Did you Feel That Shift?


It is a great privilege to connect with you all again over this newsletter. Often we can lose touch with what is important, you, our friends and followers. People that connect with us, do so because they have felt a connection and pull to what we do.

There have been times where we’ve pushed buttons with you emotionally and even asked you to go beyond the envelope in your thinking, some non spiritual/energetic notions. You’ve stayed with us.

For that thank you, and we hope you’ll stay around to see the new changes that have started to be made and will continue to be updated and new.

So what’s with the Title – Did you feel that shift?

Well did you?

Are you saying ‘yes’ because you did or ‘yes’ because you think you should, even though you didn’t feel/sense a thing?

My reason for putting out that question is simply this – do we really feel all the shifts that people speak about? What is the shift and why is it always called ‘ shift’? Honestly, I didn’t have a shift to discuss but what I do want to talk about is how the energy, especially here in New Zealand, is changing. I have learnt that if things are changing in one place, then they are probably going to turn elsewhere.

I have seen a huge move from un-awakened consciousness to more conscious awareness. The general public is beginning to rise from the depths of their sleep state and ask questions, which in turn creates a shift in perception and this causes another powerful wave of change in the lives of people.

What I have also noticed is the huge amount of fear that is percolating in our world. Ever since Trump was elected, I have seen, from the ‘light-workers’/energy healers/awakened beings and other groups an abnormal amount of fear in the guise of informing. Have we not been reminded year after year to watch what we speak? Do we not create with our words?

Our Time of Paradigm Shift

Friends, I believe that is now time to create our own paradigm shift in consciousness. It is now to become the speakers of truth, not the truth we perceive based on the lie of fear or ‘what may happen’, but our truth of core energy. What have Kryon, Adamus, Cifehtr, Kuthumi and so many others told us for years? Haven’t they reminded us that things would get ‘bad’ before they get better and we are to remember who we are and hold the space, to step into our empowerment and take back our strength.? Not be causing battles between each other but by standing in unity and coming together in one mind against an energy that is trying to seep into our world.

New Zealand can seem to be so far away that nothing touches us. Untrue. We see our share of pain and human mistreatment, but I have seen more light-workers connecting in energy to turn events around. I ask that they will continue to do so, and my hope that that other energy beings around our planet connect likewise for the situation’s in their lands.

YES, I realise that politically speaking in many areas there is a shitstorm happening. BUT are we buying into the media fear based information or are we seeing what is unfolding and remembering that this is ONE potential. That there is another potential that can quickly be revealed as well IF we connect and BELIEVE that it can happen. I know we are stepping onto tender ground here and you may say that I am uneducated in the arena of politics. You may say that I have no idea what I am talking about, you know what you could be correct. Though I do know that by connecting to the cyclone that was supposed to hit New Zealand this past Easter, the light-workers came together and moved it off the coast back to sea. There was only a partial dump of rain, compared to what could have been, and some flooding. The feedback that I have had from the FB post I had regarding this is great people from different groups coming together for a common reason and goal.

Recently Heather & I were talking about the N. Korean situation. Is there going to be WW111? What should we do blah, blah, blah, and then we acknowledged our fear of what POTENTIALLY could happen? Cifehtr challenged us to change our words, thoughts and desire for the outcome we preferred. To begin to see things differently – now he did go into things deeper regarding the reptilian effect, etc. but I may share that later – let me know if you’d be keen to know more.

Many of us have adamant views on what we believe, and I personally think that may be the problem. We as light-workers and energy workers have become divided over the people we follow and what they believe or don’t believe.

For Example – if you are an avid follower of Kryon, and he is following a theme currently that says ‘there will be ongoing peace’. Then if you are a staunch supporter of Adamus and he says there are no aliens and we will have difficult times ahead. Say there is yet another group that follows Quan Yin, and she is saying yes there is peace, yes there is times of difficulty, but we will not be at war. OR yet again there are those that listen to and follow my channellings which say ‘get up, take back your power, be equal to and change your words, create the world you choose to live in’.

Each of these examples says different yet similar things. But because we are like sheep and will only hear what is said by our ‘guru’, we sometimes find it hard to assimilate what is being said by others. If we did, we’d find a solution. In the example above one speaks of peace, another of difficult times, no alien influence, a third says yes to peace and challenging times, but no war and the forth create the world you wish to live in, be responsible take back your power.

If we were to mix these messages up, no one is incorrect. For to live in peace, you have to traverse the hard times, the moments of difficulty. You have to face your fears – alien or human; you are required to stand and speak your truth of how you wish to live and be empowered in your core energy to do this. By taking all 4 points, you discover that each fits into the other to create a grid, a path to follow.

Now that was an example, but can you see that we need to put down our labels? We need to realise that we are fundamentally the same with our desire to live in peace and self-responsibility?

Do you think you can live a life that accepts other teachers and take on board what resonates and fits with your current teaching? Can you become the bigger energy and connect with others, connecting to Gaia to create an energetic wash to move over this globe and bring about a change/shift of energy? Are you empowered enough to stop and focus your energy on Gaia and others to cities/countries where they are more ‘robotic’ in nature than awakened and move in compassion to open the physical and energy borders to allow movement of change?

It would be interesting to see this shift.

Let us know your thoughts by putting them in the comment box below.