Energy Healing is really about accessing  Free Universal Energy

This infinite abundant energy sits around us waiting to be put into action. The action is the intent.

When you decide what healing you want for yourself and voice this the action begins. When you connect to other power points and other people this amplifies the healing.

We have been working alongside people for some years now and we have witnessed some incredible healings including our own. Here is an interesting true life story about healing.

We are holding a 2 day Energy Healing Facilitators Training on February 22 & 23.

This is for anyone who already works with the healing arts or for those interested in learning (remembering) how to access the powerful energies of healing to assist their own, their family and other peoples true healing.

A pre requisite for this training is to have received your own Continuation energy healing from us. The reason for this is to ensure you are immersed in the energy and that your human and energy self are prepared and aware.

We are offering a discount rate on the initial energy healing to assist you financially.(If you have already received an energy healing from us then you do not need to repeat this)

Contact us to register or just go to bookings

Heather and Lou have worked alongside many people in NZ and overseas for several years now facilitating individual healings & running training weekends.

Testimonials are available here

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