Ascension 2012 Retreat Summary





Retreat reflections

Hi Lou here, I’m lying in my bed at 8:41am on the 6th of Jan 2013. I am pleasantly exhausted.

Casting my mind over the last week I have to admit it has been fantastic.  I am grateful for Heather, who has been Co-ordinator of FUN, dancing, music organiser of sacred site visits & so many other things during the week.




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As a group we’ve visited places like Wairere boulders, (the two hour walk turned into a 3 nearly 4 hr walk it’s so amazingly rich with vibration, energy & information ready for sharing) Puketi Forest, where the beautiful Kauri trees are and where Debbie took the Blue Orb photo which is a energy reflection of us as a heart connected group.






We visited the Gum Diggers yard & had a chat to the 100,000yr old plus Kauri that has allowed itself to be found. She showed me great images of the the way the Kauri ‘s would grow in family groups & how they would share knowledge & ‘groom’ a young tree to be come the next knowledge carrier. She showed me how or what happened to knock them down almost instantaneously, I saw images of dust, high water (which she says was extremely cold) & I felt the shudder she felt coming from a distance far from our shores. We have put an age on her based on our human understanding but she showed me a time when the skies were young – by this she showed me some of the first sunrises of this land mass. Her memory was clear as I connected with her about a time when when the energy force that swept the world hit her & the families of Kauri in that place. Her images and impressions of what she was telling me makes me think of a huge meteorite that hit off our shores; or the sinking of a great land mass due to some sort of explosion, or some great tsunami caused by an equally large earthquake / volcanic explosion. She also told me that some of the base minerals that we accept as normal for around the area came via the dust cloud that knocked her over. These then ‘cemented’ into the ground and the water that covered her & the area for many months allowing the settlement of soils to gather.

We visited other places for relaxation & sunbathing – like Cape Reinga – where Kuthumi took us off the path onto a knoll away from the ‘Maddening Tourist Crowd’ & led us in a beautiful meditation to activate our resonance, the walk along the top of the edge of the hills was awesome to see the beauty of the Cape from a different angle other than the ‘norm’.






Spirits Bay, a favourite of ours a place of nurturing and incubation by Gaia.  Here we enjoyed the sun and surf, again blessed by being led to a section where there was no one else around.  Each of our group connected to Gaia’s energy and got what they needed in their own way. Then our beautiful Gaia approached and brought forward a short communication for us to start the week off on the ‘right’ foot. Her tone was gentle yet firm, loving yet authoritative. There were other places we visited; The Sand Dunes, Te Ngaere Bay while looking out at the Cavalli Islands, a Maori Pa near Mangonui and on the way home Haruru and Piroa falls. We are blessed.





Our time together has been interspersed with life shops where Ekara spoke on the Fires of Intention, getting each individual involved. Introducing our group to the concept of an ‘open fire’ of community.

 Cifehtr spoke on many subjects of which 5th Dimensional living was a great favourite.

 The great Council of Many Councils came & spoke. We were visited by Quan Yin who spoke to us on the consciousness of now; a beautiful experience.

 Kuthumi led us in some wonderful meditations & that was just part of the wonderful experiences.

  Our nights around the fire pit were unique; no two nights were the same.  We had releasing times, bonding time, fun times, relaxing time.

So my soul family energy friends, what are you creating for this next New Year? Or will we have some other new and vibrant experiences before then?


Do you want to join us on our next retreat /sacred site Tour? Let us know if you are interested.