Become Uncomfortable

Vibrate into your new formation of Being

Introduced by Cifehtr

CIFEHTR:   Greetings, I Am that I Am, I Am Cifehtr. In the domain of all that is within my peripheral and forward and rear vision, with all that is within everything that I set my hand to, that I create and I speak within the domain of my creation, I Am Cifehtr, and I welcome you into this time,  to this space and to this moment, and into this place of Being.  I come not as the speaker tonight, not as one who will bring you the message but instead, to ask you to observe your energies, to listen to that which is going to come through. And when they that speak come into your presence allow the resonation, allow the vibration, allow the words, the tones. However, it is that they would communicate. Allow this essence to be.

They are not unknown to you, they are not strangers, but the Magnetic Service have not been around through this one for a while. So allow your energies, allow your hearts to be prepared – breathe now my friends, breathe and release……………….prepare your energy, – breathing in…………….and out…………….for this moment that you have created. I Am Cifehtr and I will come and speak with you perhaps, later.


Greetings my friends, I am Kryon of The Magnetic Service. It is so good to be in your presence, in your energy fields at this moment. I ask that you would be attentive to that which is flowing in this room amongst you at this moment. The energy that is flooding into this place from the very Creator Source. From the Heart of the Most High, that energy that is in all, the Life Blood. The God Source flows through you and out of you.

Throwing out all of that which is your human desire to rest, to sleep at this moment (claps), allow it to be dispersed. Feel the love that comes in, feel the love that is here, right now to sustain you, to lift you up dear ones.

Conscious Vibration Change

Many have been feeling at this moment the spinning of the axis of this planet, this extreme swing in physicality. You are feeling within your physical bodies, that which is the outcome or the experiential knowing of the magnetic changes of your planetary system. We have spoken about the polar shifts. We have spokeheart energyn to you about how the photons are travelling around your planet and through space, bombarding each of you with energy. If you are unaware, this energy just passes through and if you are aware it passes through, but you are conscious of vibrational change.

At this moment the energy that is flowing in is the heart energy, it is the open energy. It is the thread that is holding you all together. At this moment there is much that is in your world unrested. There is turmoil, there are differences of opinion, there is death and destruction there are many things that we have said will happen. And as so often occurs human eyes become distracted.

So we are here to bring your vision back, to refocus it on your journey because remember dear ones, you are here for a moment, a breath.  You are here for an experiential blink of an eye.  But that blink, that blink can achieve so much. It can break through barriers sending ripples and shock waves into the next generation of blinks.   If you allow yourself to fully integrate and step out of the dramas of that which is this present moment.  If you begin to raise your vibration, dear ones, if you would come from a place that you would step into the vibration of love.

Now yes, I speak all the time of love. But the vibration!  The energy,  of the magnetic variances that are coming through at this moment, are of such degree that many of you will feel them physically.  Physically to the point where you will look at yourself and you will think ‘am I undergoing a new range of Ascension symptoms?   Have I not gone through this? Is this yet something new that I have to process and pass through’?   We would say on one hand ‘yes’ and on the other hand obviously ‘no’, this again the dichotomy of the human life.

In each one of you within your DNA, as you begin to look at everything that is within you, cellular, micro.   When you begin to look at the neurons, when you begin to look at the protons, at your double helix and all of the parts that make you, the individual.  When you look at Inner Being-ness.  When you begin to look at the finite and the infinite, you will understand that every symptom that you experienced going through your initial Ascension journey or your initial awakening was just that, the journey to awaken you to change.

Ascension Symptoms revisited

You are on your journey that is known as the Ascension Journey. Your symptoms, dear ones, do not alter. They lesson or they become prominent.  When they become prominent it is for you to look at the magnetic variances in your life, what is occurring?  Are you allowing interference of a vibrational circumference, a vibrational manner coming in or are you allowing yourself to vibrate higher to come into the next layers for your journey?  So that you are able to release, you are able to move forward, you are able to create?

Our duty as the Magnetic Service is to hold your planet in its place, to protect the planet. But there is still the necessity to allow your planet to be infiltrated by the Solar Flares, by the Photons, by the energy that comes through the Universe in waves.  For these interferences or these variations of energy create within the human psyche within the human heart, an awareness of change.Ripple-green-

You are able to look beyond your present moment. You are able to see yourself in your future and you are able to look at this person and say ‘do I like what I see’? And if I don’t what would I change and how would I change it?   When you are in the magnetic vibration variance it is just that, a variance of magnetics and it opens a window a portal for you to look through to reflect back to yourself in this present moment your potentials, your empowerment, your love, your creative force.   It is your future reflecting back at you and saying – ‘Is this the best you want me to be?’   ‘Is this all you wish me to achieve?’

Dear ones, the Source Head, the Throne Room of God would say to you, “You are able to be so much more. That your future moment should not have to ask you ‘is this all’ because in the very question the implication and answer is, ‘I could be more, I should be more’.   What is your vision, what are your awareness’s, what is that which is your connectivity?

Yes, I could speak on how the DNA of the human has undergone many changes. I could say how that by just envisioning the change in your physical body you activate different parts and it brings it to pass. But you know this. Many of you do not use it. I could speak to you on the political changes that are about to occur. What good would this do? You would say to me ‘oh but we could change things’. But how? When you cannot change how you are to yourself. You would say to me ‘but Kryon I look after myself, I change myself, I integrate, I…’ Exactly, but if I was to say to you ‘what is your future moment, what is your moment of Being, your recognition?’ would you be able to say ‘it is the perfection of me now, it is the love of God through me now.  It is The Source Empowerment through me now’.

If you are to look at your magnetics. If you are to look at your vibrations if you are to investigate the very core of who you are at this moment, are you satisfied?  Or could you be more?

Violent Vibration Release

Dear ones, this is not Kryon coming down and making you feel bad…. One cannot do that but I am asking you to look beyond this acceptability and go beyond and into your future moment, your future Being.  Walk through the doorway that opens before you. Walk through it and allow yourself to experience a vibrational change so strong, I may use the word so ‘violent’ to your physiology that you will never be the same.  Now understand when I use the word ‘violent’ it is not to destroy you but it is so strong that the vibration will penetrate into your very core Being to the nth degree of your DNA that is currently aware at this moment, and you will be shaken.Sea-Wave-989kb

You will know that you have changed and there will be NO going back. Because in that vibration, in that moment when you say ‘I accept the violent removal’, you will be ripped into a million trillion pieces of vibrational energy and (claps) put back together in an instant.  Painlessly I might say, but violently because it will shake and vibrate from you the parts and particles that are no longer servants of your growth.  They are not blocks, they are not habits and they are not fears, they are no longer servants of your growth, they are no longer mathematical equations in your arena that work for you. They are indeed to be released.

Now how do you process this, how do you allow this to happen?   By sitting in the Hand of God and allowing that love to penetrate the very depths of your heart. To the very depths of your Being, allowing the love of the most Supreme Being to encompass you.  Whilst his spoken message vibrates into your very body at cellular and sub-atomic levels. As it begins to resonate and creates an essence or an envelope around you that brings you to a place where you may find yourself on your knees, on your face, weeping, laughing.  You will find yourself undone but releasing that which is no longer serving you, no longer in your equation, they do not serve you they do not grow you so let them go.

And in that melee of vibration you may experience the most extreme nausea, the most extreme sensitivities, you may experience nothing, but you will experience internally the change if you allow I it to happen. And through all this, we of the Magnetic Service are here of service to you.   It’s important, loving, ministering to you, to wipe the tears that may fall, anoint you with oil. We pick you up, we wash you, we dress you, we steady you on your feet and we say now ‘walk, walk, carry on, go forward, we are here, you can do this, don’t turn back.

Change in balance

Progress-thumbnailNow is not the time to turn back, now is not the time, now is the time to go forward into your moment, into your future TO DECLARE WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE, WHO YOU ARE. Feel the love that is here for you to assist you on this most exciting part of your journey.’

Dear ones, the equilibrium between the awakened and the un-awakened or asleep has pivoted. You, the awakened will find more and more that you will experience new awakening moments, new ah-ha moments.  New creational ideas because NOW IS YOUR TIME TO CLAIM BACK THIS PLANET, THIS SOIL, THIS GAIA in energy form and in reality because the more you walk on her as you are vibrating free the more you seal the healing in her.

Dear ones what is good for you is good for this planet. As you allow yourself to vibrate clean and not just a…shshshsh in the vibration machine, just a gentle shake but put it on 100% vibrate and be vibrantly shaken.

Shake off, vibrate off the shadows that you have become comfortable with, vibrate off the dogma you’ve become comfortable with, vibrate off the belief systems you’ve become comfortable with and allow yourself to become the cutting edge again.  Allow yourself to be the jewel that you are that we see when we look at you when we look at your colours.  When we look at your glory we ourselves have to darken our eyes to look at you because of your beauty. Become that again.

Become cleansed and allow yourselves the privilege and permission to become you. Feel the reconnecting in of the love of the Universe in its full most power and strength. Feel again the circumference and the encompassing love of the Throne.  Do not doubt – ever – that there is a Throne of Love where the most High Being of Source, called God or Being but who I call ‘God’. The love that He brings to you, that She brings to you, that is washing in right now is palatable, it is real.  You cannot deny that.  Do not deny yourself the next part of your journey.

Yes, I have told stories of travelling on a journey from village to village, house to house, to find the next part of your armour as you awaken up. But my dear beloved humans you are already awake. You have blunted your swords.  You have put your shield up as an ornament.  You have undone your belt of truth.  And your helmet, that you keep on your head to protect it, and I use that word deliberately, from the darts of confusion. You’ve taken that off and you’ve let it grow dull. The breastplate that stops the wounding of the heart, where is that? Oh, there I see it, it is left on the floor by the chair.

Become Uncomfortable




It is time because the love is saturating you now.  Beloved do you not understand even yet how great, how magnificent, how purposely you were part of the creation formed. You are here for a reason – do not become dulled.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I love you.   I see the tears of the Creator Being as he looks upon Gaia and he sees how she weeps for you. Let those tears be like a river that washes you as you vibrate. That erodes from you the crustiness of complacency that erodes from you the lackadaisical-ness of procrastination, that erodes from you the so tight a hold that you have on time that you become timeless. Allow yourself to be washed over and over and over. Stand under the full power of that love, of the tears that you may be vibrated and washed into a new level of strength, a new level of consciousness. a new level of Being on the Magnetic Service in this time.

For you are human angels, you are not just humans. Rise up and take your place at the table. Come and eat at the banquet. You are sons and daughters of God. And we love you. But we want you to rise and we want you to endure and we want you to fly again in the remembrance of where you come from and who you are. Vibrate the Akashic records awake, remember, and remember.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service & I love you.

Channelled via Louise Reiss-James of Ascension Explorers © 2009-2016

Not to be distributed without permission from us. Thank you.

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