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Ascension Explorers Newsletter June 2014.

  • In this newsletter we have created a means of bringing to your knowledge the various changes that have been occurring globally.
  • Time and energy changes, things or issues coming back to ‘haunt’ you.
  • New ideas birthing in your energy and creative energy seeming to come from no where.
  • It’s all about you and where you are at for 2014, it’s time to take stock, where are you situated in your placement of life and is everything really going well for you?

Remember life is to be enjoyed and experienced, the journey will always go forward,

but we need to feel the enjoyment and laughter in each moment to truly ‘taste’ the various flavours of life. 

Don’t let the journey distract you in where you are or where you are going. 

Breathe in the moments of pure joy.

 Important Dates

Winter Retreat – August 8-10ascension explorers newsletter

Webinar:  July 6

Winter Solstice Potluck