We thought that it may be interesting to see what the Ascension Explorers Logo means.


The Star to top right –

Symbolic of the fact that we all come from Source and we will all return to Source.  It is the light that guides us on our journey and the point of reference that we can stand by.

The Ship –

We are all explorers and are on a journey.  Like the sailors of old we are not always sure of a safe harbour, or calm seas but we travel onward and we stay in our  power.  We learn by our experiences and we find enjoyment on the way.  A ship is a place of fun and learning, a place where we can interact and find out about each other.

The planets & stars around the ship –

These signify our cosmic family, they also reminding us that we are not alone on this journey.  We all come from different places and parts of the cosmic world, so we wanted to show this by the use of the stars.  It is also to signify the Pleiades, Matariki and how we have a connection with this group that pre-dates most written script.

The ripples around the ship –

As with any journey, there are marks indicating where you’ve been.  Whether footprints in the sand or ripples in the water. These ripples around our ship symbolise the journey are we on, are we heading out to the great adventure, or are we heading back in?

You are the captain of your ship!  Where are you heading?

The statement underlined with a swirl and star is who we are – Ascension Explorers and we on our way…do you want to join us?

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