Druid Energy of Now –  Brexit

June 24 2016 – We could feel the energy of very great change with the Brexit last night I asked Cifehtr for his view.

Greetings dear ones it is I Cifehtr.

I am speaking to you around the matter that has recently been in the news (Brexit) and in the forefront of many of the politicians in today’s world and that is the British pulling out of the EU.

Now before you all raise your eyebrows and hands up in the air in disgust I ask you to listen, listen with not only your eyes and ears but also your energy.

There is much that is going on that will affect the energy of your being without you realising it. You see, there is a unique occurrence that is happening worldwide at the time of writing and that is the Solstice. Both hemispheres are experiencing a solstice that is relevant to their regions.

This event is rooted in the depths of the old ways of being, holding many truths of energy and vibration. It is a time of releasing and receiving, a time where humankind is susceptible to the vibration of change and where the old Druid Energy is close to the ‘surface’ of consciousness. Where the Celtic vibration and Saxon blood surges in the veins of the descendants of the great warriors of the past and even without knowing it, these people desire change. They are looking for a new way of being.

Now let us go back in time, back to a time where England was not so ‘great’ in fact it was a land of small villages connected by marriage promises and allegiances. The lands were known to be ruled by leaders of strength and these leaders, were in turn, guided by the Druids.

I want you to see that England (or as originally known Englaland – Land of the Angles – this name is from the Germanic tribe The Angles who settle in Britain in early middle ages, they originated from around the Kiel region in the Baltic Sea.) is a land that has its roots deep in the vibration of Gaia, deep within the realisation that not everything we see is real.

This great exit that She (England) has embarked on, should not be a surprise to those of you who are awakened, as there have been many signs in the energy world.

There has been a distinct increase of awakenings of the human consciousness, there have been many occurrences of vibrational energy being felt in the far-flung regions of the planet, leading to great learning’s and also to disagreements.

The human race experienced a great shift at the beginning of 2016 bringing in a wash of awareness; this has been magnified and intensified over the months leading up to the solstice. Just as before when the people of Englaland rose up with Queen Boudica of the Iceni, a Celtic group, that defied the Roman Empire, so too have the people of England now have risen up and taken their future into their own hands to declare they are FREE.

Am I condoning this current action, yes? Is not Ascension just that, Freedom? Freedom is a journey that relates to everything and everyone within and upon Gaia. The Druid energy is surging at this time with the Solstice so it is no wonder that this has occurred.

When there is a moment in time where the small looks at the larger and says ‘ no longer will I stay small, no longer will I stay under the thumb, I will rise and be strong’, there is a ripple effect that occurs in the energy, just as the stone causes a ripple on the pond.

The ripple will be felt everywhere; it is what you do with the energy within the ripple that is important.

So if you are connected to the solstice energy and you are in the opposite region to the UK and you feel the vibration of change and the energy that is there, what can you do with this energy?

Surely it would mean to connect with the energy that is in your region of coldness, this means connecting to the energy of rest, of rejuvenation, of regrouping, while using the energy of the new birth and the seeding time of the North with the withdrawing and sleeping of the South. You should if you connect wisely, find that you are tapping into energy of recreative and forward-moving energy that has a power of action yet stability of motionless. Allowing those who tap into this to realise certain potentials where otherwise they may have missed this.

Think of it this way – it is enabling you to slow down the fast-forward without distortion and keep up with the creative energy of change.

If you can see through the fears and see through the political drama you can see that there is so much potential.

Let me be blunt, if you are a business person looking to expand or invest, then get in now while the world thinks your crazy. The old UK is gone but presented before you now is an England that is hungry for change, desirous of connection and willing to do business. If you are in the stratum that is in the echelons of power business and trade you would be wise to investigate and NOT fear the drama.

Remember the Druid energy is here for a period of human time of perhaps a month, then it will begin to wane and leave until the next time it is needed. Utilise it and create great things.

via Louise Reiss-James

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