13 January 2014 (Cifehtr is brought through via Louise James of ©Ascension Explorers)

  1. Step up into the vibration of true observer-ship
  2. Move to the new fire-pit when you are ready
  3. Why is this year any different from any other year?
  4. Even those not aware are reaping the benefits
  5. Breathe – Physician heal yourself
  6. It’s time to break out of the old
  7. A year for many to wake up
  8. Beached Pilot Whales – their energy goes to the New Earth & New Earth Info

2014 The Year of the Horse – Ride it!

I greet you, I am Cifehtr and I have come not to detract or distract you from what has been shared this day by my dear friend Kuthumi but to enhance it, to align with it. Because indeed in this moment of time there is a great requirement if I may use this word, aahh not in the full intensity of the humanity of it, but to draw your attention to what is happening within the Universe at the moment. There is a great opening, a great waft that is coming from the Source Creator centre that is bringing a great change into the Universal structure. And your Earth, our beloved Gaia is effected positively from this, yes? But she needs your help, she needs your help to shift this energy through, to bring it into the most unique and perfect completion. And so it is that as my dear friend Kuthumi has encouraged you to be in your now moment of creation, your now moment of recognition of who you are, so I too would add to this in asking you to step up into the vibration of frequency of true ‘observer-ship’. To allow your frequencies, if they are able to at this stage, to vibrate even higher, stronger. Not to deny your humanity because you are requiring it to do your functionality within the day to day world. But to remember, to remember that in the uniqueness of who you are there is no judgement, there is no condemnation, there is no repetitiveness. Because once you have experienced, once you have done your journey at a particular point of reference, move onto the next and experience that. And if you feel it is undone or in-complete take what yet needs to be completed with you, don’t hang around the old fireplace because quite honestly the old fireplace is smouldering and it’s smelly. There’s a new fire burning a couple of miles down the road and you can get to there before nightfall.   And when you get there, there will be food and there will be water and there will be replenished things for you. Fresh linen, clothes, deodorant if you require it. Whatever you need. The Universe will provide for you everything you need. Do not take unnecessary things with you from one journey to another from one experience to another. And this may mean at times, my darlings, to copy Kuthumi, but no my dear friends, this may mean leaving friends behind. Because this year, this year, you’re all going to grow. You’re all going to step up. You’re all going to do this because you’ve already committed to it in the energy you have already said this to yourselves in a very loud declaration within the Universe, otherwise we would not be speaking to you in this manner.   So when people seem to drop away it’s not because they no longer like you or they no longer want to be around you it’s because their journey is not aligned to yours. It does not mean that you are no longer allowed to speak to them. ‘Oh no, so sorry, you’re around that fire now, I’m over here’. (laughs). Oh no, no it’s not that at all, it just means you are allowing yourself and encouraging yourself to grow even further. The hope is that as they that have disconnected from you see you growing and sustaining and managing and continuing that they will be challenged to lift their vibration to join you at the fire and learn from your feet till they become their own equal that they may then travel to their next fire. Do you understand?

This is a time of great expectations, a great story awaits you. Perhaps I should say it is the best of times it was the worst of times. The best of times because all the future lay before you in an open road gleaming with possibilities and potentials. It was the worst of times because you looked around and you realised that there would be some separation happening. Separation that in one way could hold you back because you may not want to let these things go. So it is the worst of times but it is the best of times because when you look down the road at your potentials and you see your *pakawahs and you see your setups that you’ve created for yourself to encourage you to move forward to expand you, that journey, that story brings you to a realisation and a realisation of love for Self that says, ‘I must move forward’. You are not rejecting anyone, you are not pushing anyone aside, you will have words that may be misunderstood, conversations that may not go the way that you choose because of vibrational differences. But it is not your intent to hurt or harm and that is clear.

Rainbow-falls-close, Kerikeri,Northland, NZ

But darling human beings, creative forces that you are, dear beloved friends, dear humans, understand this, you are not alone. And in, what we have put before you, in the reality, in the truth what we have just said, know that each one of us have done exactly the same as you. But this unique time, this unique energy is more likely than not going to encourage more to walk with you than to stay behind. But there is a potential, there may be some that don’t understand to the depth and the height and the width and the breadth that you do for this part of your journey.

So be compassionate with yourself, be compassionate with them and maintain open communication but do not allow yourself to be held back, move on to your next fire, your next experience, your next learning, your next joyful creation, your next love wash. And in fact it is a requirement that you all learn to absorb the love washes that are here for you. There are so many that come to you through the day that literally are wasted because you don’t recognise them. These love washes are myself, Kuthumi, the Universe, encouraging you, ‘it’s o.k., move forward, take the next step, it’s o.k. we’re here, we hear you, we understand.” Listen, listen to who is speaking to you. These love washes that we send your way, breathe, take 5 minutes and just connect, connect with you, connect with the Universe, connect with us and just let it happen, just let that love wash come on in. Let it align with you, let it balance you, let it just ground you.

Dear human friends, wise counselors, know that you are on a journey that you set for yourself. We said we’d walk with you we said we would be with you every step of the way but we will not walk your journey for you. We’ll bathe your feet, we’ll wipe your brow, we will, we’ll encourage you and at times we may even use reverse psychology on you to get you motivated. So annoyed with yourself that this has happened you just have to move forward. And it works occasionally for those that need it. Of course I’m not talking to anyone in this room or within the sound of my voice, no – you’re all perfect….(joking)

But understand this dear ones, you are stepping into perhaps one of the most exciting times that you will experience, so enjoy it. Enjoy what is coming because this year is going to be different, it’s going to be different my friends. Monday nights are going to be different, your life is going to be different because you chose to be here in 2014, year 1 of the completeness of the energy.

So, be prepared for the Universe to shake the blanket, toss out what doesn’t need to be done any more get rid of the burrs that have been sticking in your butt that you have become comfortable with because ‘better the devil I know than the devil I don’t’. No more of this now, now is the time for a clean sweep. I believe there is a saying in the human world, It’s Spring, it’s time to Spring clean. Well you’ve been sprung, the Universe has done it for you. So get up, shake it off and move forward, enjoy it, the sun is shining, catch it, ride the wave, get on the back of the whale, ride the shark. Grab that tail of the tiger and if you can, oh make an alignment with what is in the energy of the New Year for our Asian community of the world. They look to this new coming year of 2014 as the Year of the Horse. It’s not just any horse it’s vibrant, it’s electrical, it’s energy, it’s power, it’s speed, it’s freedom and if you can catch that horse ride it well because it will go for the rest of your life. My dear friends, you are in charge of this year for yourself. Oh I will guide, Kuthumi will bring in Council, we have tissues, tissues galore for when you need it, but you are the captain of your boat. You are in charge, so set your parameters, set your sails, mark your stars to guide you, set your core energy, the I Am that I Am. Then call the first mate “Universe, it’s time you were on board”, and go together into this journey, you won’t regret it, you will not regret it, you will enjoy it. You’re going to hit some speed bumps, but those speed bumps are there so that you take note of what is around you, because at those moments the Universe is saying “What’s here? what can you tune into? What’s here for your growth? What’s here for your abilities? What’s here for you to connect to, to expand, to heal?”

This year is not so much of integration and finding out what’s wrong with me and what’s not wrong with me. This year is observation of growing, of expanding, of love, of compassion, of new plans, new templates, new dreams. Still healing, you will still have moments of integrating but last year and the year before that, that was the time to come into the integrational balance. Now is the time, now we are saying ‘you’ve done it, and you have your tools, now let’s go forward.’ This fire has done it’s job.   Are you willing and are you ready to come with us to the next fire pit? You don’t have to, but I’m going. I’m going, I’m excited. I’m excited. Will you come with me? Will you come with Kuthumi? Will you come with the Universal Energy, will you join us and your Higher Selves around the next campfire as we contemplate and create and have fun knowing who we are in the I Am that I Am.

That is what I have come to share, do you have any questions perhaps on what Kuthumi has shared and what I have shared. I know Kuthumi skedaddled before he gave you the opportunity but I think that’s because he thought that I was here. So, any questions?

(Why is this year different from any other year that we’ve created, tried to create, wanted to do what it is that we wanted to do?)

In a quick summary it’s your holiday. How many of you in the last 24 – 36 months have been saying ‘give me a break’. How many of you have turned around and said to the Universe, ‘It’s not fair, I can’t do this, I need help’. How many of you have turned around and said ‘it’s too hard’, how many of you have turned around and said, ‘what’s going on?’ ‘If only I had a break if only I had somebody to work with me, if only, if only, if only’. How many have said something like that over the last 36 months?   The Universe in it’s compassion, The Creator Source in it’s compassion has gone ‘o.k. let’s alter something’, and so the shift of energy has been completely new vibration of love, it’s potential love. Do you understand the difference? There is still the energy, the love heartbeat of the Universe has not changed, do you see that? But riding in it knitted into that heartbeat is potentials, possibilities that are so ripe that all you really need to do is just reach out and they’ll pop in your hand, and poof, it’s there. Yes?

(So does that tie into the peacefulness I’ve been feeling in the energy?)

Absolutely, exactly, and I believe this is what Kuthumi was saying that when you surrender into it, when you just allow that Universal flow to come through you and there is that peace, that knowing, everything just flows, there is no question. It says, ‘I’ve done it before, I can do it again, and I can do it in this now moment’, and that’s the peace. Knowing that you don’t have to strive. We are saying don’t sit on your bum and just expect something to fall in your lap. That’s just being lazy. But what we are saying is you’ve asked the Universe for help, so the Universe has created the potentials that much easier, that much quicker, that much stronger, that much closer. That if you stop striving you will actually will tap into it.

(trying too hard). Yes.

(It’s almost like the Universe is seeing how sincere we are) Indeed, but you know the beautiful thing is that even those that are not consciously aware, are reaping the benefits.

So in many ways you will agree with me ‘Physician, Heal Yourself’. Breather or teacher of Breath, ‘Breathe yourself’. Teacher, ‘Learn from yourself’. Mentor, ‘Mentor yourself’. Now is the time for you. Do you understand? It’s your time. Yes you will still teach, you still will do what you have done, the creations that you have done, they will still maintain themselves. There will still be workshops and trips and things that will attract you and say ‘this is what I want, this is enhancing for me’ and do it, don’t quibble. If you are attracted to it do it my friends. Why? ding ding ding ding ding ding – potential, calling. Gift awaiting. And sometimes putting ourselves in a situation where we receive from others information opens us up to a fruit basket for ourselves. Because we take that home with us, ‘Now who can I share this with. Who can I bless this basket of fruit with?’ And you take your teachings and you take your learnings you’ve just received and you begin to integrate it into your own knowing you begin to integrate it into your awareness and before you know it you’re doing it, your expanding, your in the moment, you’re flowing and everyone around you is benefiting.   ‘Oh, how did I get to this high mountain?’, psst..look at the last thing you did. ‘Oh that was that workshop, that was that day trip, oh that was that time of gathering for coffee’. Ding ding ding ding ding. Potential awaiting. Do you see. This is not a year of quibbling. Can I do it, should I do it, will I do it, oh oh oh. Do it.

(I’ve been drawn to some totally different things). Good, because it’s time to break out of the same old same old. That’s why I say these Monday night sessions are going to start evolving and I’m not going to let you into any secrets about how that’s going to happen. All those in the know tap your nose……(laughs) But if you feel into the energy I’m sure you will begin to feel and know beforehand what is coming through. You are all wise Beings.

(Is this going to be a year where a lot of people are going to wake up?) We anticipate, we have an excitement about that we are definitely expectant, pregnant with anticipation. Yes. Gaia is vibrating at such a speed and she says she has not felt this sort of excitement since she first started to bring forth with the Universe the first ones. (In places that are unexpected?) Yes.

There are going to be Earth shakers, Earth changes coming in and I say that not for the fact they are going to shift the Earth or change the Earth in a literal sense, there are going to be changes of the Earth dynamic. So be observant.

(Some of these young people are so so so so on to it, they are so so sick of what’s been happening with their own controls. (Talked about the drunk 9 year old shown on You Tube) Kids like that that you don’t think are awake, but they’re awake.- I think more of these young people are going to be coming into our notice). These are the forerunners of change they are bringing what they perceive correctness. And they do not see it immoral or wrong to expose to the world something as the 9 year old. But understand in the human he is 9 but let me tell you that being is older than you in the energy. And I’m talking energetic age, yes. So it should have known better but experience is experience it is telling me.

(What about the Pilot Whales that have been euthanized in the Spit). Stubborn little children. A typical beaching. (the didn’t want to go and DOC euthanized the whole 39 that was the same place they beached before the last earth quake). There is much new energy shifting into this planet, yes, and there is much happening in the oceans and many would rather leave than pass through poisoned waters. (N.Z.?) They will come to the pure place to go home. (Why don’t they stay here if the water is cleaner?) That is a good question and we will ask them. There is a call by Gaia to bring the great mammals from the waters that are sick out into the regions where they are able to survive. But some are feeling the call to just leave this world and go to the world they are comfortable in, to their own dimension so to speak. And so we do not perceive a great earth tremor in this nation, there may be some grumblings and a few volcanoes but no major earthshakes. Unless Gaia changes her mind but she has told me she does not have anything planned other than maybe a 4 pointer or something like that, or 5 pointer somewhere along the line but nothing major. Nothing that you can’t handle at this moment. I don’t see destruction. (N.Z. has been very well let off) Yes, but around the world there is going to be more and more climatic changes and variations and the animals are going to leave, animals will leave in schools, flocks, herds. And so do not feel deserted, rejoice because they are going by choice somewhere else. And let me tell you even though the bodies of those whales were still shall we say in stress and alive, their energy had gone, it was just the cellular memory.

(Where does their energy go?) It goes to the plane. Do you remember a meditation I took you to something called the Water Realm. This is where they come from, this is where they excel, they grow, they dwell in it. It’s part of the New Earth. So when you graduate to the New Earth you will find it. Now your New Earth is not on this realm. Oh you may have groups calling their organisations The New Earth, it is a precursor to what you could expect. But they even have much to learn in truly living a communitive life. (So the New Earth is still being developed?) Oh it’s developed it’s just not solidified for you to live on. (So how does it become solidified?) When it’s ready, when humanity is ready.   When humanity is ready it will materialise and you will literally just transfer yourself. (How long could that take, it could take hundreds of thousands of years.?) Oh yes, perhaps much less than what you think my friend, perhaps a little longer, perhaps in your lifetime, perhaps not. (How much of humanity needs to be there for that planet to evolve into the reality of the physicality?)  Let us just say for it to truly manifest in complete solidity for it to be noticed in the planetary system of your scientific world we need at least another 25% of humanity to wake up.

(But the warnings we have been given that unless we clean up this earth in the 3d then humanity will not exist as it has existed). Of course not. And that makes perfect sense because what happens those that have decided in their hearts in the consciousness that they have begun to change and seek ways of change within the planetary system when they go and they pass from this realm to the next and they go to the new realm, the new earth, they take that same desire of change with them. So they know what they have left behind, they will not repeat it because they know already in their energy.

(More questions are asked but edited out here )

Each individual energy does what is necessary, and so it is within the perfection of the Universal plan.

But remember this my dear ones, remember what Kuthumi shared with you, remember what I have spoken with you, but remember this, you are not alone and we do love you with all that we are from the compassion that is in our hearts to the compassion that is without in the Universe, you are loved.

I Am that I Am, I Am Cifehtr

*pakawahs – assistance of energy. These are like parts of your energy being sent out to do work on your behalf in the energy. They can take on the form or image of angels, animals, vibration, or wind. They are there to help you, not to replace you. Energy beings that work with you in highest service.


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