Greetings and Namaste,

I am Kuthumi, also known as Lord Koot Hoomi.

The question is what is an Ascended Master?  You indicate in one of the above replies (from a Facebook response)that it is one who ‘gets off the Karmic Wheel’ and yes this is correct, as we are no longer ruled by the flesh.  Which is due to our choosing to leave behind the physical body, yet remain within the realms of the living, connected to Universal Energy and the Gridlines of light, magnetics, humanity and many more.

An Ascended Master is one who has in their life gone through many learning’s for many years, to elevate their consciousness above the consciousness of the mass human race.  They have allowed their body to ‘suffer’ hunger and over-indulgence, cold and heat in both extremes, they have taken every experience they wish to know and have allowed the intense intimate knowledge to permeate their energy of being.

Once their journey is done they do not die in the manner you would expect all men to die, but they choose the time the moment that they wish to pass into the realms of energy.At times the followers of the Masters have gone back to where they believed the Master was meditating or sleeping or waiting the approach of death, and are astounded to see the body healthy, vibrant but empty of energy, (or empty of soul if you wish).  Days later the body will begin to deteriorate and eventually die.


The Master is now in ascendency to the next experience of existence, and many have chosen in the leaving to remain close to humanity, in order to bring teachings and knowing’s in different ways for the greater learning.

We speak through humans that allow us voice, channelling, or we write through humans that allow us to write through them – automatic writing.

Yes many of the humans are on their journey of ascension, some are at higher levels than others, but you have not yet become Ascended Masters.  When you are a Master in life, a life of experience, of being unattached from all results, a Master in breath, in creation, compassion, when you know beyond any doubt that you can choose to stay or leave in peace and with grace into the arms of the universe, then perhaps, you are understanding what an Ascended Master is.

We are identified by colour by some, tone by others, image and physical awareness by others, we will identify ourselves to those that call us in honour, integrity and self-compassion.  We are teachers and mentors to those that ask, we do not demand of you but we will encourage you to go higher and further than you believe you can go. We will not tell your futures nor delve into your past unless it is a necessary requirement of your now moment of learning.  We are here to assist the shifts and energy alignments that course through humanity and Gaia on the journey that takes you spinning through the cosmos to the Universal Ascension of All.


I love you and leave you in peace


Via Louise James – ©Ascension Explorers 2014