You will begin to feel connected in a whole new dimensional way to those around you, you’re going to start to telepathically connect in a clearer way with each other. Yes, even those that are hearing this via secondary means, via vocalisation of audio, I’m speaking to many at this moment not just those that are gathered together this night, to the masses that hear this at a later stage.

You are going to find that when you hear this it is going to trigger in you certain responses. I want you to monitor, to observe those triggers, those responses. This week, your homework if you will, is to connect more with your observer self and begin to observe yourself within circumstance and situation. To challenge yourself to step outside of the box, to step outside of what it is that you are comfortably comfortable doing. I want you to challenge yourselves dear ones, to step into the next arena of fire, to the teaching that is coming through.

Remember at the beginning of the year we encouraged you. We said that this is a year of change it is a year of connection, it’s a year that you will pick up old things and begin to re-establish begin to re-connect, begin to re-grow, begin to rebirth but it will also be a year where we bring through to you the teachings that are relevant for where you are at. Relevant for your maturity, relevant because the days of just channelling and giving you information and patting you on the back and saying ‘oh well done, you’ve come so far, and let’s go forward a little bit more, and yes we encourage you here. It’s not that they are old but it is time to give you tools. But what happens is there are demarcations. Demarcations in your lives, demarcations in your journey, demarcations in the teachings where we say ‘Teaching 1 level, teaching 2 level, teaching 3 level’. And so this for us at this moment is our request to you as we have done in days of old when you would sit at the teaching cubicles or the teaching stones in the forests etc., is ‘are you ready to go to the next fire pit?’ We are there, we believe you are ready. Some of you have already begun the journey without even being aware of it. Some of you are thinking about it, some of you are saying ‘but I’m very comfortable doing what I’ve been doing all my life’. And this is fine, do not misunderstand me, there is no judgement, there is no challenge other than are you going to challenge yourself.

Dear ones, you will experience far more on moving forward. And yes, you may undergo physical discomforts. You may undergo times where your digestion says ‘no do not feed me, I am not hungry’. Or you will be hungry and you will eat but as you eat everything just passes right through you. Sometimes your thirst will be so unquenchable that all you can do is drink, drink, drink and then there will be moments where you look at the glass of water and you think ‘if I drink another mouthful of water I don’t know what I will do’. But your body actually requires it. So now there is that kind of dilemma that you have to work through, that resistance, it’s a wonderful word. ‘Why am I resisting what is good for me?’. And this is something that I want you to observe, want you to find for this next week. Where am I resisting myself, what have I done perhaps in the past where I have resisted myself and I’ve not achieved something, where I’ve recognised the resistance and this has been the outcome or I’ve actually just stayed put. Or no, I haven’t actually found any resistances. What do you mean resistances? I don’t resist myself.

These are good points to ponder and I understand dear ones that at the moment I’ve just scratched and thrown a few words and examples at you and your mind’s are going, ‘well give me some more to go on’. But the reason I am deliberately holding back, and yes there is a deliberate tact dear ones, is to get you to think, to go inward to the very core being of yourself and to observe yourself in the moments of resistance, in the moments of experience. In the moments of making decisions. Why am I deciding this, why am I not deciding this, why am I doing this or not doing this. All of this is important because it will show you whether or not you are ready to move to the next fire pit. And whether or not you move to the next fire pit does not mean you are a good or a bad person, a strong or a weak person, because once your decision is made to where you wish to be whatever teachings come through will ignite you to where you are at, will reach you to where you are at and will still connect you to the greaterment of what it is that you desire at the moment.

Because remember, dear ones, there is no less than there is no more than it is all equal too. You may say to me ‘but then why do we have to move to the next fire pit. If it’s all equal surely the fire pits are equal too?’. Absolutely, but let me ask you in a very fundamental logical way. If you were all able to receive everything that you needed educationally, why did you go through 7 years of junior school and 5 years of senior school? Because they made me, says one.   If you were able to understand everything in your first year of your scholastic education why did you not graduate with honours right there and then. Because all of you present in that class were equally present, equally equal to each other, and as you progressed to the next level of understanding and learning you were equal to, equal to all those that had passed through that strata, equal to all those that had achieved, equal to all those who were coming after you. You were not less than, you were not more than, you were equal to. And so it is that as you stay at the fire pit that you stay at when those that have moved from the fire pit that they were at and come to your fire pit you will be equal to them and they will be equal to you and you will learn. And those that move forward to the next will be moving forward in equality to the new pit of learning to the new fire of learning and they will be equal to those that have gone before them and be equal to those that come after them they will be equal to those that are there present.

Do you understand the concept there. Yes? This is a very exciting time because if you can step forward if you can come in and join the next set of teachings at the level that we are encouraging you to come at you will begin to see new tweaks coming through on these Monday night sessions. You will begin to see new challenges put forward, challenges that will challenge your humanity, the very vibration of who you are. Are you ready, do you want to come with us?

Dear ones, understand I have so much excitement to share with you, teachings, love, Kuthumi and the Council, Quan Yin even, Platorans will come back. We all have slightly different angles to bring forward for your clarity for your understanding. And just like Kuthumi came through on the first week of the new year and he said ‘this is a year of new beginnings’. So it is that I am saying at this time in this period of the quarter it’s time to move. You have already without even being fully aware of it, you have already begun to. There is a little bit of you that is lagging so I am here to try to encourage you to take the lag forward, yes? Or to allow the lag to fall the rest of you back and sit. But you must be in one or the other you cannot be running backwards and forwards, yes, or split your energy and you will be dissatisfied.

Do you have any questions on what I have shared this night for you this moment? (only some questions from participants are included from the transcript here)

(So what’s created this worldwide thing – as you said it’s not just about spiritual people, it’s about humanity at this time – Resistance?) What has brought this change about? Well basically you understand the concept that the more enlightenment that comes through the planet, yes, the more that comes through understandings begin to open up, the consciousness level of humanity begins to shift and shiver yes, it begins to open up. You have had teachings from Platorans about connecting in through the different strands of DNA of connecting to lighthouses and the groupings etc. etc. in the heart. But as you’ve done that you’ve affected mass consciousness as others in other planetary grouping areas, yes I’m sorry I should say Earthly instead of planetary because I look at it as a planet, but the Earthly regions, yes, whether it’s the America or the Australia or the Asiatic or the British Isles, the groupings here and as they all get these teachings in one form or another what will begin to happen everybody begins to connect, everybody begins to without forethought of ‘oh I’m now going to connect to South Asia of the 42nd Longitude and 23rd Latitude yes, that’s where I’m going to connect. No, they connect and they allow the Universe to connect them in trust and faith. You connect to each other, you connect outward and inward, you begin to allow yourselves to change and so it is you imprint, you affect humanity at a conscious level. Humanity at a conscious level begins to wake up, begins to ask more questions begins to have an awareness within themselves and all of a sudden they are no longer satisfied with just staying put. And what happens is they want to move but they see these resistances and but humanity being humanity will project the resistance outside of themselves and blame another thing. Yes? But they’re still looking and realising that there are resistances so this is the perfect time to bring this understanding through.

Very good, anything else my dears? (Weight gain again, I didn’t quite get that). When you connect with energy and you start learning to truly ground the different magnetics and the different grid lines of the Universe and the Earth and all that is around and even the grid lines of your own body and the energies of the bodies that are around you, yes, what happens at times is you misconnect and it causes almost like a miss-wiring yes, this comes through learning. So if you are gaining weight, stop, when did you last connect with the Universe, when did you last connect with the grid lines, when did you last disconnect? If you are finding that perhaps you are going to the toilet far too often and you are not able to keep food in your system long enough, again, when did you connect, when did you disconnect, how did you disconnect, how did you connect, are you still attached, are you not still attached? Do you see? There are certain learning’s to be had.   Not everything is because ‘oh I’m in the wrong place or I am learning the wrong thing or I’ve received the wrong information etc. etc.. It could be simply you have not monitored your own connection and disconnection.

(I understand Cifehtr but?) You are wanting to know why you have put on so much weight over the last week. (Yes as I’ve been connecting and disconnecting grid lines for years so what’s happened). Is the energy of the last 6 months different from the last 6 years? Is the energy of the last 2 months different from the last 6 months? Is your connection then – and this is for everybody, would you say your connection then is you’re connecting yes to the same grid lines but different energy. (what’s the different energy?) The energies that are coming through. The new overall energy washes, yes? Bringing through new imprints, new connectivity, new lessons, new washings, new groundings. ( I’ve been receiving downloads) So when those come through have you truly disconnected or are you still receiving the downloads through the day when you think you’ve disconnected and the downloads have got nowhere else to go except into your cellular. Perhaps you need to starve the downloads a little and digest. (So that’s part of the problem with digestion too). (for me it’s arthritics in the joints and in the hands which is happened a lot in last 6 weeks). Again, what are you doing with your hands. Look at that, what am I connecting with, am I connecting with a new energy, am I starting a new vibrational imprint around me. Are my hands the connecting point where my energy is connecting with the other physicalities? Are the stones, those crystals that I am connecting with, are they imprinting it? Yes? So begin to look at the various things that we are all connecting to that is bringing a different vibration into our lives.

(So going back to the plugging in thing, the plugging our energy into the Earth, does this mean that the energies that are coming through are actually looking for something to anchor into?) Absolutely. (more so than before?) Absolutely. So this is why we have always said that when you connect and when you ground to Earth, you ground to Gaia, connect with Gaia, ask Gaia to connect to you, ask Gaia to take the connection and ask her to release you and you release from Gaia.

Let me give you a frank point of view. If I’m holding Heather’s hand and she chooses to let my hand go but I am still holding onto her hand, are we disconnected? No. What’s happening, my energy is still flowing into her or I am still taking her energy out of her. So if you are connected to Gaia and you disconnect from Gaia but you forget to ask her to disconnect from you. What’s happened? (But shouldn’t we always be connected to Gaia?) Ah – you are connected with Gaia at all times through various things but I’m talking of when you are connecting for various healing modalities, for more intense work. Yes.

And think about it, say for arguments sake, Penny, she connects to Gaia and she is doing her meditative healing, she is sending healing to the Earth in different places, yes. As she gets to the end of her meditation and she goes Ah… and she releases from Gaia but she forgets to ask Gaia to disconnect yes, and 2 or 3 days later she goes oh, I feel I need to connect with Gaia again and reconnect in, and so she connects to Gaia, she says Gaia connect to me so Gaia will put another connection over the other connection so now she has 2 connections and say she releases and forgets to disconnect from Gaia again. And so she is walking around she’s got 2 layers of connection and she does that after a period of time, six months later she has how many connections to Gaia, that is clogging her energy.   Understand I’m bringing a little humour here, but do you see things have changed here and if you are not alert, if you are not allowing yourself to be aware that you are in vibrational change you are in physical change you are in the movement from the old fire pit, people, to the new fire pit and you do not become aware of the changes you are going to start locking yourself into old ways, you are not going to be sensitive to what is new and vibrant. Bring your foundations with you, bring your learning’s with you, bring your teaching with you, leave your pre-ceptions or your perceptions behind.

I am like Kuthumi I like to invent new words!! Bring your perceptions if they are showing you that you are going forward in a clear and concise manner, filled with compassion, filled with enlightenment. Oh well my friends, I will leave you and your mountainous ways to deal with.I am that I am, I am Cifehtr, I leave you in love.

Brought through by Louise James

© Ascension Explorers 2009 – 2014

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