Energy Coaching : a new way of looking at mentoring.

In a time of new energy shifts and awakenings people from all walks of life are asking serious questions about life and themselves.

If you are one of these then read on:

In Energy Coaching we – Louise & Heather –  differ in small but great differences from other life coaches or mentors.  This does not mean that we are greater or less than the other coaches, but that we utilise a different system to assist YOU to reach your goals.  We want to see you change the energy within you from a negative energy to a positive energy, and only you can do that.

Our business is all about YOU.  When you contact us we realise the privilege that you have given us to help you.  Yet in return we want you to realise the honour that you must have in yourself to own your story and your path.  That is is where we begin to grow your dreams and show you how to become the person you know you are.  Coaching is not about us doing the work for you, but showing you and teaching – coaching you to think and talk – in a new way of believing in yourself.

We believe we are all energy.  A battery if you will and that power either is charged and released in energy to create something wonderful OR it is trapped and eventually dissipates to nothing. You go flat!

In our business we will walk along side you to help you create the steps to realise your dreams, we will give you the mental, emotional, and observational tools you need to do this ongoing.

We offer the usual one off sessions where if you’re not 100% sure you can book an hour with us, where we will discuss and talk about what and why you are approaching us, what your goals are, what your dreams are and to see if you really want to go on with being Energy Coached.  If you are ready, willing and desirous of change we will then work a plan out with you.

Contact us for more information and details.

Energy Coaching with Louise Reiss-James

Realise your potential

Louise is a very gifted and balanced Channeller, a Master Healer and an Energy Coach who can deliver great guidance in the coaching that is easy to understand for humans who want to be on a conscious life path experience.

As co-founder and teacher in Ascension Explorers, Louise has assisted in workshops and group sessions of healing, mentoring, and channelled messages since 2008 here in NZ and overseas.

As a channeller, bringing messages through from various High Energies she has delivered personal messages that have been life changing to those that have put into action the messages heard.


Louise walks and talks her own guidance and coaching along with her partner in life Heather and together they create a tangible environment in which you can heal your life at multiple levels and achieve anything you put your energy into.

Master Healing and Energy Coaching with Heather Reiss-James

Joy the expression of Life


Gifted in Energy Healing, Heather is in tune with the magnetic and energy that flows through Gaia and allows the Universe to flow via her into those that seek help.

Observing the decree of “Heal thy self” Heather has worked with many to teach Self Healing while being gentle and in sync with those who require assistance and guidance through their healing process.

A clear connection of energetic power and intent is all she requires to work with you.

So whether in person or via distance healing Heather and the energy beings that she works with, (Platorans of the Pleiadian Council and Arissi his student) are able to assist in your well-being.

To make a booking with both or either of us please click here and let us know


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