Change‘, The Constant Reality

Disparities of Like and Dislike

In this world of various disparities of likes and dislikes, of have and have nots, we are faced with the ever increasing realisation that we make the difference.  It’s not up to the governments or religious leaders, or protest groups or anything else for that matter, it is up to the individual, you and me.  It is time to realise that it is the collective voice that will be heard, but not in yelling and screaming, not in protesting and creating a disturbance but in the quite calm voice of reason and participation.  It is the voice that willingly shares the truth without expectation that anyone else will listen, it is the individual who shows another how to create financial stability in their lives without wanting anything back, it’s the individual that stands up and looks at what needs to be done then does it.

This is not the reality we live in, instead it is dog eat dog and everyone is out to get what they can to be better than the other, even in the so called new age or spiritual groups.  Yes you read that correctly.  Too often there are in-house arguments over who is better or ‘the right way’ for the moment, and if ‘such n such’ a group is making a profit then how dare they, don’t they know they’re only supposed to talk about being abundant, not actually live it.

I do see a change coming though and it’s not very far away.  In fact I would say that lives are about to change individually in a dramatic way within six months on a global effect.  Why do I say this?  Not to bring any fear or worry but to bring an awareness to the people that life is going to get easier for some and not so easy for others, in fact they may just stay the same, either sitting pretty in their bubble of existence or sitting depressed in their bubble of existence.  Yes I am speaking in a very direct way but that has been the problem for so long, no one actually speaks the truth.  Oh they speak a version of the truth, for which they perhaps are paid to share or are told to share but my question is what is stopping you from actually sharing the old fashion style of truth.

Media Dramatisation

media dramaYou see the time for drama seeking explosive media is coming to an end, people all over the world are shifting in consciousness and you can see this in the way media is beginning to present news, media talk shows and the like.  So how do we as individuals create a change, how do we create a difference that is not motivated by the media and by what we are told to believe or not?

We, that’s you and me. We begin to actually look at what it is that we are talking, thinking, believing and accepting as truth.  Now this refers to everything; political, religious, family, cultural and even nationally.  Why when a government official stands up to speak do we go quiet and listen as if they can hear our thoughts, because we have been trained to accept what they say is the truth.  STOP.

You have the truth inside of you; you have it written into your very emotional and intellectual make up.  You are the reason that so many politicians, military leaders, religious leaders are rising up and trying to gain sway over your thoughts.  IF they can get you behind them and believe what they say then they have power. Power you have given them.


Decision Time!

choices - doors

What if every person today decided there is a better way to be, a better way to live and that is to actually be self-responsible.  Taking responsibility for every action, thought, word, deed and reaction that occurred in his or her lives.  What if every person alive began to realise that by being self-empowered they can realise their potentials (and please note that I am NOT advocating we begin a revolt against the present leaders. I am advocating working within the current structure to bring change for the masses.)

What if every person was given a chance to change (if they wanted – free choice) to change for the better, to walk away from the things that kept them trapped emotionally, mentally, physically, what if they realised that by talking to a few people trained to assist them to become self empowered, self responsible they could begin to create for themselves a way of life that would bring in financial gain as well as peace and love and everything they were looking for.

Sound ‘idealistic’ or too much like a fantasy?  Great, because you’re the folks I am talking to.

Sound ‘idealistic’ or too much like a fantasy?  Great, because you’re the folks I am talking to.

If you’re tired of being on the ‘receiving end’ of the government programmes or family telling you to improve and get a jobConscious Business LOGO if you really want to change but don’t know how, then I challenge you to start a revolution in your life.  Prove me wrong that change doesn’t begin with you (or end with you). If you are ready to step into the next part of your life experience where you become empowered, both in how you view your life and how you interact with others then take that step today. Become connected with your own viable self worth and ask others how to become Self Mastered (Conscious Business is a great way to start.)

There are many ways that we connect with the world, we connect by reading blogs (as your doing now), we connect by other social media contact, we text, email, in fact most of our contact is done by electronic means today.  Many people have forgotten that they have a voice to sound due to the constant use of electronic devices. But I will say this, that these same devices that can dis-empower you as an individual by keeping you isolated can simultaneously bring you into contact with the greatest connection to assist you to be empowered.

 Becoming Empowered


So what do I mean empowered?  I keep using this word, so let me explain. When you have an idea and you really believe in it and share it with those that you think will buy into it and believe in it as strongly as you do, but don’t, in fact they start to dis the whole idea and make out that it’s rather stupid.  IF you begin to believe their point of view rather than stick to your belief in yourself and your dream you actually give over your individual power of thought and self to them.  You make it easier and easier for them to talk you out of things you want to do and into things that you instinctively know are not right for you.  You have become dis-empowered, unable to stick to your own belief and thus you doubt your own intrinsic value to the world and society as a whole and you think that the only way forward is to do what the ‘group’ says or believe what the ‘group’ believes.

Not sure I am talking about you?  When was the last time any of your group actually listened to an idea of yours and let you carry the thought to completion, got behind you and bought into the concept?  Now please realise I am not talking about creating huge companies (though that could have been something you were looking to create), but it could be simply going away for a break, eating at a different restaurant, not going out to the same night club but having a house party instead.  You see when you allow yourself to be walked over, talked over, ignored because you don’t believe in your own self, then others are going to treat you as a non person as well.

So Changing Times are on the card, the days are feeling different and there seems to be a different ‘energy’ in the air.  It’s getting easier to connect to different groups of people around the world that think like you, who have similar outlooks on life and these are not so far away.  How do you create an awareness in your own life that attracts these types of people to you in such a way that your not stalking or being stalked?

Take Responsibility

Simply you have to take responsibility for each choice in your life, you have to stop blaming the ‘other’ person for what has happened or is happening in your life.  You have to suck it up and realise that you are the only reason that anything ‘good’ or ‘bad’ happens to you.  What you allow to occur in your own space is your choice.

Yes there are moments in time where things happen that you have no control over, and these are in a completely different section of discussion, but you have to learn to differentiate between what is ‘out of your control’ and what you allow to happen to you.

For example, you cheat at an exam because you didn’t study and you get caught, that is your own doing.  BUT if you’re in an accident where you’re hurt that may be a case of something being out of your control, (unless you were drunk, not paying attention, distracted.)  You always have to look at what is going on from the perspective of, ‘do I own this situation? Have I somehow created this scenario?’ and if you have created it, then fix it.  You are in charge of your life; no one else is pulling the strings.

How do we see ourselves?

how do we see ourselves

Its time to change how we look at our selves and how we interact with others. We cannot be 100% so committed to a group or collective of people that our own thoughts and idea’s that are for us our own personal truth, are lost.  They may not be the common truth but there will be overlaps where people can identify what they believe with what you do.  (No I am not talking about religion either, just what ever it is that you know to be true to you.)

There are many ways to connect to people, talking is a major connection, face to face speak.  This allows you and the other person to really see what is going on in your space, are you willing to be transparent, to have integrity in what you say and do.  It’s a big call but it will bring change.

Going back to the start I said change is not in the hands of the government or the religious leaders, it’s in the hands of us, the individuals.  The only thing is that change can be dangerous to us if we are selfish and unhanded human beings only wanting what is good for the individual. BUT if we can come together and have a singular understanding of what needs to change first within our own lives, e.g. self responsible outlooks and ownership of faults (no longer blaming others for your slips and inability to be responsible).  In other words, when we can begin to look first at ourselves, and begin a revolution of change within us, then as 1000’s of changed and self-responsible individuals come together in a common cause for a peaceful responsible outcome, this is powerful and this is change.

United Voices Speak as One


We’ll then realise that we need a voice, a real voice to speak on our behalf, not for us, but with permission, the singular view of the people so that other heads of state, leaders that remain unchanged can and will hear.  When we realise that we can change how we live, so that every individual has the right to get water, food, cover and be comfortable, then I believe we can find someone to speak on our behalf, to be the voice the real voice that will be heard speaking for the 1000’s of voices so that there is not only clarity but accountability also.

Who is providing a platform for the people of NZ to be able voice their truth?  To speak what is in their hearts, to bring to the fore what they believe is ready for change.

Yet with all that is said there is only one true way to ensure that change starts, continues and remains steadfast and that is YOU. You are the only one who can instigate any change.  If you keep waiting for the next person nothing will get done, if you keep waiting for someone else to lead you’ll still be waiting in a year.  If you take a step forward and make a start in changing you, you may not see others rushing to your side, in fact you may see them running away due to their view point no longer being the same as yours; but soon you will see those who want to change first themselves, then the space around them, then the town then the city and then the nation.  Soon there will be global change that all began with 1 person.  YOU.

The question is however, ‘Do you want to change?’

Written by Louise James

Ascension Explorers © 2009-2013

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